ME Series CNC Machining Center Modle:ME745

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Product Description:

cnc milling machine price



X axis travel/mm


Y axis travel/mm


Z axis travel/mm


Spindle nose to table surface/mm


Spindle nose to column surface/mm



Table size/(L*W)


Max load on the table/kg


T-slot size/mm



Spindle speed/rpm


Spindle taper/spindle shank

7/24 Taper BT40

Max spindle inner diameter/mm


Spindle motor/kw


Feed rate

X,Y,Z rapid traverse/M/min


Max cutting feed rate(M/min)


Guide rail types

Linear guide rails


Tool storage capacity/pc

Arm type 24

Max tool diameter(adjacent tools)/mm


Max tool length/mm


Max tool weight/kg


Tool change time(T-T)/sec



Repeatability positioning accuracy/mm


Positioning accuracy/mm


Machine size

Space requirement(L*W)


Machine height/mm


Net machine weight/kg


Power requirement/KVA


Air pressure/kg/cm2


X.Y.Z axis Drive motor/kw


Control system

Siemens 808D

Machine Configuration

1.Control system: Siemens 808D

2.Arm type A.T.C system(24 tools)

3.Chain type chip removal system

4.heat exchanger

5.triaxial screw rod with function of pre-pull

6.automacti lubrication system alarm lamps

8.rigid tapping

9.steel telescopic covers for guide rails

10.dirt-proof electrical cabinet

11.paralell and tool box

12.220/380v,50HZ transformer

13.belt-type 8000 rpm spindle, 7/24 Taper BT40 ,

14.spindle blowing device

15.fully enclosed splash guard

16.device for clamping/releasing tool

17.cutting fluid system

18.Linear guide rails

cnc milling machine price

Main components supplier

1.controller: Siemens 808D controller from German

2.spindle motor: Mengde from Guangzhou

3.x. y. z axis motor: Mige servo motor from Hangzhou

4.spindle bearing: NSK (P4 grade) from Japan

5.x, y, z axis bearings: NSK (P4 grade) from Japan

6.x, y, z axis ball screw: HIWIN(C 3 grade) from Taiwan

7.spindle: Kenturn brand from China Taiwan

8.A.T.C: made in China Taiwan

9.cylinder: made in China Taiwan

10.heat exchanger: made in China Taiwan


cnc milling machine price

1.CNC Controller, FANUC, Mitsubishi,Siemens.

2.Add 4th or 5th axis.

3.With or Without A.T.C System.

4.Spindle speed 10000rpm

5.Spindle Oil cooler.

6.Any more demands are available.


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