mechanical greatwall double clipper series

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Automatic Double Clipper JCK series built with the Japan Panasonic servo motor as the drive system, the man-machine interface from Taiwan and the Japan Mitsubishi PLC. It is designed with the state-of-the-art forced wire-feed mechanism, featuring precise and clear action.

    Ranked as Top Leader in China in terms of productivity and equipment faults.
    Tough stainless steel Design construction guarantee extensive machine life.
    Ensures resistance to aggressive cleaning.
    Controlled electronically via a PLC and servo-frequency inverter.
    Easy touch means simple and convenient machine operation.
    Friendly user interface makes the machine control easier.
    Operator is quided intuitively through the flat menu structure with informative   and can easily control the complete machine at the touch of a finger.
    Programs set of parameters easily managed screen and settings speed up product change rapidly.   

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Q:What are the disadvantages of spiral conveyors in food processing machinery compared with those of belt conveyors and bucket conveyors?
All kinds of conveyors have the use of various conveyors, there is no drawback, but the appropriate inappropriate problem, the screw conveyor is mainly suitable for conveying large items.
Q:What is the role of food machinery and equipment in ensuring food quality and safety?
In food production and processing, there are many factors affecting its quality, among which the most important factor is from various pollution. How to solve the problem of pollution is an important aspect to ensure the quality of food. Food machinery and equipment play an important role in ensuring the quality of food.Food machinery and equipment for the effective prevention and control of pollution in the process of production, the first food processing machinery itself does not produce pollution, will not cause pollution to the environment; second no cross contamination; third reduced food and direct contact with the opportunity to reduce the sources of pollution.Food quality control, the key lies in the control of the production process, food machinery and equipment to ensure the production in the process of purification, isolation, on-line cleaning and sterilization, on-line monitoring and control and safety protection.
Q:What kind of machines do you need to buy a small meat processing plant?
1. salted bacon productsEquipment or facilities such as material selection, dressing, batching, pickling and packing shall be provided. The production of meat class should also have the drying and baking equipment or facilities; production of raw sausage should also have filling equipment or production facilities; Chinese class should also have the sausage filling, drying and baking equipment or production facilities; China ham should also have the fermentation and drying equipment or facilities.2. cooked meat productsEquipment or facilities such as material selection, dressing, batching, cooking and packaging shall be provided. The production of dried meat floss class should also have frying equipment or facilities; production class should also have jerky baking equipment or facilities; production of cake, jellied meat should also have class molding equipment or facilities; the production of fried meat should also have fried equipment or facilities.
Q:Domestic food processing machinery
Food processing equipment is not the big part of the cost, it is the mainstay of product quality.
Q:Does the food machine require a production license?
Food machinery does not require a production permit.
Q:Can Teflon be used in food processing equipment?
FDA certified can be used in food processing, but ultra high molecular polyethylene used in food processing equipment, the effect will be better than teflon!
Q:Industrial and commercial electric heating food processing equipment, including water purifiers?
Food and beverage; purified water equipment; process principleThe purity of water produced by RO reverse osmosis technology is the highest in all the water control technologies possessed by mankind at present, and the cleanliness is almost 100%. Our company adopts the imported equipment in France. After the switch on, the equipment can realize the function of automatic film flushing, and the washing time can be adjusted for 2-10 minutes. The device has a waste water return device, which can be used for two times to improve water utilization and save water cost. Low voltage protection system, when the source water pressure is not enough or passive water, the equipment will stop automatically and protect the high pressure pump and equipment safety.
Q:Want to do food processing and machining, do not know what to do, there are any good projects and suggestions?
Advantages: 1, good job (regardless of men and women), as long as they are food enterprises, testers or quality control companies will have job hopping every year. The premise of this finding is that enterprises must recruit people2, inspector or quality management recruitment degree, usually in college, secondary school also, of course, some undergraduates will do, this education requirements are not too high3, work stability, as long as you want to seriously do, leadership will pay attention to
Q:Food machinery materials can be used by those
Because the surface of the metal is corroded and then contacted with the food, it is contaminated with food. Therefore, in the design of food machinery, the metal materials which are contacted with food are used to Srainless.steel.
Q:Several kinds of new food processing machinery
Mobile fruit and vegetable juicer: developed by Shaanxi Yangling Hongsangguo Food Technology Co. Ltd., this equipment solves the problem of kiwi fruit, mulberry, strawberry, cherry berry in areas not nearby processing. The whole vehicle includes cleaning, juice extraction, separation, enzyme inactivation, pasteurization, high temperature instantaneous sterilization, aseptic filling, automatic control, and temporary storage of finished products. This set of equipment considering field operations and mobile features, the overall structure with a low hanging gap or hanging back structure, relying on its own chassis and a walking device in a non working state, manual forklift can be installed in the power car long-distance transportation.

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