Mesh bag for vegetables

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Product Description:

Mesh Bag for vegetable and fruits .

It is weaved by High-density polyethylene (HDPE/PP), used as packing vegetable and fruit, such as onion, carrot, garlic, cabbage, lemon, pecans, etc.


Based on order, other weaves are also available.


Material : PE/PP

Weight: 17g/bag,18g/bag,22g/bag, any weight as demands.

Size: 50×80CM, 40×60CM,42X60CM,45×75CM, any size as demands.


1) Top: hemmed /with drawstring or without handle is available

2) Bottom: sealed., single /double folded ,single.double

3) Capacity:bags with or without drawstring for packed weight from 1kg to 55kg

Packing: 2000pcs/bale,3000pcs/bale,6000pcs/bale,Or according your requests. Container capacity: 12tons/20GP, 23tons/40GP, 25tons/40HQ.

Application:used as packing vegetable and fruit, such as onion, carrot, garlic, cabbage, lemon, pecans, etc.

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Q:What kind of plastic are PEZ dispensers made out of?
I would recommend you contact PEZ to be certain. However, if I had to guess, I would say they are primarily plastic #5, PP, and more likely than not, there are several types of plastic in the dispenser. Additionally, because of the metal springs inside, the PEZ dispenser would be discarded from a recycling program because of the difficulties associated with separating the different materials. Generally speaking, outside of electronics and aseptic cartons (the paper cartons some milks and orange juice come in), there isn't a big market for mixed-material recyclables. The small amount of plastic and metal that could be possibly be recovered from the dispenser are not worth the time it would take to disassemble the piece. It is possible the company offers some sort of recycling or take-back program, though I couldn't find anything about it on their website. Hope this helps.
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Q:Can plastics be fused together in the oven safely?
(If other pages at the site are indicated on that page for more info on a particular topic, use the alphabetical navigation bar on the left to get to that page.) P.S. Of course, polymer clay is a plastic too (that's what the rest of my site is about) and is excellent for fusing layers together. HTH and have fun, Diane B.
Q:Types and uses of agricultural plastic products
According to the division of agricultural plastic application areas are mainly agricultural covering materials; agricultural water supply pipeline and water saving equipment; plastic packaging materials and agricultural planting, breeding, storage with various materials.
Q:plastic or cardboard?
Plastic will go in smoother, regardless of brand. I've noticed that with cardboard, the cheaper brands are a bit harder/uncomfortable to put in after awhile because there is no blood to lubricate the applicator. The only pricey brand I've tried was Tampax Pearl cardboard applicators, and I could tell a big difference in quality- it was usually super easy to put in, not uncomfortable, like if the cardboard had a lining, and the applicator had the Pearl shape, including spot to press and hold when inserting (the others were just straight tubes, not curved). I LOVE Obs, which don't require an applicator at all. It can be uncomfortable, but they now offer them with a 'lining' that makes them super easy all the time. In my experience, these also work the best at preventing leaks. I tend to buy whatevers on sale, and how environmentally aware I feel at the moment.
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as far as i know there is a so ya based plastic that is environmental friendly
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Q:Is plastic bags really better than recycled paper bags?
Hemp, cotton and canvas bags are the best. Plastic Bags: There are a lot of reasons given why people 'like' plastic bags. However, they still never decompose no matter how many times you use them. This is compounded when people tie their rubbish into plastic bags. If you insist on using plastic bags you will be charged high taxes for doing so. So re-use as many times as possible then take them supermarket to be recycled. Biodegradeable Bags/Bioplastics: Polylactic acid (PLA) a biodegradable polymer derived from lactic acid. These vegetable based bioplastics biodegrades quickly under composting conditions and does not leave toxic residue. However, bioplastic have own environmental impacts caused by manufacturing and disposal of end product. Again you will be charged for these impacts and taxed but on the plus side biodegradable bags (from potato and corn starches) are a new thriving industry Paper Bags. Great if singly composted. In land fill can take years for layers to decompose. Still an organic material. But there is cost of production, costs to environment of pulp trees (monocultures, loss of habitat, etc) costs of recycling/disposal. Again you will have to pay for these production costs and disposal costs and taxed. In UK instead of stop supplying plastic bags you get rewards for bringing your own. Money back, green points. Even with supermarket home delivery See Tesco. This has not been effective so we are back to taxes. In New Zealand Cloth bags are already promoted and sold in supermarkets. However this is not stopping plastic bag useage. France is banning plastic bags 2007 others are moving towards it. The most effective is taxing plastic bag use. If we do not take action we will be taxed as the Irish are for using plastic bags. Effective as a decrease of 90% plastic bag use in Ireland.
Q:plastic wrap or foil????
I say it depends on what you are going to do with it next. If it is going into the oven use foil, and plastic for the MW. Cling film is the cheaper, and a penny saved here can go toward something else if you are budget conscious.
Q:What is more poisonous: cigarettes or plastic?
Plastic has to melt or burn to release any sort of toxins, so cigarettes are definitely more poisonous. But it takes an awful lot of cigarettes an awful long time to do any more harm than inhaling any other type of smoke into your lungs would do.

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