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Product Description:


Determination for woven fabrics,knittedfabrics,pile fabrics coated fabrics properties and surface changes.

Application Range:

Determination for woven fabrics,knitted fabrics,pile fabrics coated fabrics and wear resistance of the non-woven fabrics pilling properties and surface changes.

Stander complaint:

GB/T 21196,GB/T 4802.2,GB/T 13775,FZ/T 20020,ISO 12945-2,ISO 12947

ASTM D4966,ASTM D4970,ASTM D3886,JIS L1096,IWS Tm196/ TM112


1.Stander Lissa Jous curve

2.Hammer and key components made of 304 stainless steel, beautiful appearance, durable

3.Plate using a special aluminum alloy ensure that long-term use is not deformed

4.Needle roller bearings connection drive to ensure that each bench test without error

5.Multiple sets can be present to run the program,a variety of counting methods(plus count up and down)

6.Four-independent cumulative count, single station can be locked at any time convenient test management

Technical Parameter:


2.Count range:0-99999 times

3.Maximum stroke: Horizontal: 60.5 ± 0.5mm, vertical: 24 ± 0.5mm

4.Pressurized material quality:

a, holder: 198 ± 2g

b, cloth sample weight: 395 ± 2g

c, furniture, decorations sample weight: 594 ± 2g

d, B-type holder: 155 ± 1g

e, stainless steel butterfly piece: 260 ± 1g

5. grinding block effective friction diameter:

A type 198g (1.96N) friction head Φ28.65 ± 0.05mm

B-155g (1.52N) friction head Φ90 ± 0.10mm

6.Holder and grinding units relative velocity: 50 ± 2r/min (20-70r/min adjustable)

7.Pressure mounted hammer-like quality: 2385 ± 10g


9.Power:Ac220V  50Hz  500W


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Q:How to determine the direction of centrifugal fan?
When the impeller is clockwise and the fan outlet is in the left to the vertical 90 degrees above the vertical blown gas called the right 90 degrees when the impeller is counterclockwise rotation and the fan outlet in the lower right to the horizontal direction when the gas is called left 0 degrees
Q:Is the fan pressure static pressure?
The full pressure is the algebra of static pressure and dynamic pressure: Pq = Pi ten Pb total pressure represents the total energy of l m3 gas. If the atmospheric pressure for the calculation of the starting point, it can be positive, it can be negative.
Q:What is the meaning of the acceleration of the axial fan?
Axial fan, that is, with the fan axis of the same direction of the air, such as fans, air conditioning fan is the axial flow mode fan
Q:What is the difference between an axial fan and a DC fan?
DC fan is through the input of DC power, so that the DC motor to drive the fan wheel rotation
Q:What is the working principle of centrifugal fans?
Centrifugal fan working principle and turbine compressor is basically the same, are due to low gas flow rate, the pressure change is not
Q:Why does the fan start the current?
The main structural components of the fan are impeller, housing, air inlet, bracket, motor, pulley, coupling, silencer, transmission (bearing) and so on.
Q:What is the fire axial fan?
4. According to the silencer classification of silencer fire high temperature smoke dedicated fan and non-silencer fire high temperature exhaust fan.
Q:What is the difference between a blower and a blower?
But the wind pressure is generally not large (I think about no more than 1KPa it). General use of building ventilation, boiler air supply and so on.
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Q:How to buy Reiter high-speed centrifugal fan?
The General large-scale fan widely used with the motor directly connected to the A, the large fan, and sometimes belt drive discomfort, and more to drive D, F drive. On the high temperature, dusty conditions, the transmission method should also consider the motor, bearing protection and cooling problems.

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