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E.S Optical Edge Finder


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Q:When using the guide rail and the slider, there are two kinds of rails and sliders, interchangeability and non interchangeability.
The interchangeability of sliding blocks between different rails is called interchangeability
Q:Which brand is better for domestic linear guide?
The average number used now is made in Taiwan.
Q:The problem of uneven spacing between the supports of elevator rails
The guide rail is five meters a two guide rails have a connection port GB is the distance between rail supports no more than 2500MM so as long as no more than 2500 stents do not hit the port can support must be fixed in the beam concrete brick can be used if it is satisfied if the screw through the wall please give points ah typing is not easy to answer no problem I installed lift 8 years to sell now
Q:CNC lathe guide and how to select the screw, to be detailed!
1) compared with the sliding screw, the driving torque is 1/3Because there are many ball bearings between the screw shaft of the ball screw pair and the silk mother, the rolling motion can be achieved, so the higher movement efficiency can be obtained. Compared with the past sliding screw pair, the drive torque is less than 1/3, that is, the power required to achieve the same movement result is the 1/3 of the rolling screw pair. It's very helpful in saving electricity.2) high accuracy guaranteeThe ball screw is for mechanical equipment made in Japan, the world's highest level of coherence produced, especially in grinding, assembly, inspection of the operations of the factory environment, carry out strict control of temperature and humidity, due to the improvement of the quality management system to guarantee the accuracy.3) micro feed possibleBecause of the ball motion, the starting torque of the ball screw pair is very small, and the crawling phenomenon like sliding motion can not occur, and the accurate micro feed can be ensured.4) no backlash, high rigidityThe ball screw can be added to the pressure, pressure due to the axial clearance can reach negative, then get high rigidity (ball screw in the ball through to add to the pressure in the actual use mechanical devices, because the ball screw can make the repulsion of the rigidity of the Department of enhancement).5) high speed feed possibleBecause of the high efficiency and small heating, the ball screw can achieve high speed feed (movement).
Q:Which brand is straight rail?
Personally think that (QTWSTAR), on the mainland is also famous, if the price is not high to think, brand is not that good, that is not good, a little of the brand is the most important brand product quality is relatively stable, will not change. Specific depends on which machine is suitable for use
Q:35mm how many screws are used to install the guide rail?
If it is a linear guide rail, 35 of the guide holes are: bore diameter 14, depth 12, through hole 9
Q:How to determine the mounting position of the guide bracket?
In determining the position of the guide bracket at the same time, but also consider the rail connection plate (link plate) and rail bracket).Guide (TTW): metal or other materials made of grooves or ridges, can withstand, fixed, and guide the movement of devices or equipment, and reduce its friction of a device. A longitudinal groove or ridge on the surface of a guide, used for guiding and fixing machine parts, special equipment, instruments, etc.. The guide rail, also known as linear guide, linear slide rail, for linear reciprocating movement, linear bearings have higher than the rated load, and can bear a certain torque, can achieve high precision linear motion under high load. The main rail is divided into two major categories: roller guides and ball bearings.
Q:Linear guide, exchange and non exchange type which is good, for example, to ensure the accuracy of reliability for long? What kind of swaps do you mean?
Normally, some high precision line rails are not recommended because of the high precision of the swap, after rail and slide fine separately, but the price may be higher, swap refers to the slide on the guide rail can be interchanged freely, because good manufacturers are standardized production, so to meet the accuracy requirements, track and block dimensions are basically the same, can meet the requirements of the exchange, with the specific problem can ask me.
Q:What lubricant does the ink jet printer run with?
Just spray it with WD40.WD-40 literally means "Water, Displacement, 40th, attempt", WD-40's W stands for water, D stands for elimination, and 40 stands for fortieth attempts.The six functions and applications of WD-40:1) clean: WD-40 has a strong permeability and metal surface affinity, and can completely remove adhesion to metal surface of oil, dirt, dust and other attachments.2) dehumidification: WD-40 permeability strong (stronger than water), but also have a good serve affinity with the metal surface, which can penetrate into the internal metal pores, forming a layer of only 0.0028-0.0076 mm compact protective film, effectively eliminate the metal surface and nonporous internal moisture and moisture.3) lubrication: WD-40 can be evenly distributed on the surface of metal parts, penetrate into the tight metal friction pairs, eliminate the noise between metal links, and maintain its flexible operation. It is proud that the WD-40 is lubricated with no ash, thus adhering to the metal surface for long lubrication.4) permeability rust: WD-40 permeability strong, able to penetrate into the metal surface and inside the pores, but also has excellent solubility for rust particles corrosion deposits, to break the bond between the particles, the rust deposits fall off easily.5) rust: WD-40 and metal surface has a strong affinity, and strong permeability (stronger than water), was able to penetrate into the metal capillary internal moisture and moisture removal, forming a layer of only 0.0025-0.0076 mm compact protective film, to keep moisture and air, achieve long-term antirust effect.6) conductivity: WD-40 itself is a highly insulator, but it can eliminate electrical equipment contact due to oxide film or impurities caused by the current, voltage stability, promote the smooth.
Q:How do I know the maximum static friction force of sliding rail?
You need to understand the definition of maximum static friction: the frictional force that occurs in static friction is called static friction. When the tangential force increases gradually, but the two object remains relatively static, the static friction increases with the increase of the tangential external force, but the increase of the static friction force can only reach a maximum. When the magnitude of the tangential force is greater than this maximum, the two object will slip from relative stillness into relative sliding. The maximum of the static friction force is called the maximum static friction force". This limit friction is expressed in terms of F maximum. The maximum static friction force is proportional to the positive pressure N between the contact surfaces of the two bodies:F0max = 0NThe maximum static friction force is expressed by f0max, and N is the positive pressure. The scale constant 0 is called the static friction coefficient. It is a numerical value without a unit. 0 is related to the material, smoothness, roughness and dry wet condition of the contact surface, but it is independent of the size of the contact surface.
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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang,China
Year Established 2010
Annual Output Value US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Main Markets North America 9.41
South America 5.88%
Eastern Europe 10.59%
Southeast Asia 4.29%
Africa 6.06%
Oceania 5.88%
Mid East 4.88%
Eastern Asia 5.12%
Western Europe 8.24%
Central America 5.06%
Northern Europe 12.94%
Southern Europe 7.94%
South Asia 10.18%
Domestic Market 3.53%
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Sydney,Angeles,Singapore
Export Percentage 61% - 70%
No.of Employees in Trade Department Above 50 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Below 1,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered
Product Price Range High and/or Average