Middle size Bagged canister vacuum cleaner with protective devices #B6211

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700 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Model: B6211




Cord length 5m

Dust capacity 3.0L

Speed control on body

Automatic cord rewinder


Product size:432*300*247mm

Giftbox Size:450*345*260mm


Loading QTY:730/1540/1710pcs


Vacuum pressure(Kpa):19-22



Stepless electronic speed control on body(Optional)

Stand holder for tube

Multiple filtration system

Foot pedel rewinder

Dual stand holder for easy storage

Handle airflow control

Crush-proof hose

2 position brush

360 degree hose swivel

Dust full indicator

Protective device proventing motor overheating

Protective device against dust bag omission

Swirl Y201 bag compatible

Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS, CB, EMC


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Q:Which is better: bagged or bagless VACUUM cleaners?
I much prefer bagless, although it holds much less. So easy to clean out though.
Q:which vacuum cleaner should I buy?
Dyson animal is the best, purple in color.
Q:Can you list all the companies that ever made vacuum cleaners and the names of the vacuum cleaners?
Me, either.
Q:Poll: Sitting here with only a towel on. Sexy or not?
Not ...........................................
Q:Is it strange that I absolutely despise and am terrified of........?
I just giggled a bit.
Q:Does anyone have an opinion on Miele vs. Kenmore vacuum cleaners?
Have used Kenmore for years, also based on C/R ratings. Mine is a cannister; works well on dog fur. As I recall, Miele's biggest problem was initial cost, so if it's working ok, stick with it, but if you NEED to replace it, go with Kenmore. (My sister-in-law, whose kids have asthma, also swears by Kenmore.)
Q:How do you think a Roomba compares to other vacuum cleaners?
Roomba is good in theory but doesn't work as well as other vacuum cleaners. It's suction is much weaker.
Q:If sound doesnt travel through a vacuum, why are vacuum cleaners so loud?
Some comments: Vacuum literally means, a space containing nothing. Vacuum in that sense does not exist inside a vacuum cleaner, but then it also doesn't exist anywhere else in the universe either. A vacuum cleaner produces what is often called partial vacuum (i.e., a region of lower-than-atmospheric pressure.) It is the wind rushing into that partial vacuum that picks up the dust out of your carpet and carries it to the filter bag. The higher the vacuum, the less sound will be able to propagate through it, but as other posters have already pointed out, the machine is not in the vacuum, the vacuum is in the machine. The noise that you hear does not come from the motor. If you pulled the electric motor out of a vacuum cleaner and plugged it in to the wall, the most you would hear would be a gentle hum. The noise mostly comes from the BLOWER---the metal blades attached to the motor that move the air. If it were designed by an aeronautical engineer, then the blower might not make much noise either, but it wasn't. It was designed by some hack copying a design that worked well enough for someone before. The noise mostly comes from turbulence created behind the blades as they move through the air. More noise is created by turbulence in the wind that rushes up the pipe and into the bag.
Q:Do you hate Dyson?I had a dyson vacuum it was terrible! it was heavy as hell and made of all cheap chinese pla?
My Dyson vacuum cleaner was absolutely the best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned! I had two cats, one of whom was a long-haired Maine Coon and I killed several vacuum cleaners trying to keep my house clean. The last one prior to the Dyson was a Kenmore that was in the shop every month due to clogging. It was always under warranty so it didn't cost me anything to get it fixed, but it kept breaking. One day, I was so fed up with the whole thing that I spent the money on a Dyson and never regretted it. When I moved overseas, I kept very few items . . . I kept the Dyson. It's in a storage unit, waiting to be used again. Sure, it's ugly, but it does the job like no other. Good luck on your search for a better one.
Q:What is a good hand vacuum?
I have a dyson hand held one These are great on suction for something so small You charge yours for 15 hours and only works for 15 minutes ? This is why yours was in a sale You get what you pay for sometimes

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