Manufacturers supply of YC3*16+1*6 rubber soft cable

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Product Description:

First, the applicable scope

This product is suitable for AC rated voltage 300/500V (or 450/750V) and the elevatorand lifting machinery and equipment such as power supply, power cables.

Two, the implementation of standards

GB/5023.6-1997 and supplementary requirements

Three, the use of property

1, the allowed working temperature of cable conductor can not exceed 70 DEG C,laying environment temperature not lower than 0 DEG C.

2, install the free hanging length less than 80m, the movement speed of no more than4m/s.

3, cable laying installation allowed bending radius should not less than 6 times of cablesmall side

Hisin garden on the wire and cable co., LTD. ( is located in fengxian district Yang Wang occurrence of town industrial park, has obtained CCC issued by the China quality certification center CQC certification and ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification, as well as industrial products production license. The company mainly produces new rainbow brand wire and cable products:

1 plastic copper wire (BV. BVR. RV. RVV. RVS. RVB. BVVB and derived type flame retardant fire-resistant environmental irradiation crosslinking type), JBF motor line. The JV

2 shielded wire - line (RVVP KVVRP and the ground split screen. Total screen),

3 high and low voltage power cables (VV. YJV. YJV22. ZR - VV. NH - YJV, etc.), line (HBVV. HRVV. Manufacuring HYA), cable (SYV. SYWV), etc., special type processing customized. Can be OEM processing.

4 rubber sets of cables (YH. YZ. YC. YCW. YZB bulkhead. JBQ. JXN. BXR. YCWP. Type electric hoist YR and waterproof JHS); Mine cable (MY. UCP contains models); High temperature wire (AGRP YGB)

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Q:What is the name of this pluggable trunking for this supermarket instead of wire?
Concealed are generally used single strand, more suitable for deviation of environmental occasions. Multi-strand is more suitable for temporary use, because it is better toughness, suitable for bending winding. The same section of the copper wire. Multi-stranded than the single-stock capacity slightly larger, for the exchange of electricity, the current skin effect, the current will focus on the surface of the wire, so the multi-strand than the advantages of a single stock. But not suitable for dark lines, easy to rot. The same cross-section of the wire, compared to the multi-strand than the single-stock expensive Hope to adopt!
Q:Known mechanical and electrical equipment power, such as 300KW, how to calculate the use of the size of the cable?
Yes, but to consider the problem of space, 17AH battery than the size of 7AH battery much larger, if the battery is inside the UPS, the space may not be enough.
Q:How to install a reversing camera, car rear view system
Dogs like to have their own mark in the excretion of the place, you can artificially put the dog's excrement put a little in the place you want it to get rid of the hand, slowly guide it, eat water is the same, do not fight It ah, met the naughty on the contrary and the line, in short, slowly to guide it, it will understand.
Q:Why medium voltage power cable sometimes write 8.7 / 10kv sometimes written in 8.7 / 15kv where the difference
The two can not be used interchangeably, both the installation location and the way is also different. Do not have to consider the difference between the two.
Q:Pneumatic nail gun installation installed wire trunking easy to use it
National building quality standards require strong electric power must be separated, using different channels
Q:How big is the installation of the trough? Can you be next to the ceiling? There is to go four lines to how much trunking?
If the water pipe is installed above the cable tray, it is not easy to open the cover of the bridge when maintenance is required Some water pipes will be condensation or leakage, the water will drop in the bridge, may affect the normal operation of the cable, or even short-circuit accidents, there are security risks
Q:What is the general use of high-voltage cable bushing
Do not need, but if sometimes according to the engineering drawings to set the strong and weak in a bridge, the middle of the partition with a partition
Q:Please YJV22-0.6 / 1KV 5 * 10 (cable or wire type specifications) Will this model represents what cable diameter
Red is the line of fire, black is zero line, PE protective grounding wire should be used yellow green line.
Q:ASUS x503m forced shutdown after the power indicator has been flash, can not open the machine how to do
The size of the socket box, you should first look at its thickness, can be buried in the wall of the powder surface layer? So that is installed, the installation of the socket under the pipeline meaning is not big. Buried in the floor is a special outlet, you are not afraid of damp water to bring the safety of what!
Q:Whether the control cable is divided into high and low pressure
C-PVC cable jacket and PVC-U drainage pipe difference: . material: C-PVC is CPE and PVC mixed with the material, CPE is chlorinated polyethylene, can be used as high-performance, high-quality special rubber. PVC-U, also known as hard PVC, which is vinyl chloride monomer by polymerization reaction made of amorphous thermoplastic resin plus certain additives such as stabilizers, lubricants, fillers and other components. In addition to the addition of additives with other resins used in the blend of modified approach, it has a significant practical value. Melt viscosity is high, poor mobility, even if the increase in injection pressure and melt temperature, mobility changes are not large. . appearance: C-PVC cable jacket are generally black, and PVC-U drain are generally white. . use: C-PVC cable jacket is generally used in telecommunications, power engineering, transportation, urban construction and other fields. PVC-U drainage pipe mainly bear the rain, sewage, farmland irrigation and drainage tasks. . C-PVC cable sheathing high temperature; PVC-U drainage pipe is smooth, the resistance is relatively small, resistant to erosion.

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