Maroon Color Sheepskin Rug from China Manufacture

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Product Description:

Sheepskin Carpet / Rug

Specification of our Sheepkin Carpet / Rug :

1) Material : pure Australian Sheepkin fur or pure New Zealand Sheepskin fur

2) Wool Length: 55-75mm

3)Size :  100*60cm OR 55X95cm OR Double /Quarto/Sexto/Octo Size or other customed size

4) Color : White , Beige , Yellow , Grey , Black , Brown , Blue , Green or other customed color

5) Package : 20-50pcs packed into one carton box. The carton box size is about 110cm x 57cm x 57cm or 20cm x 15cm x 15cm .

6) Usage: Home , Car

Advantages of our Sheepkin Carpet / Rug:

We have two kinds sheepskin carpet/rug , one is Australia Sheepkin Rug , another is Nealand Sheepskin Rug.

The Australia Sheepkin Rug is made of 100% pure sheepskin that is imported from Australia.

The New Zealand Sheepkin Rug is made of 100% pure sheepskin that is imported from New Zealand.

The wool of our sheepskin is extremely dense, which provides for a more comfortable and durable.

Pictures of our Sheepkin Carpet / Rug:







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Q:What color rug goes together with dark green and light purple?
i in my view like heat colorings. I even have brown fixtures and painted the partitions a paprika colour. No, it particularly is not any longer orange; i pick the colour very heavily to ward off this. seems great w/ a heat tan and olive (no longer sage) accessory colorings. very heat and comfortable and could no longer seem washed out in a room w/lots of organic solar. in spite of the fact that in case you do unlike green real olive is extremely diverse from sage and if used as an accessory colour basically, he might actual like it. confident, the crimson and sage component grow to be vast some years in the past, no lots any further. in case you stick w/yellow you may make it extra of a gold tone to soften and upload some intensity.
Q:candle wax & carpet!!!?
For candle wax. You can freeze it off. Take a can of keyboard cleaner or any canned air will do or even ice will work. Slowly spray the canned air on the wax or rub on the ice. Then when it's frozen just chip it away with a dull butter knife. This also works for bubble gum. Carpet cleaner for 13 years.
Q:what sort of rug do i get for floating a horse?
I live in Aus so floating a horse to me would be taking it somewhere. Dependent on how the horse is floating can determine the kind of rug. IE: i have an arab that will get on the float but he is a nervous wreck the whole trip. So i will generally put either a really thin cotton on if its a bit chilly or just float him naked because he sweats like a pig. We also have a quarterhorse that is not phased by the situation at all. So he can be in a rug that is a little thicker when it becomes colder, as we know he wont freak out and drip sweat. Hope it helped :)
Q:Need suggestion for a title for an article about rugs?
rug forrigno, rug munchah's you've got a nice rug rugs are hairy sometimes check these dirty rugs out! Who's rug was that last nigh pugs with rugs speakin' of rugs fun with rugs Your sun have a rug?
Q:how much to buy and install a carpet?
Depends on the cost of the carpet per yard which is how most carpet is sold. 12' x 12' is the equivalent of 16 yards of carpet, You also need to buy pad if the old pad is worn (its probably as worn as the carpet you are replacing), Go to your local carpet store and get per yard prices for the carpet you like. As a general rule, for the basic no frills in-stock Home Depot variety carpet, I would figure approximately $9-$10 per yard and about $2-3 per yard for pad (I know prices vary but thats a rough idea). Around $200. As for the installation - you will have to call around to find out the per yard price to install because it varies depending on where you are located.
Q:a good, orange, shag rug?
Hi, ... Hope this helps.
Q:who makes dreamweaver carpet?
Dreamweaver Carpet
Q:Paint and carpet brand?
I am a painting contractor who works exclusivley in the luxury home market and the paints we use for walls are benjamin moore regal or pratt and almpert accolade....for the woodwork it is benjamin moore satin impervo enamel....and 90% of the carpets in the homes I work in are Karistan..they are possibly the best brand out there.
Q:What are the possible origins of this wool rug?
It looks indian to me.

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