Mica Tube Used in Electric Home Appliances

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Product Description:

1. Introductions:

Mica tube is made of mica paper with highperformance organic silicon resin. After heating and pressing, the mica plate can be made into rigid or flexible insulating plates. The mica content is about 90% and the organic silicon resin content is 10%. 

 Mica is a rigid substrate able to withstand very high temperatures and are suited for applications up to 500°F (260°C). Mica heating elements offer several distinct advantages over other flexible heater technologies, including extremely low leakage, lower material costs, and higher operating temperatures. Our mica heating element is made by detail order requirments.

 2. Applications:

Typical applications of mica heating elements are air heaters, enclosure systems, food service equipment, process and packaging equipment.


3. Main features of Mica Parts:

mica tubes are featured with high strength, good performance, less smoke, less odor etc. This series mica plates are used mainly in household appliances (toaster ovens, microwave ovens, warm air blowers, hair dryers, electric iron etc.), metallurgy (such as linefrequency furnaces, medium frequency furnaces, electric arc furnace, etc.), medical equipment and other industries, used as the heating support, lining plate and partition plate of the electric appliances described above.

4. Technical Parameters:


Tolerance for mica tube

Internal diameter(mm)

Tolerance of ID(mm)

Tolerance of ID(mm)

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10 ~ 20



21 ~ 50



51 ~ 100



101 ~ 200



201 ~ 300



       Length: 10mm to 1000mm
       Internal diameter:8-300mm
       Density:1.6g/cm3 to 1.7g/cm3




We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely

--------What is the use of mica parts?

Mica laminate and washers made of our own high quality mica plates are used for home appliances, electro-magnets, micro-sensitive control gear etc


---------Which type of mica parts we can produce?

1. Rigid mica parts or Flexible mica parts

2. Muscovite mica parts or phlogopite mica parts

3. Thin mica parts or thick mica parts

4. All the special sized mica parts need drawing.


----------what advantages of mica parts?

1. Good high voltage insulation materials

2. Do not easily break up

3. Easily produce special size

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Q:The electrical equipment in the classroom which uses insulating material
Insulation material characteristics: chemical resistance with gloss, some transparent or translucent most of the good insulator light weight and strong processing can be easily mass production, cheap and wide range of uses, utility, easy to color, some high temperature
Q:What insulating materials are used for transformers
There are also NOMEX® insulation plates for the mat and the support structure. The insulation between high and low pressure is made of 0.76mm thick NOMEX® cardboard. Its impregnation process uses multiple VPI vacuum, pressure impregnation, high temperature drying (drying temperature of 180-190 ℃). At FPT, the highest voltage of this transformer is made to 34.5kV and the maximum capacity is 10000kVA. This technology is UL certified in the United States. Domestic transformer manufacturers use NOMEX® insulation materials and DuPont's manufacturing specifications (HV-1 or HV-2) and Reliatran Raytheon TM transformer technology standards such as the manufacture of H Type insulated SG-type dry-type transformers and the United States FPT's FB-type transformer has similarities, but the domestic product coil VPI impregnation process is different from the FPT company, it does not impregnate the entire transformer body, and only the coil impregnated. The whole body impregnated package integrity is good, but not only beautiful, but also in the processing must be done before the relevant product testing. Dipping paint is also easy to be filthy, relatively speaking in China the latter is more reasonable.
Q:What is the thermal aging and electrical aging of insulating materials?
Environmental aging, also known as atmospheric aging, is due to ultraviolet light, ozone, salt spray, acid and other factors caused by pollution of chemical aging, which is the main reason for ultraviolet light. Thermal aging more common in low-voltage electrical appliances, the mechanism is under the action of temperature, the insulating material in some volatile components escape, the internal components of oxidative cracking, thermal cracking, hydrolysis, molecular chain polymerization and other chemical changes, and gradually lose insulation properties.
Q:The role and definition of insulating materials
The main indicators affect the performance of insulating materials 1, insulation resistance, resistivity: resistance is the reciprocal of conductance, the resistivity is the resistance per unit volume. The smaller the conductivity of the material, the greater the resistance, the reciprocal relationship between the two, for the insulation material, always want the resistivity as high as possible. 2, the relative dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent:
Q:What insulating material is best `?
Gas insulation material has a high ionization field strength and breakdown field strength, after the breakdown can quickly restore insulation performance, chemical stability, non-combustible, non-explosive, non-aging, non-corrosive, easy to discharge decomposition, and greater heat capacity , The thermal conductivity, and the flowability are all. The air is the most widely used gas insulating material, for example, between the overhead wires of the AC and DC transmission lines, and the overhead wires are insulated by air. The high voltage standard capacitors also use gas insulating media (SF6) .SF6 is also used in the manufacture of high-voltage circuit breakers, metal-enclosed combination of electrical appliances, gas-insulated transmission pipeline cables and gas-insulated transformers, etc., the use of high-pressure nitrogen or carbon dioxide.
Q:What is the DMD insulation material?
These small mirrors are approximately 16 or 14 microns in size and are usually made up of an array of up to 50 to 2 million, with a gap between the mirrors of 1 micron and a mirror rotating with an aluminum hinge as a rotation axis 10- 12 degrees, can be used repeatedly 1 trillion, life test shows that in accordance with the usual use can be used for 100,000 hours. Its opening and closing control is through the mirror stop when the damping effect of the spring contact near the mirror, gradually reduce the way the additional voltage to achieve. DMD chip has been upgraded, the original chip on the microscope size of 16 microns, flip angle of 10 degrees, the current DMD micrometer size of 14 microns, flip 12 degrees, support 4K resolution chip has also been formed, the chip size of about 1.38 Inch.
Q:What is the difference between insulation and pressure?
People also know that the insulation Megohmmeter is issued by the DC, and because of the relationship between the instrument resistance, the actual output current is very small, but for the withstand voltage test equipment, the internal AC transformer, the output voltage and current Of the capacity, if the equipment capacity is insufficient, the test object when the required voltage is not necessarily able to achieve, so the output current is still relatively large, which is resistant to voltage test is easy to breakdown the test object, and insulation Resistance value is very low case will not breakdown the reasons for the test object.
Q:What are the electrical insulation materials
Insulation material is electrical insulation material. According to the national standard GB2900.5 provides the definition of insulating material is: "used to make the device in the electrical insulation of the material." That is, to prevent the current through the material. Its resistivity is very high, usually in the range of 10 ^ 9 ~ 10 ^ 22Ω · m. As in the motor, the insulating material around the conductor isolates the turns and isolates it from the grounded stator core to ensure safe operation of the motor.
Q:Who knows what are the ability of 1300 degrees above the high temperature, insulation materials?
Such as tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, vanadium, chromium, titanium, zirconium and other refractory metals and rare earth metal borides, carbides, nitrides, silicides, phosphides and sulfides; the latter such as boron carbide, Silicon carbide, boron nitride, silicon nitride, boron phosphide, silicon phosphide and the like. The latter has a very important use, can be used as high temperature refractory materials (such as abrasive, mold, nozzle, high temperature thermocouple casing), heat-resistant materials (such as rocket structure components, nuclear engineering materials, electric components), electrical materials Such as high temperature thermocouple, ignition electrode), in addition to chemical resistance materials and hard materials.
Q:What are the gas insulation materials?
Gas insulation material refers to air, nitrogen, sulfur hexafluoride and other gases

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