Measuring And Computer Inputting Cable for the computers、inspection appliance and instruments

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    It is suitable for the computersinspection  appliance and instruments with rated voltage up to 300/500V. This  product presents an excellent performance in high frequency locations.

Type and designation



Number of pairs

Nominal cross section









Note: recommended number of pair  23457810121416192427304448




1Good transfer ability of signals.

2Cable  with shield is lightning-proof and electromagnetism resistant. It is  also has the anti-jamming capacity between the conductors.

3You  should connect the ends of the shield to the earth when you are  installing the cable with shield. Make sure that do not break and loosen  the shield, otherwise the capacity of the shield will reduce very  heavily.

4It can maintain its anti-jamming capacity in various of frequency locations, even when the frequency is changing.

Cable  with shield is lightning-proof and electromagnetism resistant. It is  also has the anti-jamming capacity between the conductors.

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Q:question about sub amplifier power cable?
No you can't use the radio power wire to power your amplifier. That circuit wasn't designed to carry the amount of power you'll be needing. As for getting through the firewall, generally you don't need to drill a hole. There are several holes already you can use. Find where the wire harness crosses the firewall from engine side to the cabin. Or in some cars there are circular rubber plugs in the firewall that you can run cable through. Search forums about your car to see if you can find where other people ran their power cables. In any case you need to make sure you run a dedicated, properly fused, properly sized wire. Otherwise you'll blow fuses or burn your car down.
Q:power cable for internal dvd player?
these are smaller than the normal power connector thats used for hard drive. take a pic or take it to ur local pc-mart outlet store and ask them for one... they are readiy available. you may need one that piggy backs off the existing molex power supply.
Q:What kind of power cable would be suitable for my lcd monitor?
notice the info to the left of the port this is importent take this info with you when you look for one of these
Q:video card upgrade, power cable too short?
Not sure what you are referring to here. But you should be able to find a power cable long enough at Wal-mart or maybe a flea market or even a yard sale.I've seen them at Salvation Army and Providence Ministries that sell all kinds of stuff.
Q:Power cable fuse to amp keeps blowing?
Look at your previous question. I told you what it probably is. Either you have strand(s) of power wire stick out somewhere and touching something it shouldn't be touching. Or. You tapped the power wire on something during removal and cooked the amps power supply. The current flow from a shorted circuit gets very hot, very fast.
Q:Do I need an extra power cable for a sata hdd and my dvd burner?
also to add in for the power connector. check the back of you HDD to see if it has the dual power connector on the back. i have seen alot of them with both a standard IDE connector and a sata connector choice for giving it power. i put a WD sata 80 gig in my girlfriends with the dual set-up. nothing in the system was sata till i got ahold of it. put a sata card in with the drive and the 7200rpm's made the 1100 athlon alot faster.
Q:what are the 2 cables for on a sata drive?
There's a third connector you might have noticed, which is the jumper pin settings. You don't need to play with that -- the jumper pins are there for you to set your hard drive into 1.5 GB and 3.0 GB speed modes. By default, it's set to 3.0 GB. You change it to 1.5 GB if your motherboard demands it.
Q:Buy new power cable? or adapter?
If the power cord is rated 125v and you run 24v through it, it could fry everything. Call the manufacturer and get their recommendations.
Q:Emergency cable T-box and cable distribution box of the information?
1 Ordinary distribution box There is no switch device in the general distribution box
Q:I just bought a 47inch LCD 1080p flat panel T.V. I bought nothing extra for it what else do i need?
cable or direct TV you need a new converter box. I have cable and it is $5 a month more. Lady at work has Direct TV adn the box is $100 a year more. It has many more cable connections to the back to the Tv and does improve the quality and picture. Power strip option. You can but I do not..... Good luck.

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