Mica Tape for Fire-resistant Wire&Cable

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Product Description:

Mica Tape for Fire-resistant Wire&Cable



Products Specification:



NHJ-1Single-side fiberglass enhanced phlogopite mica tape0.12mmB
NHJ-2Double-side fiberglass enhanced phlogopite mica tape0.14mmB
NHJ-3Fiberglass and film enhanced phlogopite mica tape0.14mmB
NHH-1Single-side fiberglass enhanced synthetic mica tape0.12mmB,A
NHH-2Double-side fiberglass enhanced synthetic mica tape0.14mmB,A
NHH-3Fiberglass and film enhanced synthetic mica tape0.14mmB,A


Main Structure of Mica Tape for Fire-resistant Wire&Cable

Mica tape(for fire-resistant wire&cable)consist of mica paper(phlogopite mica paper or synthetic mica paper),the non-alkali fiberglass cloth or Polyethylene film for reinforcement(single-side or double side),and coupled by heat-resisting organic silicone adhesive,which is cut and processed into belted product after being baked and dried.It is featured in good insulation,fire resistance,good softness,ease of wrapping wires and cables.Hence,it is applicable to main fire-resistant insulation layers of various fire-resistant wires and cables.


Technical specifications:


Phlogopite Mica TapeSynthetic Mica Tape
Mica content(%)Single-side reinforced type》60
Double-side reinforced type》55
Single-side reinforced type》60
Double-side reinforced type》55
Organic Silica-gel content(%)《17《12
Volatile content(%)《1.0《1.0
Tensile Strength(N/cm)Single-side reinforced type》20
Double-side reinforced type》100
Single-side reinforced type》20
Double-side reinforced type》100
Dieletric Strength(mv/m)》10》10
Insulation Resistance(MΩ)》1》0.4




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