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LENO tape filament Mesh Bag for vegetable and fruits .

It is weaved by High-density polyethylene (HDPE/PP), used as packing vegetable and fruit, such as onion, carrot, garlic, cabbage, lemon, pecans, etc.


Based on order, other weaves are also available.


1) Top: hemmed /with drawstring or without handle is available

2) Bottom: sealed., single /double folded ,single.double

3) Capacity:bags with or without drawstring for packed weight from 1kg to 55kg


Material : PE/PP

Weight: 17g/bag,18g/bag,22g/bag, any weight as demands.

Size: 50×80CM, 40×60CM,42X60CM,45×75CM, any size as demands

Packing: 2000pcs/bale,3000pcs/bale,6000pcs/bale,Or according your requests. Container capacity: 12tons/20GP, 23tons/40GP, 25tons/40HQ.

Application:used as packing vegetable and fruit, such as onion, carrot, garlic, cabbage, lemon, pecans, etc.

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