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Pile Content : 80% Wool/20%PET

Pile Weight :1050gr./m2

Surface :Cut Pile

Pile Height :H7mm

use:bedroom meeting room


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Q:what to do with my pink rugs.?
well you could maybe get a rug cover or i have heard you can dye them! if you ask permission maybe you could draw on them. personally i think dying them is tthe way to go
Q:good loom for rugs and placemats?
I didn't go to your links, but Schacht looms are some of the best made. I would really like to have a 2- harness Schacht to make rugs with! I have a 4-harness LeClerc and it is heavy enough to do what I want all the way from rugs to fine fabrics. I suggest you get some of those link together mats to put under your loom to prevent walking and to dampen the banging we get when making rugs!! Dust vacs work well to get up the lint we make. Enjoy your new loom as much as I enjoy my antique LeClerc! (it has a 4 digit serial number!)
Q:Jungle Carpet Python caging?
It depends on the size of the snake . They continue to grow so it really depends . I would say a 20 gallon long aquarium would be fine for most. You do not necessarily need a vertical cage . You do need a cage large enough so your snake can have hides/wooden boxes in different areas so he can have a warmer box closer to a light when he wants to warm up and a cooler hide/box in another area so he can regulate his temp. You can stack wooden boxes ( easily made ) with an entrance hole so that each one gets warm as it gets closer to your heat lamp. You could also put damp moss in one for a more humid hide . They are beautiful snakes a easy to care for . Just have accurate digital thermometers and one to measure your humidity level. I like to have one artificial branch for them to climb on.
Q:Why does lay carpet under sofa and coffee table
You can take high grade carpet to the carpet cleaning company to deal with, in addition to the decoration. And now the carpet cleaning fluid is very convenient, as well as plays the role of the protecting floor
Q:CLean Oriental Rug with water?
Check out this site, it seems as if they have a great step by step guide to in home shampooing your Oriental rug. I have used the advice on their stain removal guide quite a bit and they worked great. Best of luck!
Q:carpet cleaning business name?
Rug Scrubbers.
Q:Cat scratching my oriental rugs!?
do not spay him with water while he's on the field. you may coach him to worry the field and inspire him to bypass someplace else interior the homestead. I somewhat have 2 cats that dig to china or prefer to play interior the muddle. What I did replaced into i offered a intense area field and 2 coated boxes. you may desire to objective those or the drop in from the appropriate field. the two way this could save the muddle in. He may well be smelling the different cats heady scent and attempting to push it away or conceal it, subsequently throwing the muddle throughout.
Q:There are a few small pieces of carpet in the home, I want to splice into one piece. How to do it? Use the line or glue?
I once bought a sutured carpet, sutured piece by piece, then paste plastic gummed paper on the joints preventing the joints from being scratched or brought back, and then the lay carpet flat, suture seams with dense villi in curved needle. But I now feel that the carpet is not very good, although relatively small, but very beautiful. I prefer the floor, because the carpet is dirty, bacteria will be more too.
Q:is steam cleaning better than dry cleaning carpets ?
I think steam vacuum cleaner is the best choice. I use ML-SV093S , it works well.
Q:Cleaning Reptile Carpet?
Repti Carpet

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