MG Type Heavy Duty Double Girder Gantry Crane

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China profesional double girder gantry crane manufacturer China profesional double girder gantry crane manufacturer China profesional double girder gantry crane manufacturer

MG Type Heavy Duty Double Girder Gantry Crane is extensively used for lifting and loading, unloading works in outside warehouse or railway stations.
Equipped with other lifting appliances, it also can be used for special purpose. It gains many popularities and sold well at home and abroad.
Lifting capacity: 10~50/10t
Span: 18~35m (it can de redesigned as client’s requirements)
Lifting Height: No limited (can be designed according to client’s requirement)
Working Duty: A5-A7 (according to the use frequency and working time)
Power supply: 3ph, 380V, 50HZ (or under customer’s requirement).

1. MG model double girder gantry crane consists of four main parts: the bridge structure, the trolley traveling mechanism, crane traveling mechanism and the electric equipment.
2. The girders and frame are welded structure without weld joint and high degree of vertical and horizontal rigidity.
3. The lifting mechanism is electric trolley, it can equip with hook and other tools to lift containers. Some rail, gear, wheel relevant parts with good quality manufactured by our own group, the quality is easily been controlled.
4 .The main electric parts are Siemens and other famous brand. The motor is heavy duty slide ring type, Xindali brand or some other brand top quality in China. The buffer adopts polyurethane material and the brake is electric hydraulic type.
This crane has two kind conductive forms: cable and slip line. Slip line are first recommended, the conductive form and position should be definite when place an order.

Operation mode:
Operation is in the cabin room which is commodious and comfortable.
Safety protection devices:
Close type hook, anti-collision system, weight overload protection device, emergency switch and so on.
Good painting:
Primer and finishing paint, color as the clients’ requirements.

High working duty
Widely usage
High quality
Easy use
Easy maintenance
Long life time



1. Applicable occasions
Using in outdoor, road construction area, material stocks area, cement plant, granite industry, construction industry, engineering industry, railway etc
This type crane is widely applied to the railway goods yard, big tonnage port, open storage, the container transfer station, and etc. to handle with the frequent loading and unloading works. This type adopts the U model door frame, with a big clearance between the two legs and a very big span.
2. Machine
This crane use one or two trolley as its lifting machine, comprising the crane and trolley traveling mechanism, lifting mechanism, cabin, computer room, electric room, and others.
3. Power supply
This type crane adopts the cable and drum or the slide wire as its conductive devices.
4. Operation model
All mechanism of this crane is operated in cabin. The cabin travelled along with the crane to avoid the crash with the cargo. In the cabin, the operator not only can feel its wide and comfortable space, can also have a good vision to control, surveil and maintain.
5. Electric equipment
All electric equipment can works normally within the voltage fluctuation range -15% or +10%. We also design the protection devices, for instance, the emergency stop system, current overload protection system, voltage lower protection function, and etc. The main electrical components (frequency inverter, PLC) adopt the Siemens, Schneider, Chint or other international famous brand.
6. Safety protection devices
Weight overloads protector, extreme lifting position limiter, extreme travelling position limiter, the cleaning board, the buffer and the cover protection.
7. Painting and protection
All gantry crane components are handled with shot peening, then painting. Before delivery, we will do the rust-proof protection on all open parts. The painting color and shape is according the customers demands.
8. Before delivery
We also supply the general pre-installation, performance test, etc.
9. Norms and standards
In addition to meet the tech demands in the design, manufactures, installation, test and debugging of this crane, we also made it strictly in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001.



Technical Data

Capacity (ton)







Span (m)

18, 22,   24, 26, 30,   35

Lifting height (m)

10, 11, 12

Working class


Control way

Cabin control

Power source

380V 50HZ 3phase (Could supply it as yours)

Trolley lifting mechanism

Lifting speed


Main hook







Auxiliary hook







Trolley traveling mechanism

Traveling speed (m/min)







Crane traveling mechanism

Traveling speed (m/min)







Motor power(KW)







Steel track recommended


43kg/m or QU70

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Q:What are the safety devices on gantry cranes?
For a crane that changes the inclination of the boom, the hoisting movement must be stopped immediately when the top of the hook device rises above 8OO mm from the lower end of the boom.
Q:Wharf gantry crane is a small steel wire is created by China?
Wharf gantry crane used in the wire rope, phosphate coated steel wire rope is the production of Chinese patented technology, real China to create
Q:What is the meaning of the girder of the gantry and the right girder?
(1) Both sides of the crane span should be measured and the measurement method shall comply with the requirements of Appendix 1 of this Code; r n② The maximum crown on the main girder shall be within the range of S / 10 of the main span,
Q:What is the safe operation of gantry crane?
4, every day before driving, you must check all the mechanical and electrical equipment is good, the operating system is flexible, according to the provisions of the equipment maintenance and lubrication.
Q:What is the difference between gantry crane and traffic?
Hanging crane is the line hanging (also known as traffic, cranes, cranes, are people on the crane a general name, line hanging and we call the door crane is basically the same.
Q:How to maintain the gantry crane
Hoist filling industrial gear oil (SY1172-80) 200, should always check the oil level, timely supplement
Q:Gantry crane how to change the walking speed?
as long as you have this confidence and technical ability can also change your own hands to the best of you can change the product Gearbox convenience
Q:What documents do you need to open a gantry?
Special operations operations must not be forged, altered, lent or transferred.
Q:What is the ordinary gantry crane?
Can carry a variety of items and bulk materials, from the weight of 100 tons, the span of 4 to 39 meters.
Q:What is the principle of the cable reel?
Longmen hanging cable reel generally divided into three kinds of design.With ordinary motor plus damping.

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