MCR type Arc suppression auto tracking compensation device of3800Kvar/66Kv

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MCR type Arc suppression auto trackingcompensation device of3800Kvar/66Kv

MCR-SVC which is co-developed by Dandong Xintai Electric Co., Ltd. and Wuhan University isan important scientific research result of state grid. Its performance has come to or surpassed the same kind ofproducts overseas and its technology has come to the world’s advanced level.The product has been being developed from 1990s to now, and it has been putinto wide use in metallurgy, state grid, electrified railway, coal system and other important fields.

Three majorindicators of voltage, reactive power and harmonic wave in power system arecrucial for the economic benefits of power grid and the improvement of thequality of power supply. The using of new-type MCR-SVC controls the three majorindicators of voltage, reactive power and harmonic wave ideally and ensures thequality of power supply. It is the critical technical breakthrough of our stategrid system and realizes the target of saving energy and reducing pollutantsdischarge of power supply of state grid. It is a kind of environment-friendlyand intellective new-type reactive power compensation product.

The product has theadvantages of small output harmonic waves, simple structures, highreliabilities, low prices, small floor space and so on. And it also has theadvantages of flexible control and fast response time. These can not onlyadjust smoothly the reactive power of system to realize the real flexibletransmission but also suppress the power frequency overvoltage and secondaryarc current to reduce line losses. And the advantages largely improve thestability and economy of system.

At present,7500 kvar/10kv MCR produced by our company has already been put into usein Mongolia. 20000 kvar /66kv and 12000 kvar /10kv as wellas other series products have also been put into operation in North-east Gridand Shenhua Group in Inner Mongolia.20000 kvar /66kv MCR and 3800 kvar/66kV magnetic-valve are-suppression coil are doing the Appraisal of National New Products now.

Thecompany has already possessed the ability to design, manufacture and test the seriesmagnetic-valve products of 30000 kvar and below.

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Ideally you want one common ground for everything. With multiple grounds, you might get voltage differences between ground points (if there are significant currents flowing) which can affect measurements. For noise isolation, some prefer to have separate grounds for power, analog and digital circuits which can be okay as long as you tie them together at a single-point ground.
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