Metal Sofa Bed CMAX-A08

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Product Description:

.Modern Sofa Bed Main Feature:


1) Modern, with simple, elegant and predominantly curving lines.

2) Frame: wooden frame made of kiln-dried solid wood filling with pure foam.  
3) Spring: no-sag sinuous spring

4) The Modern design and fascination are harmoniously integrated with the utmost comfort in a unique experience for anyone relaxing in your living room.


2. Leather series available:

1) Full top grain leather;

2) Full top grain leather + Split;

3) Top grain + PVC;

4) Pu(Microfibril) + fabric;

5) Full fabric.

6) UK ,US fireproof standard available


3.Packing Detail:

1) Non-woven Bag;

2) Cardboard Protection;

3) Thick carton box


4.Quality Control:

1) Every piece of livng room sofa set is under inspection through our QC dep. before delivery.

2) We will offer lifetime consultation on any using problem for modern sofa.


5.Leather Sample Available to send:


 Sofa Bed Remark

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2. Please make sure the products such as Size, Model No, Material first time, you will get the good price at soonest.

3. All the products have installation drawing for quick and easy assembly.


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Q:Which bed?
I like the metal beds better than the wood one. I would base my choice upon what type of furniture you are going to use. Nonetheless, of the two metal ones, I think I would enjoy the black one longer as I think I would tire of the ornate white one over the course of time. With either metal bed, you could always spray paint it for a new look in the future. But, again, I like the black one best.
Q:Does every bed have bedbugs?
Well there will always be bugs everywhere, but they will mostly be too small to see and can't do any harm, like dust mites. As for dangerous ones, it really depends on the area you live in. If you are in the country or if the house/apartment is poorly built, then there might be some more bugs, and most likely all will be harmless. Don't expect to wake up and have bugs crawling all over you, that just doesn't happen unless you cover yourself in honey and sleep in a tropical rainforrest.
Q:bed and breakfast in jefferson, texas.?
i don't know
Q:Is the row frame of the CBD bedstead included in the bedstead or is it needed for additional purchase?
At present, the market quality of the bed row skeleton wood is using curved wood, curved wood called Manchurian ash, mainly in Northeast, North China and other places. White or slightly yellow brown (sapwood) (heartwood). The rings are obvious but not uniform, the wooden structure is coarse, the texture is straight, the patterns are beautiful and lustrous, and the hardness is large. Manchurian ash has the characteristics of elasticity, toughness, wear resistance and moisture resistance. But it's difficult to dry and easy to bend. Good processability, but should prevent tearing. The surface is smooth and the paint is more sticky. The advantages of the skeleton bed and the wood bed are that it has good ventilation, easy cleaning and good elasticity. From the point of view of human physiology, the bent skeleton has certain elasticity and is beneficial to the human body. In terms of air circulation, a person's body is free to breathe when he is asleep. From the health perspective, from the high easy to clean, not under the bed bug.
Q:Bed bugs?!?
There is no real prevention you can take. Bed bugs are quite insidious---they are very tough to get rid of. You can use a sleeping bag, but be willing to throw it away when you are done with it. Bed bugs can be in the entire room---in pillows, couches, RUGS/ CARPET. Bed bugs have been know to get into suitcases/backpacks, etc., and be carried home after a trip, and then be transferred to your bed at home. Because there is much more awareness of the HUGE problem of bed bugs, many top Hotels are becoming proactive to prevent them. Bed bugs can give you lots of itchy little bumps, but it is not life threatening.
Q:Is latex mattress suitable for bent bed?
Should fit, as long as the model on the top, in the middle, plus some protective damage to the electronic.
Q:What's the size of the liner?
Each passenger cabin in a cruise ship holds at most 2-4 passengers: two single beds (which can be combined into large beds), and some rooms are equipped with a 1-2 Zhang Shen folding bed, and a single boat is about 1.3*2 meters.Hope to be of help to you, thank you for your questions! For more information on travel, welcome to the same travel cruise channel:
Q:full over full trundle bed?
if you have a full bed and extra mattress, i suggest you build your own. get a metal bed frame on wheels and put a mattress on it. slide it under your existing bed if it is tall enough. if not you may have to put risers under the legs of your bed. also you may have to buy a shorter full bed mattress to go underneath. i have actually never seen a full over full. so you may have to build your own.
Q:Sharing a bed?
I'd better throw my kids out during cold nights....they tend to migrate to momma and daddy when it's really cold sharing is common law in god's eyes that's why invasions and genocide were popular themes in the OT
Q:Is it legal to sell/purchase a second hand bed?
the bed frame itself no, but the mattress yes

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