Metal Sofa Bed CM-MB44

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Xingang Port,China
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TT or LC
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50 pcs pc
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50000 pcs Per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

Metal Sofa Bed CM-MB44


Specifications: 1960*1400*580mm

Net weight: 25kgs

Packing: by two cartons,a):1910*690*90mm  b):930*710*115mm

Loadability: 320pcs/40HQ


Metal Sofa Bed CM-MB44


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Q:Complete bedding set? making a bed?
If your buying a complete comforter set it will include a comforter, a bottom sheet, a top sheet, one standard pillow case in a twin and full size, 2 standard pillows cases in a quenn size and 2 king pillow cases in a king size, some will also include pillow shams and bed skirt.
Q:how do i raise my bed?
The simplest way is to sit it on bed frame risers. They are available at Home Depot.
Q:Is the bedstead good for solid wood or for boards?
Benefit home formaldehyde free health board. Whether the board is good or not depends mainly on the environmental protection grade.
Q:What about the old bed?
Remove the wooden boards and do manual work to make flower pots. They are hung on the balcony.Or simply ask for the scrap to be taken away.
Q:what does bed bug bites look like?
They look like ticks, fleas
Q:Is equine pellet bedding safe for baby birds
Petsmart in Renton wa. use pellets
Q:What is the difference between the three tower flow bed and the softened water equipment?
Mainly used for water softening, removal of calcium and magnesium in water exchange resin using sodium cation, reduce water hardness, in order to achieve the purpose of softening hard water to avoid carbonate fouling in pipes, containers, boiler. Greatly reduce the cost of investment, but also to ensure the smooth progress of production. Its biggest feature is that it does not need to stop the bed regeneration and cleaning. It can supply water continuously and continuously. It can meet the needs of most units not stopping production at present.
Q:Best dogs beds?
best dog bed is an old blanket or duvet that you as its owner have used that way the dog if left in the house any length of time will not feel that you are not coming back. may sound corny but try it
Q:what are bed bug bites?
It's not as much of an issue nowadays with people cleaning sheets fairly often, but people used to get bugs in their beds frequently. So the phrase Don't let the bed bugs bite was referring to that.
Q:do you know where i can buy this bed?

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