Metal Shingle Stone Coated Steel Roof Machine

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Packaging Detail:2* 40 Feet container
Delivery Detail:2-3 month after down payment


1 bottom gule spraying section 
2 stone coated section 
3 first time drying 
4 Auto face gule spraying 
5.second time drying

Stone Coated Production Line


Stone coated sheet is formed by 0.4mm Al-Zn plating panel and color stones. It is modern,environmental and nice appearance.


We developed this stone coated production line based on long time running and improvement. It is high-performance,stable, energy-efficient and easy operation.


It is including five main parts:

1 Auto bottom gule spraying section

2Auto stone coated section

3 The first time drying section

4 Auto face gule spraying section

5 The second time drying section



1. Auto bottom gule spraying section 

Appearance size:4000*1000*2000          Unit:mm


Driving section:3KW Excitation motor or frequency speed regulation (AS per customers’requirements )


Automatic pressure spray tank:1set  capability:200kg   Range:0.6~1Mpa 

Automatic glue machine motor: Servo motor, Power:750w, plc  

Automatic spray gun:4 set(spare parts) 

Dust collecting fan: 1set    power:200w


Damp proof lamp:1pc      power:100w


Conveying device:Chain reciprocating


Air compressor:1set   power:7.5kw


Dust control of axial flow fan:1set  power: 200w


Agitator: 1set   power:1.5kw   

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Q:Will my leo's eggs still hatch?
Earthworm castings but they are also a bit expensive because you need a very large amount. The cheaper way is to put a 6-12 deep pile of organic material like yard clippings onto the planting area, then cover with black plastic such as trash bags or better yet a tarp. Keep the material moist but not soaking wet. Leave it like this during the winter. Then earthworms will eat the plant material and give you lots of castings for free. You still need a fertilizer for major nutrients on top of this; any generic brand balanced organic fertilizer will do. Or you can use sterilized chicken manure, bone meal and a little kelp. Vermiculite is basically rock foam to help get air to the roots. Loosening the soil with tilling and materials like earthworm castings provides air too. Lighting will be extremely expensive no matter what you do. The power consumption will be much more than the fixture cost. Instead you might try a greenhouse. Or for herbs since they take up only a small space you can light them artificially so they are convenient and in reach. That's more reasonable but it still isn't cheap. If you have a sunny window that would be better. Most easy to grow summer vegetables are vines so they will do well on a trellis. Pick up however many you need.
Q:Where can I buy Vermiculite?
do these people above not realise that bearded dragons are lizards? ...not dragons. sigh for the size of the eggs - as the reptile embryos grow, the egg swells too so that is completely normal. The older the egg, (as long as its alive and healthy) the bigger it will be and for the vermiculite... if you have a syringe or something like that then you can 'inject' water into the vermiculite without getting it on the eggs. i dont know how you incubate your eggs, but i keep my eggs and vermiculite in an old waxworm tub (a small tub with slits/holes in the bottom), and i put that tub in a small bath of water (the box that crickets come in) - it works to keep the humidity up, as well as keeping the vermiculite damp. i used it for leopard geckos though, not bearded dragons so i dont know if that will help any good luck :)
Q:Chimney liner insulation?
It's vermiculite. This is a mineral, and some sources are a risk of asbestosis (disease of the lungs) so you can't readily buy it now. It's not hazardous if damp and in soil, it';s when it's in the air and you can breathe in the dust. Large quantities have to be removed by asbestos-removal companies - it used to be used for insulating houses. It must have been in the original potting mix for aeration. This is only a small amount and not that disturbed, so dispose of it in a sealed plastic bag.
Q:Iron powder. Water. Activated carbon. Vermiculite. Mineral water absorbent resin. After contact with air to human body harmful?
Iron powder will oxidize when it meets air, but it is harmful to people's health
Q:Excuse me a flower peat and perlite vermiculite proportion?
Not the mud should not harden, you may feel the compaction, is medium dry feeling, hand feels dry, a little hardness, guess is that.
Q:where can i get vermiculite?
AGAIN...NEVER spray the eggs directly. How are you incubating them? In a tank? They should be in a proper incubator, not a tank. That's probably why you can't keep the humidity up. Sphagnum moss is ok, but perlite (without fertilizer, so no Miracle-Gro) is best. You can also look online for vermiculite/perlite/hatchrite/super hatch. Several plant nurserys also carry vermiculite/perlite, but make sure it does not have any additives.
Q:By accident I sprayed water on the eggs, is that okay?
Vermiculite Pool Bottom
Q:Do you know what this white stuff in my flower pot is?
Southwest Vermiculite Co., Inc. 5119 Edith Blvd. N.E. Phone: 505 345 1633
Q:what is vermiculite to put in reptile incubators?
Your question is very confusing. If you didn't want the snakes, why put them in a glass tank? You said you were going to take them across the street to the creek, so why didn't you just do that right away? Plus, the snakes in the tank didn't reproduce and lay eggs the next day. Obviously, the one had mated a few months ago. And who did you speak to at the zoo, the janitor? Anyone with any knowledge of snakes would know that just putting the eggs in the grass will cause them to die instantly since they need to be kept at very high humidity, plus, who would tell you to release a possible python (which I highly doubt it is). Do you have pictures of the snake? Next time please just leave snakes alone. They don't go around attacking children for no reason. You may actually have committed a crime by catching them. But like I said, I highly doubt you have a python. Ball pythons match your description but they don't lay 13 eggs. If you don't want to get bit, just leave them alone next time. Snakes don't go around looking for people to bite.
Q:is it ok if leopard gecko eggs get misted?
You can remove them immediately, but if she sees you, she will most likely be extremely agitated. Try taking them as she lays them, she'll be too preoccupied (one would think ;P). Also, try and have a separate container for the laying. Fecal matter can mold on the eggs and (if you have other lizards) they can be trampled easily. EDIT: Oh, and my friend found it helpful to moisten the vermiculite, for whatever reason... That, I'm unclear of.

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