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Stealth screens are gauze can automatic rewinding screen window. Mainly is for the use of ventilation anti-mosquito. Framework is tightly attached to the window frame, when wanting to use the yarn net, when not yarn network will automatically roll back to the network box. Do not occupy a space, and the sealing capability. Coordinated with high-grade household decorates.

Invisible screen window is not a true sense of the "invisible", the yarn is only use Internet via than traditional plate screen line by the fine, light transmittance is higher than traditional screen window, after installation to be like a feeling, for impact your line of sight. In order to make the invisible screen window so he reaches its special effect production materials must have high transparency, tensile strength.

A. Name: stealth screens and glass fiber screens (mixed)

2. Material: glass fiber, PVC.

3. Weaving and processing: using glass fiber monofilament plastic coated process, plain weave, heating, finalize the design.

4. Features: (1) long service life. Has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, resistance to dry and wet, flame retardant, resistance to moisture

Wet, anti-static, good pervious to light, not channeling silk, deformation, uv resistance, tensile strength, long service life, etc. modelling

Beautiful, structured. The whole window screening using glass fiber monofilament plastic coated flat knitting yarn is made, the rest of the material are all made of PVC plastic

Once completed suppression, fission assembly, solve the gap between the traditional window screen and window frame is too big, closed lax, use

Safety is beautiful and good sealing effect.

(2) the applicability is wide and directly installed on the window frame, wood, steel, aluminum, plastic doors and Windows can be assembled;

Corrosion resistance, high strength, anti-aging, fire prevention performance is good, no need to paint color.

(3) avirulent insipidity.

(4) choose glass fibre yarn net, fire retardant.

(5) has the anti-static function, not grey, good air permeability.

6. Pervious to light performance is good, have truly stealth effect.

All landowners automatic filter uv irradiation, protect the family health.

Today anti-aging, long service life, reasonable design, using the number ten thousand.

Pet-name ruby, green environmental protection does not contain harmful to the atmosphere of fluoride, chloride as to meet the requirements of ISO14001 international environmental certification so use won't produce

Have any harmful pollution to human body.

4. USES: used in high-grade office buildings, residential and all kinds of buildings, livestock farm, orchard, etc., are insects, flies the best protection product.

Five. Glass fiber woven wire netting: a lot of glass fiber filament weaving twisting after woven nets, then through ethylene polymer thermal coating. Characteristics of weathering resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, clear hole stability, brightly-colored, durable, and the price is low, can meet the needs of different environment. Widely used in factories, orchards, insect and ventilation of the residence.

Usage: used for high-grade office buildings, residential and all kinds of buildings, livestock farm, orchard, etc., are insects, flies the best protection product.

Mesh: 14 x14, 16 x16, 18 x16 mesh.

Width: 0.6-0.6 meters.

Color: white, black, gray, gray

Weight: 120 grams/square meter.

Color Tex/mesh/inches width: inches cm (cm)

Gray/black 30/1 18 x 16 24 30 32 36 48 60, 72, 126

18 x 16 61 76.2 81.28 91.44 121.92 152.4 182.88 320

Gray/black 30/1 18 x 14 to 24 30 32 36 to 48 60, 72, 126

18 x 14 61 76.2 81.28 91.44 121.92 152.4 182.88 320

White/grey 30/1 18 x 16 24 30 32 36 48 60, 72, 126

18 x 16 61 76.2 81.28 91.44 121.92 152.4 182.88 320

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Q:Do external insulation with alkali resistant fiberglass mesh cloth, why should the first layer be double or thickened?
Therefore, the first floor insulation system adopts double-layer grid cloth and thickening protection layer, so as to enhance the impact resistance capability of the external insulation system.
Q:The difference between alkali resistant mesh fabric emulsion and urine glue 7.5
The mesh fabric is soft and positioned, and also folded, both of which are the common products of the exterior wall insulation.For positioning glass fiber mesh cloth glue, we do not know is not the use of adhesive to fix, in fact, glass fiber mesh cloth itself with a certain amount of binder, binder general alkali resistant glass fiber mesh is used in milkLiquid coating stereotypes, and no alkaline, usually use urine gum for coating treatment, stereotypes are almost the same effect,The effect of the coating is only too hard, so it is brittle, and sometimes it breaks easily.
Q:What is the difference between alkali resistant fiberglass mesh and glass fiber mesh fabric?
Therefore, the utility model has the advantages of good alkali resistance, flexibility, and high tensile resistance at warp and weft direction. The utility model can be widely used for heat preservation, water resistance and crack resistance of walls inside and outside buildings. Glass fiber mesh cloth with alkali resistant fiberglass mesh, it uses alkali free glass fiber yarn (the main ingredient is silicate, good chemical stability) by structure leno weaving and special organization, after the anti alkali, heat setting treatment such as reinforcing agent.
Q:Self-adhesive fiberglass mesh
EPS mesh made of alkali resistant glass fiber fabric, it uses alkali free glass fiber yarn by weaving leno weave structure and special organization, after the anti alkali, heat setting treatment such as reinforcing agent, finally by not dry glue coating baked. A EPS mesh fabric with alkali resistance, softness, adhesion and tensile resistance is formed.
Q:Where are the steel wire mesh and the alkali resistant grid cloth used in the exterior wall insulation?
Two different wall plastering joints, to play a role in cracking; generally in the amount of graphics can be directly in the report to see the amount of engineering;Wire mesh and mesh cloth each have their own uses! Specific to see your design drawings.
Q:Glass fiber mesh fabric quality, hard and soft for wall, which is better?
I feel that way. While using mesh cloth, you also need to look at the quality of the mesh fabric. In general, the outer wall of the grid cloth with 1 quick money, a square meter or so will be good
Q:What kind of wall fabric is covered with fiberglass mesh? Do you apply the powder or the powder? Thank you
And the wallFully paved, just an industry standard, the requirements are yes, but rare, there are really such a use, on the one hand is the cost, on the one hand is now mostly cast-in-place, there is no need!
Q:The building is how to choose the external wall thermal insulation material of glass fiber mesh cloth?
Glass fiber mesh cloth is often used with the external wall insulation system, will not have a "cold bridge and bridge", has praised the outstanding architectural energy-saving effect, which has been in the construction industry.
Q:Slotted walls, seams, seams, tape, or anti mesh cloth?
Because in the fiber wall sealed with aging, so. Then through the plaster smooth dry, tore the cloth into strips, glue brush in the gap, and then dried, powder, and will not crack, affordable, the effect is very good.
Q:What is the quota of alkali resistant fiberglass mesh cloth sleeve?
Conversion price. If the artificial, material, machinery in a price change will require a change to the original conversion price, the price deducted from the price, then the changes added to form a new price.

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