Meat grinder for medium

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Meat grinder for medium


*220-240V, 50/60Hz, 600W ,

*Multi-function: meat grinder for coarse/medium/fine grind

*On/Off/Reverse/Reset switch, safety circuit breaker to prevent motor burn out

*ABS housing, removable stainless steel tray and grind head, durable stainless steel cutting blade

*Easy to use and cleaning, compact design for convenient storage

*Power efficiency and stable performane, low-noise operation

*Various type of motor can be changeable to meet different performance

*VDE two round plug with power cord 1.2m

*3pcs metal cutting plate, food pusher, sausage sdapter, kibbe attachment.

DimensionsPCS/CTNN.W.(kg)G.W.(kg)QTY /20'GPQTY /40'GPQTY/40'HQ
30.5*25.7*2552.5*32*51.54pcs13.00 14.50 1344pcs2720pcs3320pcs

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Q:Soybean milk machine, VS juicer, VS fruit juice machine, that is more practical
How to put it? Soybean milk machine is not squeezed juice, it can only be broken fruit, and soya bean milk machine to play fruit must be added water (up and down the water level line, with the same as soybean milk). After drinking water, it doesn't taste as much as eating fruit. In addition to the Soybean Milk machine big fruit with fruit sliced bean so big
Q:Separate Juicer juice and dregs not to discharge
I suggest you use a blender. Because a lot of nutrients are not in the juice, and a lot of fiber in the slag, I suggest you choose multi-functional food processing machine. This can be separated from the juice residue, and can be stirred, because, for example, such as bananas, fruit, there is no juice, it can only stir.
Q:The difference between juicer and soybean milk machine
The soybean milk machine is generally pressed after the automatic heating, boiling, after the completion of direct drinking, it is more convenient. In the procurement of such goods, you may pay attention to the brand name is not necessarily good, nor is it necessarily expensive, but in fact the principle is the same, the key is to compare the quality of the material, and the quality of after-sale goods.
Q:The effect of the juice extractor is too bad, and the juice is layered and not good to drink
Food processor, many people control this machine, also known as juicer, strictly speaking, it should be called food processor or mixer, when used, need to add water. It works by rotating the blade at the bottom of the mixing cup at high speed and breaking the food repeatedly under the action of water. Advantages: low price, easy to clean, can process a variety of food.Disadvantages: the need to use water to squeeze juice, can only stir the fruit and vegetable paste.
Q:Is the juicer the same as the soybean milk machine? Which one is cheaper?
Yes, but the juicer and the soymilk machine are definitely different. If you want to buy, now many soybean milk machine can be used to squeeze juice, one machine dual-use, you can go and see. It may be a little expensive, but it won't be too much, but it's a few hundred dollars too
Q:Fruit juice machine can not squeeze what fruit, fruit juice machine is not a cooking machine
Single function juice extractor (also called fruit juice machine)Functional analysis:Make pure fruit juice. After starting the machine, the motor drives the knife net to rotate at high speed. The fruit and vegetables to the knife net from the feeding port, the knife will cut broken net spiked vegetable, the centrifugal force generated in the high-speed operation of the knife net under the action of Zhafei fruit knife into slag and juice boxes, piercing knife net inflow juice cup.
Q:Juice can not replace the egg machine
No, because the egg beater needs continuous work, and the juicer doesn't work continuously. He works automatically for more than a minute and automatically cuts off the power. Because its motor is high speed motor, no fan cooling, when the temperature is too high, the motor temperature sensor will work, cut off the power supply, play the role of protecting the motor.
Q:Own home with Juicer juice, do not know how to match well
All I know is that lemon doesn't mix with carrots, but white radish is not clearTomato + celery + lemon juice] this vegetable juice is a healthy drink to help you lose weight. [orange + carrot] beauty remove spot, lower cholesterol. Note: it's better to separate the juice and then drink it. [Kiwi + Apple + Mint Leaves] nursed back to the skin, nourishing and whitening, reducing wrinkles.
Q:Part of the recipe for a juicer
Practice:Wash and peel the two apples readyOnce ready, place the diced diced apples (2 cm square) into the mixing cupThen pour into the purified water, the water is not over fruit block is appropriateStir for about 30 seconds and pour into the containerIn accordance with individual preferences, add appropriate ice cubes, honey (or sucrose), milk effect:Pineapple sweet, sour, slightly cold, with heat, thirst, diuresis effect, can be used in the summer heat, body heat thirst, stomach distention, dyspepsia, urination, dizziness and other symptoms. What's more, in fruit juice, it also contains an enzyme similar to gastric juice, which breaks down proteins and helps digestion.
Q:What can I do if I don't drink very well?. Juice machine fried out of taste is better than eating directly, annoying ah!
Orange Juice: summer drinking solution quenching thirst, help eliminate fatigue. Strengthens the blood vessel, reduces the capillary fragility, prevents the capillary hemorrhage, the stomach intestines to inflate, to promote the digestion. It also helps prevent colds and coughs. Watermelon Juice: watermelon contains a lot of water, a variety of amino acids and sugar, heat Jieshu Jiapin is clear. It can also cure throat and mouth infections, and is also a lifesaver for urinary tract infections and dry stools. Apple juice: the attraction of apple juice lies in its intelligence and memory. In addition, the apple stomach, diarrhea, catharsis, can eliminate fatigue, it is rich in potassium can integrate excess sodium in the body to make it out of the body, it also has antihypertensive effect.

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