Micro USB 3.0 OTG Card Reader and 3 Ports USB HUB for Samsung galaxy Note 3

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$3.00 - 4.25 / pc
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50 Pieces pc
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3000 Pieces per Week pc/month

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Product Description:

 Micro USB 3.0 OTG Card Reader and 3 Ports USB HUB for Samsung galaxy Note 3  



    • support SD (HC) / TF/MS/M2 kanye photos into Pad

    • USB port may meet camera/keyboard/U disk, etc

    • support large current USB device/large current memory card

    • support the keyboard and support multiple USB devices at the same time use the Pad

    • Support type: note3 n9000 n9002 n9006 n9008


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Q:Can't find a working SDHC Compatibility with Windows XP SP3 (SD Card Reader) driver?
Go to your Pc manufacturers site and get the updated drivers for the Card reader.
Q:What is the input / output current and voltage of the charger?
With those factors (input and output voltage current size)
Q:anyone ever get freaked out by card readers?
No, I do not get freaked out, and yes I have had the cards read for me. I am also a tarot reader myself. Yes they are very accurate. However no need to freak out because they only tell what will come to pass if things do not change, you have free will and can use that information to change what they predict. For example you could be dating someone you are planning on marrying and the cards can predict love and marriage with very hard times and heart break. You could decide you do not want to experience the heart break and break off the wedding plans thus you changed what could have been with your free will. BB
Q:SD card reader problem?
Have you tried going to My Computer and looking for it there? If it isn't showing up there - then you may be having a problem with your card reader or the USB port. After that - I'm stumped Hope this has helped.
Q:Create multiple drives in card reader?
That might be a limitation of the reader. My laptop can read various types of cards, but only shows one drive. But, I've seen PCs with multiple card readers where each opening is it's own drive letter in Windows. If you only have one drive letter showing up, I think you might be stuck. You'll have to copy files to the hard drive and swap the cards.
Q:Memory stick and digital card reader help!?
Something that may or may not be the problem is whether (or how well) a Memory Stick Pro Duo fits the reader. Sometimes they don't. Each Memory Stick Pro Duo comes with a Memory Stick adapter in the package. Insert your MS Pro Duo into that, and then insert that into the reader. See if that makes it fit or work better.
Q:which of these card readers is any good?
Your cost depends on the format you want to read cards, and how many very different cards you want to give it -- however, this often doesn't matter, as it's dog *** cheap either way. But, you DO need to make sure your card is among them, but it's pretty unlikely it isn't. But, if you need a SINGLE device to provide acess to over a dozen (different format) cards that you need to insert in that divice, that is a significant part of it's cost. If you're need it for that To insert a plethoria of different memory cards, from rare to common. After that, cost only has to do with interface (or transfer rate) Such as, do you desire a PCMCIA interface, USB interface (external thing hanging off laptop) and do you care about how long it takes that USB interfance to take to copy, assuming your laptop fits specifications. Time, in this case (transfer rates) usually isn't a big deal in this case, unless you are transferring a lot of cards to the laptop. But it is a big part of cost. For a single 512 mb filled card, you're talking like, 50 seconds vs 10 seconds. 1 card, no big deal, but if you plan on taking dozens/hundreds of cards to that laptop, then it's a concern. This is where USB 1.0/2.0 (and laptop) and PCMCIA comes into concern. (The interface/transfer rate) Memory card readers are just really cheap. The other ones have added features that make them expensive -- like the interface (PCMCIA) transfer rates, and allowing a single device to accept a multitude of different cards. It this a necessity? To answer your question more precisely, Good here just means what your needs are. If it fits your style memory card, then it'll do it. One can't do it better. It can do it faster, or a different one, or be cosmetically different but just goes back to what your needs are. As far as brands/etc that's nonsense difference. (Often they even use the exact same chipsets too)
Q:If my USB cords does't work with my camera what should i do buy a memory card reader?
If you get a card reader, no additional software is necessary. This is not only faster, but it saves your camera batteries. Your computer or printer may even have a card reader built into it. I have enough USB ports that I just leave it plugged in all the time. First of all, be sure there are some pictures on the card. Plug the card reader into an open USB port. Plug the card into the appropriate slot on your card reader. I use Photoshop Elements and as soon as I plug my card into the reader, it starts its own card reader and displays a thumbnail of every picture on the card. If this does not happen automatically, open your photo editing software. Do whatever you usually do to open a file, but click on the selector where you can change drives. Your card reader will be assigned a new drive name that will be one letter higher than you ever saw before, such as Drive G: or such. Then, just double click on the name of the file you want to open and it will appear in your photo editor. You can buy various kinds of card readers to accomodate many different memory cards pretty much anywhere that they sell digital cameras. Even WalMart has decent card readers by the major manufacturers. Be sure you get one that accepts Sony Memory Sticks.
Q:Square up debit card reader?
The device came out several years back at about the introduction of new intelligent mobile devices. These device is effective and reliable tool to accept wireless credit card payments.
Q:Do micro sd cards come with readers ?
i dont know what the above guy was thinking. no it doest comes u have to buy it separately

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