Meeting Office Chair with Adjustable Seat

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Product Description:

Meeting Office Chair with Adjustable Seat

Structure of Products Description:

We are always working for office with "Health, Environmental, luxury, Intelligent"; On design, we care for humanity office space, Environmental protection, Convenient, Efficient and Comfortable; On products, we take material which match international standard; For many years, we are honored with AAA credit company. Not only do we provide our customers with technological superiority, but also quality advantage. With a skilled R&D department, we consistently strive to introduce new products to fill our customers’ needs. In addition, strict quality management policy is followed such as rigorous inspections conducted by professional engineers, so our customers receive only 100% qualified office furniture.

Our products have been proven to be practical and economical. Its durability, low initial cost, and ability to be reconfigured and updated easily add up to savings as you maintain an effective office space. We have strict quality control department to ensure all the goods to be right & correct delivery to customers. We will try our best to reply to you within 24 hours, normally a lot sooner, if your inquiry is very urgent.

Main Features of Products:

-Automatic Flexible Lumbar Support System

-Headrest Height Adjustment

-Backrest Tilt Angle Adjustment, Quick or Slight Tilt Tension Adjustment, Height Adjustment

-Lumbar Support Height Adjustment

-Armrest Height Adjustment

-Arm Pad Angle Adjustment, Forward and Backward Adjustment

-Seat Height Adjustment, Depth Adjustment, Gradient Adjustment

Products Images:

Meeting Office Chair with Adjustable Seat

Meeting Office Chair with Adjustable Seat

Meeting Office Chair with Adjustable Seat

Meeting Office Chair with Adjustable Seat

Meeting Office Chair with Adjustable Seat

Meeting Office Chair with Adjustable Seat

Meeting Office Chair with Adjustable SeatMeeting Office Chair with Adjustable Seat

Products Specification:


Office Furniture

Specific Use:

Office Chair





-High elasticity Korea leather back and seat.

-4D adjustable arms with rotating soft PU pad.

-Aluminum synchronized-tilting mechanism with 5 locked positions, back can be tilted and locked from any angles.

-High quality imported gas lift, more durable and security.

-Polished aluminum five star based with PU castors.


Functional mechanism, aluminum, armrest PU cover

Color options:

Black, White, Gray, Red, Yellow etc.


CKD, inner PE foam, 5 Layer Brown Paper Cartons


Chair with adjustable neck rest; adjustable lumbar support; Mesh or fabric for back and seat, sliding waterfall design

Production Process:

Meeting Office Chair with Adjustable Seat


Why choose us?

-Directly factory with competitive price and quality control

-Professional advice to help you purchase the products you wanted

-Professional export service team servers in the deal.

-Customization service is available, OEM business is appreciated.

-We will inspect and test all products material carefully to ensure no damage and lost.

-The success of our cooperation can be guaranteed for our company is a credible and honest partner.


How about the quality?

Our normal material of MDF and MFC is with E1 standard. All oil paint we use is enviropaints. All kinds of Certification are available. All the material could be customized.


How about the payment term?

30% T/T before production, 70% T/T balance against B/L copy. L/C at sight. L/C after sight 60 days. Other payment term could be discussed with specific orders.


Could we choose color for office chair according our requirement?
Surely, you are allowed to choose the fabric colors from our standard color swatch. And also you can provide the suitable fabric materials yourself.

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Q:Cat repellant- off my chair?
Cats are very territorial, and doesn't like to share with other cats; it's a threat to them. Best way to overcome the jealousy thing is to take both cats at the same time and give equal attention to them both. The jealous one will come to realize that it is not loved any less. This may sound cruel, but it works; keep a spray bottle of plain tap water close to the chair, and anytime he gets on the chair, give him a quick spray shot. Cats are not very fond of water. Doing this routinely will eventually teach the cat to stay off!
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The area of each leg is π x r² = 3.142 x 1.5cm x 1.5cm. = 7.0cm² = 0.0007m². The man plus chair total weight = Mass x 9.81m/s². = 95kg x 9.81m/s² = 932 N. A Pressure of 1.0 Pascal = 1N/m². 932N / 4 legs = 233N per leg. 233N / 0.0007m² = 332,839 Pa = 332.8kPa. per leg. (332.8kPa / 101.3kPa/atm) x 14.7psi/atm = 48.3psi.
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The best answer I can give you would be to not get either, though that might not be the kind of answer you wanted. You can get a booster seat that goes on a regular chair which will let your baby actually sit at the table with the rest of the family rather than off to the side separately. This way Baby will get to be a part of the family meal and see how you use your fork and spoon and what you do with your food and how you behave at the table. Boosters are also easier to store and super easy to take travelling with you. You can even take it with you when you go out to eat if you're nervous about restaurant high chairs. Really, pick the kind that you think will work best for you. Most of the bells and whistles on high chairs and boosters aren't really that convenient or even beneficial; they're mostly marketing. As far as a play yard goes, what are you wanting to use it for? I feel confident saying that Baby would rather not be penned, and that you'll avoid a lot of unneeded frustration if you can avoid using a play yard. An alternative would be to completely baby proof the room where you're planning on Baby playing the most (family room or living room maybe?) and turn the whole room into a type of play yard. Put a gate up in the hall way that leads to non-baby proofed areas, and let your baby be a part of your family and enjoy being in your home.
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Q:Bedroom wicker chair?
This was what my sis was wanting a few years ago. We looked at pricey chairs at Pier One and everywhere else. But what she got was a patio-type blue wicker-looking chair at Lowe's, and it was well under $50, and on sale. Home Depot or Walmart might also have them.
Q:What kind of dining chairs do not damage wood floors?
Almost everything made now a days has the protective padding on the underside of the leg to help prevent damage to wood floors. And I don't know anyone who has backed out of their garage like that, but I do know one drunken idiot that tried to pull into his garage without opening the door first. Needless to say, it did more damage to the car than the garage door. Ha.
Q:Where to find this chair/chandelier?
That is hot but looks very expensive! The chandelier is probably vintage. Look on Ebay. The chair you can cover yourself with any houndstooth or any b w pattern.

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