Metal Shingle Stone Coated Steel Roof Machine / Vermiculite Steel Tile Production Line

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Packaging Details:2* 40 Feet container
Delivery Detail:2-3 month after down payment


1 bottom gule spraying section 
2 stone coated section 
3 first time drying 
4 Auto face gule spraying 
5.second time drying

Stone Coated Production Line


Stone Coated Sheet is formed by 0.4mm Al-Zn plating panel and color stones. It is modern,environmental and nice appearance.


We developed this stone coated production line based on long time running and improvement. It is high-performance,stable, energy-efficient and easy operation.


It is including five main parts:

1 Auto bottom gule spraying section

2Auto stone coated section

3 The first time drying section

4 Auto face gule spraying section

5 The second time drying section



1. Auto bottom gule spraying section 

Appearance size:4000*1000*2000          Unit:mm


Driving section:3KW Excitation motor or frequency speed regulation (AS per customers’requirements )


Automatic pressure spray tank:1set  capability:200kg   Range:0.6~1Mpa 

Automatic glue machine motor: Servo motor, Power:750w, plc  

Automatic spray gun:4 set(spare parts) 

Dust collecting fan: 1set    power:200w


Damp proof lamp:1pc      power:100w


Conveying device:Chain reciprocating


Air compressor:1set   power:7.5kw


Dust control of axial flow fan:1set  power: 200w


Agitator: 1set   power:1.5kw   

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Q:where can I buy vermiculite in chicago and is there another name for vermiculite ???
Mineral wool Asbestos Polystyrene Calcium silicate Vermiculite Perlite Fiberglass Thinsulate Insulated shipping container Zirconia Fiber Insulation Aerogel
Q:help! my corn snakes have had eggs?
There are two ways which have worked well for me, misting works well in keeping the vermiculite damp, but it should be just damp not wet, the other method i have used is to place the vermiculite on a couple of pieces of kitchen roll with plenty over hanging then to mist this, that way the kitchen roll act like a wick and pulls the moisture under the vermiculite.
Q:Will my leo's eggs still hatch?
Earthworm castings but they are also a bit expensive because you need a very large amount. The cheaper way is to put a 6-12 deep pile of organic material like yard clippings onto the planting area, then cover with black plastic such as trash bags or better yet a tarp. Keep the material moist but not soaking wet. Leave it like this during the winter. Then earthworms will eat the plant material and give you lots of castings for free. You still need a fertilizer for major nutrients on top of this; any generic brand balanced organic fertilizer will do. Or you can use sterilized chicken manure, bone meal and a little kelp. Vermiculite is basically rock foam to help get air to the roots. Loosening the soil with tilling and materials like earthworm castings provides air too. Lighting will be extremely expensive no matter what you do. The power consumption will be much more than the fixture cost. Instead you might try a greenhouse. Or for herbs since they take up only a small space you can light them artificially so they are convenient and in reach. That's more reasonable but it still isn't cheap. If you have a sunny window that would be better. Most easy to grow summer vegetables are vines so they will do well on a trellis. Pick up however many you need.
Q:how do i incubate my water dragon eggs?
So let's assume that 100%=20 and 50%=10 and 40%=8 and 60%=12 If he has 5 bushels of 50% peat moss, he has 50 peat moss. If he has 5 bushels of 50% vermiculite mix, he has 50 vermiculite mix. If he adds 100% (20) to his 5 bushels of vermiculite mix, he will get 70 (50+20) vermiculite mix. So now he has 70 vermiculite mix and 50 peat moss. He needs 48 (8 (which is 40%) times 6 (# of bushels needed) ) peat moss and 72 (12x6) vermiculite mix. Therefore, he does not have enough. I'm pretty sure this is a weird method of doing it, but it still works
Q:Which is good for insulation and sound insulation of glass wool and expanded vermiculite?
The insulation is currently promoting the building wall insulation technology, insulation package on the inner side of the main structure of the main structure to protect and extend the life of the building, effectively reduce the thermal bridge building structure, increase the effective space, improve the living comfort.
Q:is vermiculite safe for beardies to lay eggs in?
yes, its a good idea to reuse the soil.
Q:What is the average cost to breed leopard geckos?
i've used vermiculite but other breeders use pearlite
Q:what substrate do you place ball python eggs on while in incubation?
Allie is right. Freeze the eggs and then toss them. The mommy and daddy need to live in separate enclosures. Since she is getting rid of them, hopefully the new owners will know better.
Q:Crested gecko vs Leopard gecko?
well i just spray if for like 30seconds-1minute BEFORE the eggs go in and then i currently have a hydrometer in one of the egg containers and it stays moderatly humid which so far is working just fine. you want it moderatly humid but not dripping condensation on the eggs, if water is dripping on the eggs just wipe the cover off and watch them carefully. if you spray it really well before you put them in you should be fine for at least a few weeks (ours have only been in about 3 weeks but they are perfectly humid so far) but if you need to spray again i just try to spray around the eggs but its ok if you get a little bit of water on the eggs, just try not to tho. no the eggs don't have to be covered with vermiculite, at least i don't do it and i have seen pics of other breeders and like no one does it so i wouldn't worry about it too much. hope i helped!
Q:Contrast the difference in crystalline structure among kaolinite, smectites, fine-grained micas, vermiculites,?
vermiculite is what keeps humidity constant. it just adds more humidity/moisture mixed with peat moss. i don't recommend peat moss or vermiculite because i always have mold issues even with enough ventilation for my tarantula enclosures i still get it! peat moss may have some unwanted pests you don't want in your cage so i always stick to coco fiber

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