Microfiber towel for body cleaning in best quality

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Specifications of microfiber towel

1, Customized design, logo and design
2, fine water-aborbing and strong air permeability 
3, soft, safe and eco-friendly 
CE,SGS, eco-friendly,no harm to skin

5, easy to take 


Detail packing of microfiber towel

1.each in opp bag,1000pcs per carton
2.carton size:42x42x750px
3.weight:12 kgs


Shipping of microfiber towel

1.More Than 100KG: By Ocean or By Air

2.Less Than 100KG: Internation Express, Door to Door service

3.According to customer's request


Question & Answer

1.What is your MOQ?2,000 pcs (available colors in stock)
10,000 pcs with the standard size

2.How to get a sample?

3.Sample free with freight collect How to delivery the goods?

1.More Than 100KG: By Ocean or By Air
2.Less Than 100KG: Internation Express, Door to Door service
3.According to customer's request


Why choose us?

1.Factory supplier 

2.Reasonable price  

3.Design different picture depend on your idea 

4.guarantee for quality for one year 

5.Any enquiry and question can be replied in 24 hours


Customer Service:

1. Free sample for you,or according to your requirement.

2. Take photos to you before mass production and shipping.

3. Tracking number or picking documents will be emailed to you after shipping goods.


Quality control:

1.Over 5 quality inspectors each department, we have great control on quality aiming at offering you the best goods. 

2. We use the best raw material and 100% test to keep the quality best.

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Q:What color is the towel before it's dyed?
But now the initial color towel is determined by the color of yarn fabric in the dyeing can be divided into two categories: jacquard towels and towel towel dyeing is woven with pale yellow or white yarn, so its initial color is pale yellow or white, it is a good fabric after dyeing and printing the according to customer requirements;
Q:With my towel, I use it too. Will it infect me?
Autumn towel will not be so dry, hard, but a little damp, water after moisture, there is a feeling of slipping. At this time, if the towel into the water washing, although not washing powder, do not play soap, water will have a slippery feeling, water will soon become cloudy. In a few days, there will be a hole in the towel.
Q:There are a lot of moldy towels, have what method can remove?
You can wash it with sulfur soap, and then dry it in the sun. It won't show you what you're talking about. Use a coat hanger and put the towel upside down and put it under the sun. There won't be any problems you're talking about
Q:What kind of towel can you use to keep dry towels firm?
Wet towel and add salt water scrubbing, in addition to salt water, can play a role of course is the cooking or washing the towels in brine, so that not only is a towel from the new towel is also become soft, bacteria disappeared.
Q:Why do towels become sticky after a long time?
The grease on the surface of the skin sticks to the towel and can not be thoroughly cleaned. After a long time, it naturally becomes sticky
Q:The wet towel will scrub the computer. Will the motherboard burn out?
As long as the usual cleaning motherboard with a soft brush to sweep away the dust can not wipe very clean.
Q:The towel became black after a long time. How can it be restored?
When you wash the towel, put the towel in a strong soapy liquid, boil it in vinegar or water for a while, and boil the soap over the towel. And then rinse with water, warm water in turn several times, with water hung in the ventilation. After drying, the towels will be soft again. Need to remind is that towels can not be exposed to the sun for a long time, generally hung in the ventilation Department, natural drying better
Q:How do you do sticky towels on summer?
The towel is variable slip when you wash your face every day put something on your face there is a kind of oil stains and clean towel to go above, if you do not clean towel so long, the bacteria on the towel will be more and more, this is not good for the skin of your face, even the president of mites, this time we should pay attention to regular cleaning towel, many people use a towel in the end, suggestions for at least two. It is best to regularly use hot water to disinfect towels, or to wash towels with detergent, or add vinegar bubble towel, you can also remove towels on bacteria, stains and grease.The use of fat stain in Yiyinhan towel, sticky when wet, dry and harden. Put some salt scrub with soap, wash after wash, a towel will no longer stick to hard, but also remove the odor. Or use vinegar soak for half an hour, and then took a towel and a corner of the ring Lun left for a while, and then dry with towel, will become very soft.
Q:What are the towels?
A lot of towel fabric, common fabrics are:1. polyester cotton towels, if you want to choose more durable, longer2. pure cotton towels, comfortable and soft.3. cotton towel, cheap, but not necessarily the best.4. wood fiber towels, water absorption is good, but also very easy to go to the oil, can be used in the kitchen.
Q:How do towels disinfect?
Towels are things people use every day, and it is because they are used everyday that makes it look too common and too ordinary. It is too casual for the choice, use and placement of towels. In fact, it is this kind of casual, it will bring unexpected results to our health.

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