Marine engineering and ship anti-corrosion coating,Paint

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HANA Heavy-duty coatings originated from newmaterials research in aerospace industry. Test results from the nationalauthorities show that , our products have excellent performance in adhesion,acid, alkali and salt resistance, which are at a worldleading level. It has undertaken stringenttests and already been successfully used in the defense aerospace and heavychemical industry.

Marine facilities are far from inland , construction and maintenance work here are more stringent than that in the inland areas, a good anti-corrosion measure will greatly reduce maintenance costs in marine engineering.

HANA marine engineering coatings have past the toughest exposure test in the tropical oceans,conducted by China SASTINDTesting Center. Marine-related test items of Navy Paint Testing Center have also been past. All results show our products have world-leading performance.This product is suitable for offshore drilling platforms, ocean-going vessels, offshore steel structures,coastal steel structures and other marine corrosion environment.

Product Features

Resistant to sea shock

Strong weatherability

Excellent colour gloss retention

Excellent adhesion and anti – cont amination

Marine Engineering Anticorrosion Coating Index

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Q:The economic impact of dyes
At present, China's dye business has two things to be concerned about. First, strengthen the brand building, the development of specialty products. China's dye production accounts for more than 60% of world production, but the market share of less than 35%, a considerable number of OEM sales are only made in China, there is no Chinese brand. Due to the lack of brand, China is a big producer of dyes rather than power. In the face of the global financial crisis, the decline in purchasing power and the reduction in income demand for cheaper goods. So the crisis period, the demand for low-end products may be more stable. Cheap Chinese dye brands to the market will be more likely to be accepted and recognized. At the same time, we can also bargain-hunting acquisition of international brands to share or holding the way the Chinese brand has its own right to speak, pricing power.
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For the yellow powder and black powder can not be used together with the problem
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Get two buckets, one with soapy water (Dawn works well) and one with clean water. Then you will need a microfiber cloth for each bucket and a couple of clean, dry, old bath towels. Take your vacuum's dust brush and remove and dust, cob webs and such from the baseboards and around the ceiling. Getting these wet just makes your job harder. Starting at the top with your soapy water microfiber cloth that has been wrung out fairly well, wipe downwards in overlapping strokes. The microfiber cloths wipe much more efficiently than a sponge or a rag and get in those little dimples and such. Don't do more than you can get back over with the clean water cloth in a few minutes. Then go over the same area with the clean water cloth. Wipe dry or you may end up with water spotting. Keep moving down the wall and around the room. Change your water as soon as it starts to turn color. No sense in scrubbing with dirty water because all that will do is make your walls streaky. I'd hesitate to use the erasers on a painted surface. They are abrasive and will take the top layer of the paint off. You might end up with a spot that is going to require repainting. If any of the dirty spots don't come up, take some all purpose cleaner, spray, wait a minute and then scrub with the microfiber cloth. Rinse and wipe dry.
Q:What is the difference between paint and putty powder?
Putty powder is the end of the paint to make the finish
Q:It should not be able to heat the organic pigments will be decomposed
Studio printing mainly use pigment ink, or print. High cost of printing, but the best results.
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Dye: A colorant that is dissolved in organic or inorganic solvents, has a bright color, is well permeable to media (such as paper / cloth, etc.), but has a good light fastness / water resistance. / Diffusion / halo performance, can be flexible to play, to create a variety of special effects.
Q:paints or mustangs? which is better?
Paint: APHA (American Paint Horse Association) paints are not AQHA's. Pinto: Color/marking/grade paint marked horse Mustang: Hardy, short backed, tough, no pedigree since from wild breed. Which one would I want? Paint. People have idolized the Mustang like some do the Pit Bulls and Escalades and Hummers. I don't like things that everyone else is going ooooo I want one of those as it makes me feel like a 'monkey see monkey do' person :) That's me though. Mustangs are a nice little hardy horse. I cannot STAND it when people adopt them then breed them! GRRRRRRRRR
Q:White paint plus what will be more white
A small amount of fluorescent whitening agent can be used.
Q:Decoration, paint how to distinguish between paint and varnish?
Coated on the surface of the object can form a protective, decorative or special properties (such as insulation, corrosion, signs, etc.) of the solid-state coating of a class of liquid or solid material collectively. Most of the early to vegetable oil as the main raw material, it is known as paint. Now synthetic resin has been replaced by most or all of the vegetable oil, so called paint.

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