Mica Plate for Induction Furnace Insulation

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Product Description:

Product Description:

Mica plate is mica laminate designed for providing outstanding electrical insulation at high temperature, which consist of approximately 90%

Muscovite (or Phlogopite) and 10% high temperature resistant silicone resin.

◆ Excellent thermal resistance, muscovite mica retain insulation properties at 500℃ and phlogopite mica sheet resistant temperature up to 750℃.
◆ Excellent electric insulation, normally the breakdown voltage is more than 15KV/mm.
◆ Excellent flexural strength and easy to be punched and machined.
◆ Environment safe. It is incombustible, asbestos and halogene free and does not create toxic gases.

◆ Thickness:0.1mm 0.15mm 0.2mm~1000mm
◆ Size:1000×600mm 1000×1200mm 1000×2400mm
Thickness below 2.0mm can be punched,while above 2.0mm can be machined by agreement.

Normally, the plate will be packed 50kgs per package with PP film, which is helpful to protect the board from moisture, then put it into
a carton for export goods, we will put 20 cartons together on a wooden pallet, or into wooden box.

No limitation under dry and room temperature

By the mica paper, resin and properties, mica plates have following types.
◆RM: Rigid muscovite mica plate
◆RP: Rigid phlogopite mica plate
◆RM-T: Rigid muscovite mica plate,thick
◆RP-T: Rigid phlogopite mica plate,thick
◆FM:Soft muscovite mica sheet, flexible
◆FP:Soft phlogopite mica sheet, flexible

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Q:What's the function of the mica in the microwave oven?
Mica sheet is dustproof (mainly soot), high temperature resistant and barrier free microwave. Without mica, soot can easily enter the emitter of the magnetron and cause damage to the magnetron.
Q:Quartz, feldspar and mica are granite, right?
Feldspar is milky, relatively crisp, irregular texture, is the raw material of porcelain.
Q:How can gold mica be distinguished by gold?
It is not actually a metal, but an aluminum silicate containing iron, magnesium, and potassium. It is often used as a preservative and heat insulating material, and the jewelry is made of copper and yellow.
Q:About agar plates and mica sheetsWhat is the difference between a agar plate and a mica slice in a test of plant hormones?
Agar absorbs plant hormonesMica separates the apex from the lateral transport of hormones
Q:What does the green chrome mica look like?
On the domestic market, the most common is the green Dongling stone produced in India. The country that produces Dongling stone in the world is mainly India, and its emerald green variety is called "India jade". In addition, Spain, the former Soviet Union, Brazil, Chile, the United States and other Dongling stone found. China has issued Dongling stone in Xinjiang, which is locally called "Xinjiang Dongling stone"".
Q:Is mica an insulator?
Insulation is not certain, depending on the size of the resistance, the intramolecular electrons can not be free to move, it does not conduct electricity, and the mica is insulated under 220 voltage
Q:How to systematically describe two mica granite?
The main minerals are quartz, feldspar, acidic plagioclase, biotite and minor minerals, sericite, hornblende, accessory minerals are zircon and apatite and sphene etc.. The content of quartz is >25%. Because of the more biotite and sericite in the minor minerals, it is named two mica granite.
Q:What is the difference between wet mica and dry mica?
Mainly depends on your specific use. In addition, the mica is naturally and artificially synthesized, and the nature is very different from the origin and the ingredients. A variety of comparisons should be made before use.
Q:What are the main uses of gold mica?.
Mica itself has excellent insulating properties under high temperature insulation performance is also very good, you ask the phlogopite is a natural mica, with the above properties, general electric equipment can be considered using phlogopite,
Q:Why should mica belts be preserved at low temperature?
The adhesive is usually baked in the B stage, and also added a general adhesive accelerator stabilizer what, but this will gradually aging at room temperature (i.e. curing), in order to prolong the service life of the product, so the need for cryopreservation (extended product life)

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