Metal Steel Security Door for Interior Use

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Product Description:

Cheap metal doors 
1) made of cold rolled iron 
2)customered design and size available

Cheap safe room metal security doors



The interior door's model no.:LBS-8801 

1. door leaf material:

  • inner:honeycomb paper or MDF strips filling

  • exterior:6mm HDF

  • surface:PVC printing

  • edge:chinese fir wood

2. door frame material:china fir wood+PVC skin+MDF

3. door leaf size:standard size:2000x800x450mm(non-standard size is available)

4. door color:pure oak,walnut,ash,teak,cherry or other

5. door frame depth for any wall thickness

6. HDF/MDF thickness:5mm/6mm/8mm

7. accesorries:lock,handle,hinges,installing bolt

8. load quantity:20ft:360pcs for door leaf only,230sets for for full door set

    40ft:760pcs for door leaf only,480pcs for full door set

   40HQ:920pcs for door leaf only,560pcs for full door set

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Q:Can a dog door be installed in a metal exterior door?
Yes you can install it-- use a metal cutting blade in your jigsaw
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows materials only silver and brown it?
Aluminum alloy doors and windows materials There are a variety of colors, not just silver or brown, but these two colors used the most.Aluminum alloy doors and windows of the color of the formation of two ways, one is the aluminum oxidation method. Aluminum material surface is easy to naturally A layer of oxide film, the oxide film is relatively dense, hard, can play to protect their own role.To take the chemical method formed by the oxide film, known as the anodic oxide film, relative to the natural formation of the oxide film, the oxide film The thickness of the relatively large, the protection of aluminum alloy material is better, but also can control the formation of a variety of different colors, such as silver, brown series, gold, red, blue, green, etc., not only has a protective effect, and With silver and brown look stable, generous, more generally accepted, custom made aluminum alloy doors and windows of the profiles are processed into these two colors, while the other colors, in other aluminum products are more common in the doors and windows of materials The main reason is because the general profile are relatively long (4 ~ 6m), the surface treatment, the need for a large oxidation tank, the oxidation of the liquid The demand is also a lot, the cost can be imagined, if there is no large number of processing orders demand, change the color of the feasibility is very small.For mass production, the use of aluminum oxide surface treatment of doors and windows materials, the cost is relatively low, Is conducive to the extensive application of aluminum alloy doors and windows materials.
Q:Production of aluminum doors and windows of the professional qualification certificate how to apply
To the local decoration company asked clear, you can test engineers, construction division
Q:Laminate floors installation against metal door threshold?
Laminate Threshold
Q:is there a way to cut off the bottom of a metal exterior door?
You can buy glass cutters at home depot, but if you don't know glass, it's easy to accidentally break it. You can cut the weld on the corner of th frame with a hacksaw or if there are screws take them off and the frame will come of the glass, then take the glass to a pro and get it cut, or cut it yourself. Just tell them what you want at the Hardware store, sometimes they will cut it for you, but they will show you the glass cutters you need. This is what I always do and they are always very helpful. But first google how to cut a window pane to get an idea of what you'll need to do.
Q:Aluminum alloy door how good material and good
1, thickness: the thickness of the material 2, the strength: tensile strength should be up to 157 Newton per square meter, yield strength to reach 108 Newton per square millimeter. When buying aluminum doors and windows, you can use the hand to bend the profile, after the release should be able to recover. 3, color: the same aluminum alloy color should be consistent, such as color is obvious, that should not buy. 4, flatness: check the aluminum alloy surface, should be no depression or bulging. 5, gloss: aluminum doors and windows to avoid the purchase of the surface to open the bubble (white) and ash (black spots), and cracks, burrs, leather and other obvious defects in the profile. 6, the degree of oxidation: oxide film thickness should reach 10 microns. Optional aluminum doors and windows can be drawn in the profile surface, look at the surface of the oxide film can be erased.
Q:How to clean the aluminum doors and windows
Is it rubbing aluminum alloy or rubbing aluminum alloy doors and windows? If you can only wipe the aluminum alloy with a soft cloth, the glass can be wiped with gasoline or alcohol, if the rubbing of aluminum with rosin will damage the aluminum alloy coating.
Q:What is the difference between hollow metal doors and aluminium clad doors?
What you call Hollow Metal Doors are usually made of steel and are filled with expanding foam insulation. The steel shell is the structural part of the door. The insulation provides thermal and acoustic isolation. Aluminum clad doors are solid wood doors that are clad in aluminum. The wood is the structural part of these doors. The aluminum has a baked on color so that repainting is rarely necessary.
Q:What are the characteristics of aluminum doors and windows?
Plastic doors and windows are different from the prominent features of aluminum doors and windows are two different materials, steel doors and windows aging is brittle, aluminum aging is oxidation.
Q:Painting An Interior Metal Door?
If there is no rust, just use a good interior latex paint. If there is rust, sand lightly and paint with a metal primer. If there isn't any rust, and you are changing the color of the door, you may want to prime it first with a primer like Kilz or Zissler. If the door is all you are going to paint, a quart of primer and a quart of paint will be plenty. You will probably have some left for future touch-up. Clean the area of the door that you are going to paint. Use something like Windex, and follow up with plain water on a cloth. For best results, take the door off of it's hinges, and lay it down on something like sawhorses, or four 5 gallon plastic buckets under the corners. The hinge pins will pop out from underneath if you tap a small nail in the little hole in the bottom of the hinge. If you want a smooth finish, use roller naps with 1/4 thick nap on a full sized roller frame. If the door has a raised area, you will need a brush for the areas that the roller will miss. If you want it to be washable, use a semi-gloss or eggshell finish paint. You may go with full gloss, but it may be harder to roll out smooth. Lay down a drop-cloth, or lots of newspaper under the door. If you buy your paint at a home center store like Lowe's or Homer De Poe, the person in the paint dept may be able to give you some pointers on rolling techniques. Have fun!

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