mechanical greatwall double clipper series

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Automatic Double Clipper JCK series built with the Japan Panasonic servo motor as the drive system, the man-machine interface from Taiwan and the Japan Mitsubishi PLC. It is designed with the state-of-the-art forced wire-feed mechanism, featuring precise and clear action.

    Ranked as Top Leader in China in terms of productivity and equipment faults.
    Tough stainless steel Design construction guarantee extensive machine life.
    Ensures resistance to aggressive cleaning.
    Controlled electronically via a PLC and servo-frequency inverter.
    Easy touch means simple and convenient machine operation.
    Friendly user interface makes the machine control easier.
    Operator is quided intuitively through the flat menu structure with informative   and can easily control the complete machine at the touch of a finger.
    Programs set of parameters easily managed screen and settings speed up product change rapidly.   

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Q:Classification of food machinery
Food machineryA. food processor1. sugar machinery2. tobacco processing machinery3. soft drinks processing machinery4. pastry processing machinery5. candy processing machinery6. soybean processing machinery7. fruit processing machinery8. vegetable processing machinery9. slaughtering machinery10. meat processing machinery11. dairy processing machinery12., egg products processing horizontal machine13. salt making machinery14. alcohol equipment15. additives processing equipment16. grease deep processing machinery17. canned food processing machinery18. convenient food processing machinery19. grain processing machinery20 transport vehicles and equipment
Q:Food processing equipment where relatively reliable ah?
Food processing machinery must ask for reliable quality and safety, green, and after-sales service is also very important ah!
Q:Industrial and commercial electric heating food processing equipment, including water purifiers?
Food and beverage; purified water equipment; process principleThe purity of water produced by RO reverse osmosis technology is the highest in all the water control technologies possessed by mankind at present, and the cleanliness is almost 100%. Our company adopts the imported equipment in France. After the switch on, the equipment can realize the function of automatic film flushing, and the washing time can be adjusted for 2-10 minutes. The device has a waste water return device, which can be used for two times to improve water utilization and save water cost. Low voltage protection system, when the source water pressure is not enough or passive water, the equipment will stop automatically and protect the high pressure pump and equipment safety.
Q:Do the food processing officials have any requirements for the equipment?
No, the site selection is very important. It is related to whether you can get the production permit 1. The location is: 50 meters away from the pollution source. Garbage stations, hospitals, chemical sites, paint processing and so on.
Q:What is the role of food machinery and equipment in ensuring food quality and safety?
In food production and processing, there are many factors affecting its quality, among which the most important factor is from various pollution. How to solve the problem of pollution is an important aspect to ensure the quality of food. Food machinery and equipment play an important role in ensuring the quality of food.Food machinery and equipment for the effective prevention and control of pollution in the process of production, the first food processing machinery itself does not produce pollution, will not cause pollution to the environment; second no cross contamination; third reduced food and direct contact with the opportunity to reduce the sources of pollution.Food quality control, the key lies in the control of the production process, food machinery and equipment to ensure the production in the process of purification, isolation, on-line cleaning and sterilization, on-line monitoring and control and safety protection.
Q:The difference between principles of food engineering and principles of food processing
The relation between two principles of food engineering and food processing principle:The principle of food engineering principle including food processing, food engineering is a general term of a field, which involves a wide range, mainly from the perspective of the principle of mechanical principle, and the principle of food processing is a branch, mainly as a starting point to consider the nature of food processing operations.Related food majors, such as food science and engineering, or the specialty of food quality and safety, all of these two courses may be related to the principles of learning.
Q:Does the food machine require a production license?
Food machinery does not require a production permit.
Q:What are the plastic materials used in food processing machinery?
For general machinery, axles and wheels are made of nylon, containers are PP and PE, and heat resistant is ptfe.
Q:Food machinery materials can be used by those
Considering the cost and health point of use of nonmetallic materials, other materials can be used instead of stainless steel, now suitable material is polypropylene (pp.polypropylene) which is a polymer material (- CH3, CH - N) is a crystalline plastics, its mechanical properties such as strong rigidity, hardness, elastic modulus other than a non-toxic plastic polyethylene, it also has excellent heat resistance, in the absence of external force, heating to 150 DEG C is commonly used in plastic deformation, only can withstand high temperatures, materials. Compared with stainless steel, it has the advantages of corrosion resistance and cost, but stainless steel is not as good as stress and surface hardness. Many parts of the food machinery can be used instead of stainless steel. In addition, in contact with food may also consider the use of ceramics and other materials.
Q:What are the energy saving measures in the process of food machinery and equipment?
After the use of mechanical equipment, timely cleaning and power failure, to ensure that no food debris in the equipment, resulting in the use of failures and standby power consumption.

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