Micro Silica Powder for Construction

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10 Tons m.t.
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3600 Tons per Month m.t./month

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Product Description:

1.microsilica podwer for construction


2.Stable quality


3.high tempreture to 1600 degree


4.can denisified to 650 kg/m3


Technical Data:


Standard Value

Silicon Dioxide(SiO2)

min 90 %

Loss on Ignition(L.O.I)

max 3 %

Moisture Content(H2O )

max 1.0 %

Percent Retained On 45μm (325 sieve)

max 2.0 %

Bulk Density

250-300kg/kg/m3 and 600-700kg/m3


Microsilica CAS #: 69012-64-2 


Microsilica Packing: 900kg/jumbo bags, 500kg/jumbo bags and 25kg small plastic woven bags. 


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Q:considering buying a house with crumbling cement and dark paneling, is it doable to fix these...?
Cement should have an indeterminate life; it shouldn't, under normal conditions, be falling apart after 100 years. Unless, of course, it is bulging because the earth behind it is pushing on it, or because it is now, or has previously, gotten wet. Unless you understand WHY the cement is crumbling, I wouldn't buy the house. (If you learn that there was a leak 40 years ago but it has since been plugged and the area is dry, then OK, but if it's still damp and crumbling, well, that's a problem.) The paneling question is dependent on whether the paneling was nailed or glued, and how long ago. If it was nailed, and is over drywall, no problem. If it was glued to drywall, then it's a major hassle to remove. If it was nailed to studs, then it's relatively simple to remove ... but you'll have to re-wall the basement. You can put drywall over paneling, but you need to be quite sure that the walls themselves are flat. And in all honesty, you'll be nailing the drywall through the paneling to the studs, and that's a lot more nailing effort. Finally, one bathroom for 4 bedrooms seems undesirable. You will regret not having a 2nd or 3rd bathroom. I would rethink this.
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Q:Stained cement.?
relies upon on some issues as to in the event that they're going to come proper up. If the oil is the familiar previous black motor oil and has been sitting there awhile that's interior the concrete and takes solid stuff to get it up. superb I even have used is what provider stations have used for some years to get oil off their concrete. that's mentioned as wildcat cleanser and is attainable in a bucket. Is yellow powdered granules which you unfold on the oil stained concrete once you have first moist it down. Then scrub it with a broom or brush somewhat and permit it sit down. Turns green whilst it hits the water and has acid in it so will burn epidermis, ft, and likewise injury clothing if get plenty on them. After it sits yet no longer letting it dry out can then hose it off. rigidity washer will help if this is previous stain. There are all varieties of alternative ideas listed on the information superhighway on Yahoo seek, yet i've got not finished lots of them. Wildcat can frequently be discovered at Carquest or O'Reilly, or Napa form shops. unsure if any of the cheapo decrease cost places like vehicle Zone carry it or no longer. could verify nonetheless as though they do probable have it in smaller sizes.
Q:blue cement on my molars? Braces?
Uuuggggghh the blue cement. I hated that stuff. The texture was so weird and... bleh. Anyway, it took me about a month, maybe 3 weeks, before chewing got to be more normal, once the cement started wearing down. Don't worry, eventually it does wear down and you'll be able to eat like normal. The orthodontist will take the cement off when your overbite is improved enough. For me, it took about... 10 months, I think. But it all depends on your individual case, and your orthodontist. I know one girl whose ortho never actually removed the cement. She doesn't care, because the blobs are so tiny by now, but it happens.
Q:This year, steel, concrete, sand, stone and other building materials prices how, compared with last year is high or low? As long as probably, do not need too much can also,
According to the international market conditions, especially in the European market, the recent rupiah on the euro exchange rate continued to fall, short-term rebound may be, and its European steel market prices continue to rise, the above view the price of steel prices may rise
Q:Portland cement or what?
If it's a concrete or mortar mix; it is what it is. It doesn't sound as if it's only portand cement which would be almost white. If it's in a tub and not a sack, it might be something like DryLok for sealing a masonry wall. Check to see if your basement walls have a sandy texture; this may be the leftover.
Q:Is Portland cement considered to be hydraulic? (cement that cures underwater)
Most construction cements today are hydraulic, and most of these are based on Portland cement, which is made primarily from limestone, certain clay minerals, and gypsum in a high temperature process that drives off carbon dioxide and chemically combines the primary ingredients into new compounds. Non-hydraulic cements include such materials as (non-hydraulic) lime and gypsum plasters, which must be kept dry in order to gain strength, and oxychloride cements, which have liquid components. Lime mortars, for example, set only by drying out, and gain strength only very slowly by absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to re-form calcium carbonate through carbonatation.
Q:is there a difference between concrete and cement?
Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand , aggregate and water. When dried it is cured concrete.
Relying on many years of a good reputation and good service, we have many customers from at home and abroad. We have established long-term and steady business relationship with them. Our Microsilica products are not only selling well in China, but also exported to the United States, Germany, Australia, Asia, and other countries and regions around the world.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Luoyang, Henan, China (Mainland)
Year Established 2011
Annual Output Value US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
Main Markets North America; South America; Eastern Europe; Southeast Asia; Oceania; Mid East; Eastern Asia
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008

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Export Percentage 31% - 40%
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