Medium Voltage XLPE Aluminum Cable with Good Quality

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wooden drum or wooden&steel drum

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2 weeks after confirm the order

Rating Voltage 6/6kv~26/35kv XLPE insulated 3 core high voltage cables, 11kV 3 core medium voltage xlpe insulated power cable

2. Standard: GB/T12706-2002, or design and produce as per client’s request.

3. Application performance: this products is suitable for power transmission and distribution rating voltage 6/6kv-26/35kv

  1. Max permissible operating temperature 90centigrade

  2. Max short circuit temperature(5 seconds at longest) shall not exceed 250centigrade

  3. The ambient temperature under installation should not below 0centigrade, if not, please heating in advance.

  4. Permissible bending radius ≥12 times of outer diameter of conductors                                                                                 

    4.Model     Name       Application

 Cu  Al            

YJV   YJLV XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable     For laying aerial indoors , in-tunnel or cable trench

YJY   YJLY  XLPE insulated PE sheathed power cable       

YJV22      YJLV22     XLPE insulated steel tape armored PVC sheathed power cable     For laying indoors , intunnel or cable trench

YJV23        YJLV23     XLPE insulated steel tape armored PE sheathed power cable       

YJV32      YJLV32     XLPE insulated thin steel wire armored PVC sheathed power cable       For laying high-drop, well or underwater

YJV43      YJLV43     XLPE insulated thick steel wire armored PE sheathed power cable

Medium Voltage XLPE Aluminum Cable with Good Quality

Medium Voltage XLPE Aluminum Cable with Good Quality

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Eight square copper wire through the maximum current is about 40 ~ 80A or so. General normal current by a square 5A or so selected, and the maximum value of about 10A. The smaller the cross-sectional area, the current density can be slightly larger; the larger the cross-sectional area, the current density decreased slightly. Cable carrying capacity: cable carrying capacity refers to a cable line in the transmission of electricity through the amount of current. In the case of thermal stability, when the cable conductor to achieve long-term allowable operating temperature of the cable carrying capacity, known as the cable long-term allowable carrying capacity. Current estimation formulas: 2.5 points multiplied by nine, go up by a straight walk. Thirty-five by 3.. both groups of five points. Conditions have changed, high temperature Jiujiang copper upgrade. Piercing the number of two hundred thirty-four, eight seven six fold full load.
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