Manufacturers supply of YC3*16+1*6 rubber soft cable

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Product Description:

First, the applicable scope

This product is suitable for AC rated voltage 300/500V (or 450/750V) and the elevatorand lifting machinery and equipment such as power supply, power cables.

Two, the implementation of standards

GB/5023.6-1997 and supplementary requirements

Three, the use of property

1, the allowed working temperature of cable conductor can not exceed 70 DEG C,laying environment temperature not lower than 0 DEG C.

2, install the free hanging length less than 80m, the movement speed of no more than4m/s.

3, cable laying installation allowed bending radius should not less than 6 times of cablesmall side

Hisin garden on the wire and cable co., LTD. ( is located in fengxian district Yang Wang occurrence of town industrial park, has obtained CCC issued by the China quality certification center CQC certification and ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification, as well as industrial products production license. The company mainly produces new rainbow brand wire and cable products:

1 plastic copper wire (BV. BVR. RV. RVV. RVS. RVB. BVVB and derived type flame retardant fire-resistant environmental irradiation crosslinking type), JBF motor line. The JV

2 shielded wire - line (RVVP KVVRP and the ground split screen. Total screen),

3 high and low voltage power cables (VV. YJV. YJV22. ZR - VV. NH - YJV, etc.), line (HBVV. HRVV. Manufacuring HYA), cable (SYV. SYWV), etc., special type processing customized. Can be OEM processing.

4 rubber sets of cables (YH. YZ. YC. YCW. YZB bulkhead. JBQ. JXN. BXR. YCWP. Type electric hoist YR and waterproof JHS); Mine cable (MY. UCP contains models); High temperature wire (AGRP YGB)

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Q:What is the name of this pluggable trunking for this supermarket instead of wire?
Home improvement are generally used BV copper wire, rarely used multi-stranded.
Q:The name of the plastic rope of the wire when the computer is installed
What is the laying of the laying of living with iron pipe
Q:What is the impact of water in the buried pipe?
. if you do not want to destroy the tiles, then the first double-sided adhesive stickers, and then fixed with glass glue, glass gel dry after a very solid; . with a small size of the drill hole, from a distance to play a small Hole, and then fixed with a small screw. This method should remember to use a ceramic tile bit.
Q:Low smoke halogen-free flame retardant wire and cable material, can do with the production of PVC screw ah?
Or other operational errors or malfunctions Or you can call digital TV customer service phone, so that they check the set-top box Or your TV only one av, av2 is av output or in fact is the color interface For reference only, do not look at the instructions Or reliable professional technicians who contact TV repair, or warranty
Q:Computer cable for computer monitoring and control purposes
The model of the cable consists of eight parts: one, the use code - not marked as the power cable, K for the control cable, P for the signal cable; Second, the insulation code -Z oil-impregnated paper, X rubber, V PVC,
Q:What is the difference between cable KVV and VV?
KVVR cable is PVC insulated and sheathed control flexible cable, core number up to 64 cores. BVVR lightweight PVC sheathed flexible cable BVR is PVC insulated flexible wire BVV is a lightweight PVC sheathed cable, RVV light PVC sheathed cord, above are copper wire,
Q:What can I do with electrical engineering and automation? Do not be too professional terms
Cable to wear a metal tube is a fixed cable, the second is anti-interference, the third is the pressure, four is moisture. Because the cable is long and not often replaced, the metal conduit is designed to increase its life. Wire, then do not wear metal pipe first because the wire is mobile, and sometimes will be distorted and the like, so generally do not use metal.
Q:What are the reasons for the explosion of the cable?
Power lines laying, to stay away from the temperature of the affected area. Besides, the line laying, the general is not advocated to go to the ground, unless the construction of the building, the pipeline laying and construction of the simultaneous construction, laying in the cement, And you are laying the wire when the decoration, there is no way to lay the cement in the whole layer, only along the walls and ceiling laying.
Q:How to calculate the amount of cable works
Detailed information you can refer to 08X101-3 integrated wiring system engineering design and construction, "power engineering cable design specifications" GB-. 10kv and below substation design specifications GB-. general power distribution design specifications GB-. etc. These specifications, because you do not give detailed drawings, I do not know how many control terminals on your left and right sides, according to my understanding 3.5 meters should be a 5 * 2.5 cable, and 2.8 meters and 3.1 meters Paragraph should be separated from the 3.5-meter section of the loose line, if so you should be the amount of engineering is 3.5 + 3.1 (if it is 3.5 meters out of the line, then meet the requirements of the short, the short section is bound to meet).
Q:The difference between the power cable and the control cable
Is the outer wall of the pipe from the wall to open the wire tube groove surface is not less than 15mm

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