Microfiber Carpet

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Description of the Microfiber Carpets & Rugs & Mats

1 Material:100% microfiber
2 The color we can do : red , white, brown, blue , green , yellow, pink , coffee, purple or OEM.
3 Shape : round or rectangle
4 Round Diameter:60cm,70cm,80cm,90cm,100cm,120cm,140cm
5 MOQ: 100 sqm

Usage of Microfiber Carpets & Rugs & Mats

The Microfiber Carpets & Rugs & Mats has an advantage of soft feeling and low price.  These mats are one of a good choice of bathroom ,children room ,sitting room and bedroom.

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Q:Best way to clean a seagrass rug?
Sorry to tell yo uthat the stains are most likely permanent. Seagrass, by nature is a porous fiber. Hence the stains have penetrated the fibers in the rug, and have become inherent, just as a dye would. Your best chance would be to completely redye the rug. It may be cheaper however to buy another, and keep Puss N Boots in the other room.
Q:Should I buy a refurbished rug doctor?
A Rug Doctor is over kill unless you can get it dirt cheap. BISSELL makes a good product and you might get one refurbished and that would be cheaper.
Q:Is it harmful to people to use carpets for a long time?
Long term use of artificial carpets is harmful to humans, especially newborn babies.
Q:how do I frame a large rug?
Look okorder.com/
Q:a question about my rug burn?
As a rule of thumb, rug burns are too shallow to cause scarring. You will probably have some residual redness in the area after it finishes healing, but that is not a scar, and will go away in a few days when replaced by healthy skin tissue. Even if you do get a scar, it will just be flat and the color will fade in a few weeks and it won't be noticeable. It sounds like yours is almost healed, so there's not all that much you can do. Don't scratch it, don't peel away the skin. If it's very itchy you can moisturize.
Q:alternative cheap way to clean carpet?
There are some products that you put on your carpet and later vaccum up. Most need to be brushed into dirtier areas (they sell broom-like brushes). Woolite makes a can of foam that's sprayed down and vacuumed up after it dries... can be applied more heavily and rubbed into dirtier areas. Should be a few of these products in the cleaning supplies section of your local supermarket or discount store.
Q:Cat Vomit on white carpet?
Oxyclean shoud do it. Next time, let it dry before you try to clean it up...sounds strange, but it can be more easliy scraped off dry and less gets ground into the carpet fibers than it does if you try to wipe it up while it's still wet.
Q:What carpet doesn't peel and can be machine washed?
Wool carpet feels soft, elastic, bright and colorful, strong in texture, good in antistatic property, hard to fade and fade. But its insect resistance, bacteria resistance and moisture resistance are poor. Wool carpet has better sound-absorbing ability, can reduce all sorts of noise. The wool fiber has very low thermal conductivity and the heat is not easily lost. Wool belongs to natural fiber, limiting its length, and is formed by coarse wool carpet, so in the use process will appear the phenomenon of hair loss.
Zout Stain Remover
Q:how to tell when or when not to put a rug on?
Well when she is not clipped only put it on if you are positive she needs it. When in doubt go without. When she is clipped it depends on what short of clip if it's summer just get a lightweight cotton rug if it's winter get a good heavy rug. Remember though for when she is not clipped her hair acts like a heater and an aircon Remember for when she is not clipped When In Doubt Go Without Feeling the bottom of her ears is also a good indication of weather she is cold or hot.

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