Medium Voltage XLPE Aluminum Cable with Good Quality

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200000 m/month

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wooden drum or wooden&steel drum

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2 weeks after confirm the order

Rating Voltage 6/6kv~26/35kv XLPE insulated 3 core high voltage cables, 11kV 3 core medium voltage xlpe insulated power cable

2. Standard: GB/T12706-2002, or design and produce as per client’s request.

3. Application performance: this products is suitable for power transmission and distribution rating voltage 6/6kv-26/35kv

  1. Max permissible operating temperature 90centigrade

  2. Max short circuit temperature(5 seconds at longest) shall not exceed 250centigrade

  3. The ambient temperature under installation should not below 0centigrade, if not, please heating in advance.

  4. Permissible bending radius ≥12 times of outer diameter of conductors                                                                                 

    4.Model     Name       Application

 Cu  Al            

YJV   YJLV XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable     For laying aerial indoors , in-tunnel or cable trench

YJY   YJLY  XLPE insulated PE sheathed power cable       

YJV22      YJLV22     XLPE insulated steel tape armored PVC sheathed power cable     For laying indoors , intunnel or cable trench

YJV23        YJLV23     XLPE insulated steel tape armored PE sheathed power cable       

YJV32      YJLV32     XLPE insulated thin steel wire armored PVC sheathed power cable       For laying high-drop, well or underwater

YJV43      YJLV43     XLPE insulated thick steel wire armored PE sheathed power cable

Medium Voltage XLPE Aluminum Cable with Good Quality

Medium Voltage XLPE Aluminum Cable with Good Quality

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Q:What is the design of the Chinese-style exhibition hall?
According to the current standard of China's wire and cable models - . BVVR is the wire model, said the recording of ethylene insulation, recorded vinyl jacket soft core copper sheath line, is the market to see a long two or three Wrapped together in the wire, if BVV is hard core, if BLVV is aluminum core ****. . KVVR is the cable model, and is the control cable model. R represents the soft core, and no L represents the copper core.
Q:Re-wiring electrical Help!?
Sorry there is no easy way to hook this up correctly. I really admire your gumption. To do it properly and not have fires or shorts just call the electrician an chalk it up to the lazy husband. There really should be a separate 20 amp circuit for the dishwasher. This is not something to try and do yourself unless you are really handy. With the way you described the problem there is no breaking off tabs and rewiring simply. The next thing is start feeding the husband with tv dinners, cereal, and disposable silverware. After a couple weeks of this you will probably have the hookup done.-----------------------p.s. What you have is a switched outlet that is powered from the switch for the disposal. There usually will not be any more wires in that outlet to tap off of for your dishwasher hookup. Once again, internet advice is only so good. Get an electrician if the husband won't come through. This particular problem can injure or kill you if the right circumstances are met.
Q:Difference between electrician and an electrical engineer?
They are two different things. Here is an example that might help. Just like a pilot and aircraft engineer. Both are very important and know information about the other. But one is hands on the aircraft and the other is more about the basic building of it. The engineer wouldn't try to fly the plane, learn about FAA procedures, talk to Air Traffic Controllers, learn all the communications networks, in route navigational beacons, airport runways and taxi procedures, preflight inspections of aircraft , and preflght take off or landing procedures, etc. The pilot wouldn't try to design the engines, aviation electronics, concentrate on aerodynamics of various forms or tensile strength of various metals for aircraft frames, thrust and stress ratios, Lightning strike safety design variations, etc. Hope that helps.
Q:2.5 square wire how long is it better?
It is best to change the line, not the same line with the same line after the hook and then solder with solder welding. Plus the mobile outlet, then the bull is better. Welding wiring is better
Q:what is AL and CU as it pertains to electrical wires?
Al is aluminum and CU is copper (basic chemical symbols). Everything else that has been answered thus far is wrong. AL is bigger for the same ampere rating, but it is not double. Not ALL aluminum wiring is dangerous. Many (most?) houses have SOME aluminum wiring that is just fine. DIY's shouldn't be doing electrical work they don't understand, and aluminum is more picky about being installed properly. One answer described 4 iwires including bare and green. Only one or the other will be present. Now, what is it you are doing that you are switching from 4 wires to 3 wires? My first guess is a range or dryer outlet in a house. If that is the case, it is illegal to change from 4 wires to 3, and you should get the proper cord for your range or dryer that has a 4 prong plug on it.
Q:It is not necessary to draw a set of video lines from the monitor interface
Do parts, like car accessories ah, but the requirements of physical mathematics is better. Do not worry about employment
Q:how do you make an electrical wiring cold?
Go to electrical shop Buy length of cable Go home Put cable in to fridge. Job done.
Q:12 cable to the weak box, not on the distribution frame is good?
Red, yellow, green is the line of fire, blue is zero line, yellow and green is ground
Q:What could be causing an electrical/fire smell?
Oh my G-d! Someone in your house is using his brain after a long-long time. No seriously I'm sure it must be that defrosting refrigerator.
Q:The cross - sectional area ratio of the cable to the embedded tube
FireWire is red, the blue line is blue. Ground is yellow and green. Three-phase socket, usually on the left and right to the right fire. Usually we will phase the current phase difference of 120 degrees wire called FireWire. Three-phase power of the three tail together called "zero line". The ground wire is the line connecting the earth to the earth.

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