Medium and Fine Silver Exfoliated Vermiculite

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Product Description:

1.Product Description of Medium and Fine Silver Exfoliated Vermiculite:

Vermiculite is ideal for the germination of seeds because the aeration properties combined with its water holding capacity makes it a superb medium for direct contact with the seeds.

Large and small seeds can be raised in pure vermiculite. Slower germination seeds may be raised with a 50/50 mix of vermiculite and peat or perlite.

Medium and Fine Silver Exfoliated Vermiculite

2.Product Application of Medium and Fine Silver Exfoliated Vermiculite:

Vermiculite can be used as a soil improver. When applied to an outdoor seed bed it will give improved emergence and less risk of capping.

Silicate bonded shapes and blocks

Pressed vermiculite block insulation can be used in high temperature kilns, furnaces, combustion plants, boilers, wood burning stoves and night storage heaters. It is becoming more widely accepted as an alternative for asbestos or man-made mineral fibre insulation. The units can vary from simple blocks to very intricate shapes designed to accommodate electrical elements, fixing screws, etc.

3.Product Specifications of Medium and Fine Silver Exfoliated Vermiculite:

Vermiculite concretes are lightweight , have good insulating properties and are intrinsically fire resistant. Vermiculite concretes may be used for in situ roof and floor screeds and in the fabrication of pre-cast products. Vermiculite concretes can also be used around back boilers and as a fire back support material.

4.Product Technical Data of Medium and Fine Silver Exfoliated Vermiculite:

Medium and Fine Silver Exfoliated Vermiculite

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Q:The ground cement expansive slate, what item set
There is no special cement pressure plate fixed, its installation process with gypsum board gypsum board is basically the same, can borrow the quota items, modify the name and price can be.
Q:Why does vermiculite have gold or silver on its surface?
Vermiculite can be according to the stages can be divided into vermiculite and expanded vermiculite, according to color classification can be divided into golden vermiculite, vermiculite, vermiculite milky white silver white.The selective absorption of minerals by visible light is the main reason for the color of objects. Different colors of light waves are typically represented in different wavelengths, in nanometers, 1nm=109m. The visible light wavelength between 390 - 760nm, the wavelength from long to short in order to show the red orange yellow green blue purple color. Their blend color is white.Minerals are varied in color. One of the reasons for color rendering is that the white light passes through minerals during the process of internal electron transition, resulting in selective absorption of different light colors. The other is caused by physical optical processes. The main cause of the internal electron transition in minerals is the existence of pigment ions, such as Fe3+, which makes hematite red and V3+ makes vanadium garnet green. It is the lattice defects that form "color centers", such as the purple of fluorite. In mineralogy, colors are generally divided into 3 categories: self color is the intrinsic color of minerals; color is the color caused by mixing; false colors are due to some physical optical process. Such as bornite fresh face is red copper oxide film due to surface oxidation, caused by the interference of light and blue purple tarnish. The inner mineral containing directional fine inclusions, when the mineral can occur when the color change colors, transparent minerals or cleavage fracture can sometimes cause the interference of light and appear like iridescent rainbow.
Q:Is vermiculite helpful to flowers?
Vermiculite is a kind of natural nonmetallic mineral. Its main function is used in flowers, seedlings, cuttings and planting
Q:Can vermiculite be used for making flowers?
Because vermiculite has the ability of ion exchange, it has a great effect on the nutrition of the soil. In 2000, the total output of vermiculite in the world exceeded 500 thousand tons. The major producers are China, South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe and the United states.
Q:How much should the ratio of soil vermiculite to perlite be?
I feel good on the cake basin. Vermiculite and perlite mixed with nutrient soil on the market. Otherwise, a little more granular bar.
Q:Where should I use vermiculite?
The vermiculite used in greenhouse has the characteristics of loose soil, good permeability, strong water absorption and little temperature change. It is beneficial to the growth of crops and also to reduce the input of fertilizer. In the newly emerged soilless cultivation technology, it is an essential raw material.
Q:Baht, activated carbon, vermiculite, these three often harmful to the body?
Activated carbon is a porous substance, inert in the air, not only harmful to the body, but also the suspension of air, harmful gases.
Q:Are perlite and vermiculite fertiles?
The expansion effect of vermiculite in Horticulture: vermiculite have very strong water absorption, can effectively promote plant root growth and seedling growth is stable. Provide water and nutrients necessary for plant growth for long periods of time and maintain the stability of root sun temperature. At the same time, the vermiculite can make the crops get plenty of water and minerals from the early growth stage, and promote the rapid growth of plants and increase the yield. It can be concluded that vermiculite has a relatively large fertility, at least stronger than traditional soil.
Q:Coconut brick soil permeability is good, that also need to add vermiculite, perlite?
Coconut and coconut shell powder brick brick is flowers, gardening in the excellent new excellent soilless culture, compression block with high temperature and high pressure treatment is made, free of pests, clean, environmental protection, the compression ratio is 800-900%, the matrix a coconut with about 8-9 liters. Before use, should be disposed of coconut husk, with hard water soaking in north of China, the dissolved coconut husk containing sodium chloride, rinse with pure water, until the leaching out of the water EC value and a EC value close to pure water so far.
Q:How to use flower vermiculite?
Vermiculite is a mica material formed when the silicate material is heated at high temperature. During the heating process, the moisture content of the silicate material is rapidly lost and expanded, and the volume after expansion is 15 times the original volume. Thus, the aeration pore and water holding capacity of the substance are increased.

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