medical aluminium foil vc glue

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Product Description:

Quick Details

  • Main Raw Material:syntetic resin

  • Usage:Packing, medical

  • Model Number:880

  • COLOR:primrose yellow

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Package: 18kg/ barrel; 180kg/barrel
Delivery Detail:within one week after received deposit


The Property:
Appearance: primrose liquid
Solid contents: (25+2) %
Viscosity: 70-80 seconds (measured by NO. 4 cup, 23 Celsiu

Medical Aluminum Foil VC Glue

The Property:

Appearance: primrose liquid

Solid contents: (25+2) %

Viscosity: 70-80 seconds (measured by NO. 4 cup, 23 Celsius degree)

The Feature:

  1. Suitable to glue the aluminum foil with PVC by hot melting.

  2. Coating amount is 3 gram each square meter. Heat sealing strength reaches up to 9N/15mm.

  3. The oxides produced meet Chinas national standards.

The Usage:

  1. To dilute, ethyl acetate or butanone is recommended to use.

  2. The viscosity is diluted according to the equipment and coating amount.

  3. Complete drying is required when coating, in order that the solvent can be volatilized completely or without residual. The appropriate drying temperature is 180 centigrade (10 seconds), to get the best bonding.

Storage: Preserve in a cool and dry place. Use up within one year.

Package: 18kg/ barrel; 180kg/barrel.

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