Measuring And Computer Inputting Cable for the computers、inspection appliance and instruments

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    It is suitable for the computersinspection  appliance and instruments with rated voltage up to 300/500V. This  product presents an excellent performance in high frequency locations.

Type and designation



Number of pairs

Nominal cross section









Note: recommended number of pair  23457810121416192427304448




1Good transfer ability of signals.

2Cable  with shield is lightning-proof and electromagnetism resistant. It is  also has the anti-jamming capacity between the conductors.

3You  should connect the ends of the shield to the earth when you are  installing the cable with shield. Make sure that do not break and loosen  the shield, otherwise the capacity of the shield will reduce very  heavily.

4It can maintain its anti-jamming capacity in various of frequency locations, even when the frequency is changing.

Cable  with shield is lightning-proof and electromagnetism resistant. It is  also has the anti-jamming capacity between the conductors.

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Q:Where can I buy a cable winch that is AC powered?
Go on-line and look up Northern Tool. They have just about everything including an electric cable winch. Speaking of winches, do you want my ex, she has no power at all.
Q:How to know if power supply has the right cables?
Do your research.
Q:Power cable for PNY GeForce GTX 550Ti?
Depends - what are your system specs? Impossible for people to help you when we don't even know what hardware you're running. Don't ruin your new graphics card by putting it ; 1. On a power supply without enough wattage to handle it, and 2. On a power supply that didn't come with cables for a graphics card. Chances are you should invest in a bigger power supply. I would recommend at least 550w for a GTX550Ti. I recommend Corsair and XFX power supplies, as well as Seasonic.
Q:How to test internet cable through home power plug, stead of internet tester?
DO NOT DO IT! = Household power is deadly! - At least, household power will fry cables anything connected.
Q:Kärcher 670m power cable is stuck and doesn't pull itself back inside?
Throw the piece of crap away. Just kidding, but it wouldn't make sense to take it to a repair shop when you could buy a new one for $100 bucks. Just roll the cord up when your finished using it.
Q:**power cable trouble****?
that's odd. a power wire is way too big to burn and lose conductivity. no way, not on car amperage. u can look up any manufacturer dealer authorized electronics shop, or any electronics shop and have them bench test the amp to be safe. My guess is the conductivity of the power wire is compromised. look at the battery terminal connections, remove and clean them. maybe burnt. this is odd. seriously I installed many systems and I have sparked and no issues. also shorted battery ( i doubt) and as the man above says, main fuse / relay
Q:A power supply cable is brakes during heavy storm and falls on the ground. Bear approach gets shocked becauase
a. The bear has completed a circuit between the cable and the ground. Electrical current takes the path of least resistance and will flow through him rather than through the air which has a low conductance. Since the bear has a resistance the electrical energy will do work (the energy it takes to move electrons from one potential to another) to over come his resistance and some of the energy will be transferred to heat. This is why people who are electrocuted will burn from the inside out.
Q:GeForce GTX 460 power cables?
If your power supply doesn't have a single PCIe Power Connector or 2 standard MOLEX(4pin) connectors to attach the adapter to I'm sure your way under powering your card. especially if your computer isn't a gaming rig or self built it probably only came with nearly the minimum power supply needed for the OEM parts already installed.
Q:why use of black color for electrical Power cables ?
Electrical cables are made in all colors. The black is least expensive.
Q:Xbox One Power Cable Box Is REALLY Loud?
Why would the power cable make noise? It's just a cable.

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