mechanical greatwall double clipper series

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Automatic Double Clipper JCK series built with the Japan Panasonic servo motor as the drive system, the man-machine interface from Taiwan and the Japan Mitsubishi PLC. It is designed with the state-of-the-art forced wire-feed mechanism, featuring precise and clear action.

    Ranked as Top Leader in China in terms of productivity and equipment faults.
    Tough stainless steel Design construction guarantee extensive machine life.
    Ensures resistance to aggressive cleaning.
    Controlled electronically via a PLC and servo-frequency inverter.
    Easy touch means simple and convenient machine operation.
    Friendly user interface makes the machine control easier.
    Operator is quided intuitively through the flat menu structure with informative   and can easily control the complete machine at the touch of a finger.
    Programs set of parameters easily managed screen and settings speed up product change rapidly.   

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Food processing machinery must ask for reliable quality and safety, green, and after-sales service is also very important ah!
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At present, China has not yet formed its own food processing and packaging machinery product system, the majority of food machinery manufacturing enterprises to primary and small products based, some large machinery products are basically dependent on imports. China's food processing and packaging equipment mostly has entered the replacement period, food processing enterprises in China is only 1/4 of the introduction of technology and transformation, the majority of enterprises are still in the manual and semi mechanized processing conditions, to introduce foreign advanced technology and equipment, a huge business opportunities.
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Advantages: 1, good job (regardless of men and women), as long as they are food enterprises, testers or quality control companies will have job hopping every year. The premise of this finding is that enterprises must recruit people2, inspector or quality management recruitment degree, usually in college, secondary school also, of course, some undergraduates will do, this education requirements are not too high3, work stability, as long as you want to seriously do, leadership will pay attention to

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