Manufacturer of Carbon Black N220/N330/N550/N660 for rubber, tyre

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Product Description:


carbon black N220
1. Factory of carbon black N220
2. 5000MT monthly production
3. SGS, ISO Certification

Manufacturer of carbon black N220/N330/N550/N660

Product Description

CAS NO. of carbon black N220 : 1333-86-4

H S CODE: 28030000

Appearance: black powder or granules

specification of carbon black N220 :

Iodine Absorption Number g/kg121+/-582+/-543+/-436+/-4
DBP Absorption Number 10-5m3/kg114+/-5102+/-5121+/-590+/-5
DBP Absorption Number of Compressed Sample 10-5m3/kg93~10781~9581~9568~82
CTAB Surface Area 103m2/kg106~11679~8738~4631~39
Nitrogen Surface Area 103m2/kg114~12478~8838~4630~40
Tint Strength110~12098~108--
Heating Loss3.
Tensile Strength Map≥-0.8-0.5-3.5-3.5
Extension %≥+10-10-10+10
Map Modulus at 300%-2.5+/-1.3-1.7+/-1.3-1.7+/-1.3-3.5+/-1.3
Product Uses

carbon black N220 application:

Used as a black dye, it is used in the manufacture of chinese ink, printing ink, paint etc, also used in the rubber reinforcing agent.

Packaging & Shipping

in 25kg bags, 16MT loading per 20 feet container for carbon black N220.

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