Manufacturers supply of YC3*16+1*6 rubber soft cable

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Product Description:

First, the applicable scope

This product is suitable for AC rated voltage 300/500V (or 450/750V) and the elevatorand lifting machinery and equipment such as power supply, power cables.

Two, the implementation of standards

GB/5023.6-1997 and supplementary requirements

Three, the use of property

1, the allowed working temperature of cable conductor can not exceed 70 DEG C,laying environment temperature not lower than 0 DEG C.

2, install the free hanging length less than 80m, the movement speed of no more than4m/s.

3, cable laying installation allowed bending radius should not less than 6 times of cablesmall side

Hisin garden on the wire and cable co., LTD. ( is located in fengxian district Yang Wang occurrence of town industrial park, has obtained CCC issued by the China quality certification center CQC certification and ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification, as well as industrial products production license. The company mainly produces new rainbow brand wire and cable products:

1 plastic copper wire (BV. BVR. RV. RVV. RVS. RVB. BVVB and derived type flame retardant fire-resistant environmental irradiation crosslinking type), JBF motor line. The JV

2 shielded wire - line (RVVP KVVRP and the ground split screen. Total screen),

3 high and low voltage power cables (VV. YJV. YJV22. ZR - VV. NH - YJV, etc.), line (HBVV. HRVV. Manufacuring HYA), cable (SYV. SYWV), etc., special type processing customized. Can be OEM processing.

4 rubber sets of cables (YH. YZ. YC. YCW. YZB bulkhead. JBQ. JXN. BXR. YCWP. Type electric hoist YR and waterproof JHS); Mine cable (MY. UCP contains models); High temperature wire (AGRP YGB)

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