Metal Sandwich Panel Container House with Best Quality

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Container Houses, as a covinient way to live, have been widely used around the world.



1.Qualified material 

2.Flexible design 

3.Fast installation 

4.Reuse for numerous times 

5.Convenient package for shipping 

The details as follows:






Exterior/interior: 5.950m/5.710m 


Exterior/interior: 2.310m/2.060m


Exterior/interior: 2.740m/2.400m


1750kg per unit

Standard accessory


Orlop wainscot: 0.4mm galvanized steel sheet.

Structure: channel steel keel, Material:Q235.

The girder of the keel are welded by two ends.

Insulation fitting: EPS in a thickness of 30mm above the galvanized steel sheet.

Waterproof bamboo-glue board in a thickness of 15mm for the bathroom and Plywood board in a thickness of 15mm for other rooms

PVC floor sheet in a thickness of 1.5mm on the topside

Permitted loading: 2.0KN/m2, Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K=1.1W/ m²K


Structure: box girder 120*80,Material:Q235

The topside wainscot: 0.5mm galvanized steel sheet.

The purlins of the keel are welded by two ends.

Insulation fitting: EPS in a thickness of 30mm above the galvanized steel sheet.

Orlop wainscot:  5mm MDF laminated decorative panel

Roof drainage: 4 PVC rainspout pipes, diameter 50mm in corner pillars.

Permitted loading: 0.5 KN/m2, Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K=0.55W/ m²K


75mm Color steel sandwich panel, 0.5mm steel sheet surface, 29μm galvanized paint, inside white and outside silver-gray.

Permitted loading: 0.6KN/m2, Polystyrene density:  15kg/m3, Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K=0.442W/mk


SIP single door,size:800mm*2000mm, aluminum frame, 50mm thick EPS insulation foam, cylinder lock with 3keys.


PVC sliding or casement window with fly screen, aluminium binding tape decorative , size:700mm*1000mm, 5mm glaze.


Composite of framework and 2.5 thickness skid-proof steel board,Material:Q235


Inclined girder is roolled channel pipe 160*50,steel board walk is 300 thickness skid-proof steel board,Material:Q235


2*30W double tube grilles lamp


two pieces siwtch


Two pieces of nine-hole socket,one piece of six-hole socket,two pieces of five-hole socket


20A (fixed on the wallboard)


Exhaust fan

40W exhaust fan


50mm thickness double surface color steel sandwich panel board,white


Color steel window,size:1702mm*991mm


Color steel single and double door,size:1702mm*1920mm

Stair awning

Composite of square steel framework and transparent PVC board


Bearing Load


Wind proof

11 grade

Fire proof

B1 grade(fire-resistant materials)

The earthquake resistance

grade:7 degree

Metal Sandwich Panel Container House with Best Quality

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Q:What type of welding rod is used for steel Q245R and Q235B material?
Q245R is generally used in boiler or pressure vessel, if it is a large diameter cylinder welding body in wall thickness below 8mm recommended the use of arc welding J507 welding rod, double welding, carbon arc gouging back, to obtain qualifiedQuality; when the wall thickness is thicker, submerged arc welding can be used and welding with H08MnA welding wire and HJ431 flux is used;
Q:What does "steel plate 10t" mean in the specification column of engineering material?
10T refers to the steel plate thickness of 10mm.Steel plate is made of molten steel, cooled and compressed into flat steel.The steel plate is flat, rectangular, and can be rolled directly or cut from a wide strip of steel.
Q:What kind of steel plate is HIC?
Hydrogen sulfide corrosion resistant steel plate is generally used in some specific occasions, LONCIN steel grid plate for you to answer
Q:Bathroom washing machine, galvanized steel and color steel which good?
Infiltration of zinc is the function of zinc atoms to the steel parts, the steel plate has undergone a qualitative change, even if it does not scratch Yi Shengxiu
Q:Can the steel sheet pile retaining structure be watertight and impervious?
Steel plate: steel plate is made of molten steel, cooled and compressed into flat steel. Steel plate by thickness, thin steel plate <4 mm (thinnest 0.2 mm), thick steel plate 4~60 mm, extra thick steel plate 60~115 mm. The steel plate is divided into hot-rolled and cold-rolled parts by rolling.
Q:Stainless steel drawing plate, polishing plate, mirror panels of the three differences
Stainless steel wire drawing refers to: stainless steel wire drawing is stainless steel surface like filamentous texture, this is only a stainless steel processing technology. The surface is Matt, and carefully look at the above there is a trace of texture, but can not touch it.
Q:What welding rod should be used for welding of cast iron and Q235B steel plate?
Q235B is a kind of low carbon steel commonly used in China, good welding performance, applicable to a variety of welding engineering used J422 (new brand E4303) in order to improve the efficiency of welding, and can also be used CO2 welding, welding wire can be used H08.
Q:Can 16Mn steel plate be used instead of Q345D steel plate?
If the use of Q345D instead of using 16Mn, that can be, but 16Mn instead of Q345D can not, and also can not buy 16Mn steel now, that is the old number, and the latest brand is Q345A
Q:How many times a day can a steel pile be inserted?
U type steel sheet pile generally has two kinds: one is the PU steel sheet pile, whose width is 600mm; the elastic bending moment from 600 ~ 3200cm3/m; reuse rate reached 30; very thick, suitable for high salinity, strong durability; two AU steel sheet pile, whose width is 750mm, the elastic cross section the surface resistance moment from 1410 to 2580cm3/m; and PU steel sheet pile compared to AU steel sheet pile is thinner and lighter but stronger; another angle, easy to pull out from the soil pile.
Q:What are the reasons for the steel mesh on both sides of the back pouring belt?
1, to solve the differential settlement of the high-rise building and the podium and set up the construction of the pouring belt is called the settlement post pouring belt.2, in order to prevent concrete condensation, shrinkage, cracking and set up after the construction zone is called "after pouring" belt.

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