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Gantry Crane  equipment is developed by our company for different industries such as high-speed rail, maglev trains, shipyard lifting transportation of large components.The success of the equipment will be a big line components of lifting and handling, greatly improve the efficiency of plant lifting transportation, save the investment cost.

MG gantry crane is mainly used for outdoor goods yard, loading and unloading of material field and beam yard. The structure of it like a door frame, the main girder form has single beam and double beam form; the main girder can be divided into truss structure and box beam structure.  And the main girder can have overhanging cantilever beam. The two legs are installed under the main girder, they can running on the rail directly. The winch trolley is placed on the main girder, it can running and lifting in the leg span. MG gantry crane has high space utilization, wide operating range, suitable surface, strong commonality, etc.

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Q:Gantry crane car walking vibration how to do?
Confidence and technical ability can also be changed to your own gear can best change the convenience of the product for the gear box.
Q:What is the operating procedure for double girder overhead cranes?
Each time the first lifting of heavy objects (or load to the maximum weight), should be hanging from the ground height of 0.5 meters, the weight down again, check the brake performance, confirm the reliable, and then normal operation.
Q:What are the double girders of gantry cranes?
According to the different structure of the main beam, can be divided into box beam and truss two forms.
Q:Gantry crane work level which?
The division of the work level is determined by the utilization level U of the crane and the load state Q.
Q:Gantry crane generally have what brand?
1 use factor (design) only one or two and more than 6 years of long-term heavy load of two kinds of door crane, the latter cost of the general estimate of the cost of 30% to 45% higher.
Q:Gantry crane belongs to what machinery and equipment?
At present, ship cranes, container yard and other cranes are divided into two types, namely, rail container cranes (RMG) and tire container cranes (RTG).
Q:What certificate does the gantry need?
You can not use that card in the gantry hanging! Although all special equipment, but special equipment is not common, are to have a special certificate
Q:What is the use of cantilever hanging gantry?
The main beam out of the span of the part is called the gantry crane cantilever, popular talk is the gantry crane girder beyond the bottom of the track outside the width of the part, is the gantry crane cantilever, gantry crane main role is the main beam out of the cart
Q:What is the similarities and differences between bridge cranes and gantry cranes?
Because its two ends are located in the tall cement column or metal bracket, the shape of the bridge.
Q:Do you want to wear helmets?
3, equipment operation, the Secretary for loading and unloading and other employees to wear, the use of labor protection products (helmets, work shoes, etc.), complete and buckle buttons.

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