Metal Bed European Style Model CMAX-MB013

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100000 set/month

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Material: Cold Rolled Steel Style: Modern Usage: Bedroom
Color: White,Black Structure: Unfolded Customized: Customized
Height Adjustable: Unadjustable

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Designed with elegant curves and regal details, the Iron Princess Bed is a beautiful piece of bedroom furniture that is truly royal. This iron bed adds a feminine accent to any room that houses it, making it an ideal choice for your little princess' bedroom. The headboard and footboard each have impressive curves and are complemented by the four posts with round finials. It comes in multiple colors, so this canopy princess bed will fit into most any room's existing decor scheme. It can be effortlessly assembled in no time, needing only minimal tools. Each Canopy girls' bed will fit a twin mattress, which is sold separately.


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Metal Bed European Style Model CMAX-MB013

Metal Bed European Style Model CMAX-MB013



1)What about the quality control?

Material purchase:Our material suppliers are steady and professional.We have 4 experienced purchaser,they all worked in this filed over 5 years. If the materials are not passed our standard,they will be returned.

When mass production, we have QC inspect all the production process,.including:welding,polishing,painting and packging

Before the loading,Our QC will check the quality again and make Inspection Report


2)What is the normal Payment Term?

T/T,L/C at sight,D/P,D/A and so on


3)What is the normal delivery time?

Metal beds:25-30 days/container

Coffee table,tv stand,dining set:20-25 days/container


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Q:White cover, bed spread thing..?
If you never nap on the bed, it sit on it, or have pets or kids play on it, no problem. If it is washable, it's a quick fix. Just be careful not to have nail polish or makeup near it. My husband like to put his suitcase on the bed to pack it; white is not an option at our house. But I think white bedding is beautiful! Good Luck!
Q:Who has a corner bed?
Mine's in a corner but it's pretty much a conventional bed. I don't have headboards on two sides. The big plus is you don't give up walking around space around the entire bed. If you never get out of bed on one side, why waste that acreage? Who has it to spare? I share with my wife and even so, sleeping against the wall isn't a problem for me. I just get up off the end of the bed, always have. It's never been an issue, and being able to tuck the bed into a corner in an 9x11 bedroom really helps keep the rest of the space functional.
Q:Why is the coking of the circulating fluidized bed boiler too thin?
As the material layer is too thin, the uneven distribution of the material layer, the furnace temperature is difficult to control, once the temperature increases, it will lead to coking.
Different guinea pig owners will have many different favorite bedding's to one another. You just have to figure out the best bedding that works for you. Here is a list of all the bedding's that are suitable to use - * Aspen Shavings * Pine Shavings * Pine Pellets * Recycled paper products like care FRESH or Yesterday's News * Hay * Towels * EnviroTiles Bedding's that you should avoid are - * Straw * Cedar pine Shavings * Corncob Bedding * Newspaper Newspaper shouldn't be used as a bedding by itself, but underneath other bedding. As you can see from the list above, there are many possibilities of which bedding's to use and what's best for your time schedule and ways. Some bedding's will need cleaning out more often than others and some longer.
Q:How do you find hotel bed bugs?
I don't think there is an easy way. They are small and can hide almost anywhere. But if you stay at a very good quality hotel you might not have this problem. Hotels with a higher star rating might not have them due to keeping their housekeeping standards high. I hope you find somewhere that doesn't have any.
Q:Where can i find cute bedding?
Bed Bath and Beyond Target Kohls Walmart PB Teen
Q:Luv 2 wear stockings in bed!!!?
no its so super fun! the brighter stockins the better cuz then when you wake up you have these super happy things on your legs. It makes you happier the rest of the day!!!
Q:What time do you normally go to bed?
I've always had sleep issues. On average, it's around 1:30 - 2:00 am. And it's never by choice. I exhaust myself to a point of breakdown, but I can never seem to sleep. I start school at 7:30 am most mornings. Every Friday second Tuesday and Thursday I start at 9. This means I'm up at around quarter to 7 and it's an average of 5 hours sleep, every night. And people wonder how I still live.
Q:What are the principles for children to get out of bed?
1, safe shopping: each joint can be tightened tightly, bolt or other guardrail close to the bed, the bedstead and guardrail bottom spacing is not more than 89 millimeters. Angle barrier extends at least 127 mm above the mattress surface in case of rolling children. You should also buy both sides of the fence, just in case.2, material selection: double bed proposal to buy pine Castle Kingdom of pine furniture, cost-effective, environmental factor is relatively high., 3 color options: too gorgeous color for a long time will affect the mental health, we must choose the elegant and stable color. Not under the bed cabinet. The cabinet is a huge source of pollution., 4 bed base purchase: the so-called "weak foundation, so choose the right the earth trembled and the mountains swayed" in bed, the first thing to note is the quality of bed base, the purchase by shake shake, try the effect.
Q:What are the differences between print, embroidery and jacquard in bedding?
Jacquard: Jacquard (jacquard), that is, textiles to warp, weft, staggered composition of concave convex pattern.Embroidery: embroidery, also known as embroidery, also known as "needle embroidery."".Printing: the process of forming a pattern on a fabric with a dye or coating; fabric printing. Printing is local dyeing.

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