mica sheet for induction furnace insulation

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Mica sheet by phengite, quartz, garnet and rutile etc, can appear albite, zoisite and hard chlorite, pomegranate Shi Fu Fe and Mg in phengite Si can reach 3.369, and high pressure.Good insulation and thermal resistance function of low loss and good black body.

Natural mica sort is more, used as electrical insulating materials, which has two kinds of Muscovite and phlogopite.White mica with vitreous luster, usually colorless transparent;Phlogopite have metallic luster and semi metallic luster, common are golden yellow, brown, light green and so on, poor transparency.Muscovite and phlogopite has good electric performance and mechanical performance, good heat resistance, good chemical stability and corona resistance.Two kinds of mica can strip processing into a thickness of 0.01 to 0.03 mm wafer is soft and elastic.White mica electric performance is better than phlogopite, but phlogopite soft, heat resistant performance is better than white mica.
According to use, can generally be divided into mica flake mica flakes (mica), capacitance with mica and three types of electronic worked mica thick slices, these three kind of mica area, thickness, specifications as shown in the following form and its level respectively and USES.

Both minerals processing factory production of natural mica sheet is thick slices mica after peeling, thick, cutting, drilling or rushed into the system, with a certain thickness, certain shapes of mica parts, the product is suitable for the TV set, electric power capacitor, thermal relay, monitor display, aerospace, aviation, communication, radar, heat-resistant skeleton, etc as the raw material.Points: electric heater chip, electric heaters, gasket, electronics segment, the light bulb pills, because its material is the qingzhen products, have the characteristics of no pollution, good insulation, voltage resistance, can according to customer requirements die cutting all kinds of natural mica sheet.
Mica sheet - white mica sheet - gold mica sheet - biotite - sericite pills - lithium mica sheet - sodium mica sheet - vanadium mica, mica chip - big mica sheet
Mica is widely used in electrical products in and its products as insulating material.Its varieties are: natural mica, synthetic mica, mica tape, mica plate, mica foil, mica glass, etc.

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Q:As a good material of mica powder
not goodThe main ingredient is powder talcum powder, boric acid, magnesium carbonate and perfume etc.. Because the powder containing boric acid is different, is divided into two kinds of adults and children. In addition to talcum powder can absorb sweat, smooth skin, also can reduce the occurrence of prickly heat. Summer bath or after the haircut, flutter scattered on the body or head, can give a person comfortable, fragrant feeling. No more chalk dust powder type, suitable for baby use. The summer after bath or talcum powder after the haircut, scattered on the body or head, in order to give people a comfortable feeling fragrant. But the girl is best not to be powder flutter in the medial thigh, vulva, abdomen etc.. Because the main raw material is talc, generally speaking, women should minimize the use of talcum powder, as well as raw material made of talc powder, powder etc..
Q:What are the colors of feldspar, mica, and quartz in granite?
Feldspar: white, flesh red, dark blue, green, etc; quartz: colorless; mica: white or black.
Q:The microwave oven of the mica plate will burn in what circumstances
In fact, when the mica plate is carbonized, it will damage the magnetron, affect the service life and even damage, although it has not reached the burning degree. (from the microwave oven repair can be seen, if damage to the magnetron, most of the mica plate carbonization phenomenon)Check the mica board regularly, if it is found to be black (carbonized), please replace it.
Q:Does microwave oven mica flake burn inside?
The interior does not strike fire, and the role of the mica is to insulate the odor from the microwave, and to enter the parts of the machine with moisture, moisture, etc.. Play a protective role.
Q:What is the difference between metal paint, mica paint and ordinary paint? Which paint is hard and doesn't peel off so easily?
Mica paint is painted in Riga with mica, relatively large particles; pearl paint is added in the paint pearl powder, the luster is more special.
Q:How are mica powders used in building materials?
Mica powder is mainly used in building materials for sound insulation and shock absorption.
Q:What are the main functions of cosmetic mica powder?
It has good chemical stability, fine mica particles, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, and better shielding to ultraviolet light.
Q:Why does the pearl powder contain mica powder, what effect does it have in the pearl powder?
The appearance of fake pearl powder may be obvious in real pearl powder. A small amount of powder is dipped into the fingers and carefully observed under sunlight or light. A clear flash of light may be found. This is mica powder. If the pearl powder is obviously yellow or black, the texture is not pure.
Q:Is mica an insulator?
It is an insulator and some electronic devices are used as gaskets.
Q:Can mica sheets be insulated?
Mica sheets should not be insulated because the thermal conductivity of mica is not low enough.

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