Manual Wafer Butterfly Valve without pin

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Product Description:

Quick Details

  • Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

  • Structure: Butterfly

  • Pressure: Low Pressure

  • Power: manual,pneumatic,electric,etc.

  • Material: Casting

  • Temperature of Media: Medium Temperature

  • Media: water,gas,oil,etc.

  • Port Size: DN50-1200mm

  • Place of Origin: Tianjin, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number: D7A1X-10/16

  • Brand Name: TVT

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Standard export packaging: plywooden case, Or as per clients' requirements
Delivery Detail:Within 15-30 days after receipt of L/C or 30%deposit by T/T


3.ODM/OEM service
4.different standards.
5,lever,pneumatic,electric driver.

wafer butterfly valve without pin


1.Small in size and light in weight. Easy installation and maintenance. It can be mounted wherever needed.

2.Simple and compact construction, quick 90 degree on-off operation.

3.Flow curve tending to straight line. Excellent regulation performance.

4.Long service life. Standing the test of thousands opening/closing operation.

5.Wide selection of materials, applicable for various media.


Design standard

Face to face

End flange

Test & inspection





ISO5752 series 20


DIN PN10/16/25

ANSI B 16.1


ISO PN10/16

JIS B 2212/2213

BS 10 table D

BS 10 table E

API 598




Testing Pressure


Applicable Temp. °C

Applicable Medium




DN50 ~ DN1000



-45~ 150

Fresh water, Sewage, Sea water, Air, Vapor, Food, Medicine, Oils, Acids,

Alkalis, etc.

Material List:

Part Name



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Q:how to replace relief valve on hot water tank?
Gas fired? Place thermostat to pilot to keep burner from coming on while you work. Turn off cold water supply to Hot Water heater. Open all the Hot water faucets in the house. Get a Pipe wrench and some pipe dope. and of course the new relief valve, place some towels under the relief valve as some water will leak out. Put pipe dope on the new relief valve threads, remove old relief valve using steady pressure, immediately put in new properly pipe doped relief valve, screw in hand tight, then use pipe wrench until it is set. Don't over tighten. Dry off area around new valve so you can more easily detect leaks. Reopen supply water to HW heater, let faucets run until no more air comes out, then shut faucets. Put regulator back on. Done.
Q:1998 Dodge Dakota Filler Neck And EGR Valve?
The VECI decal map under your hodd will show you EXACTLY where your EGR valve is. You may need a magnifying glass. The valve can be removed and cleaned with Gum-out or foaming cleaner (amsoil). When you are done, re-install the valve. While you are getting ambitious, clean your throttle body and plate, and the IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE. A dirty IAC is the most prominant reason for the EGR valve to clog up. Running Gum-out through your intake system will clean out your O2 sensors, as well. Good luck!!
Q:What is valve guide clearance?
Valve guide clearance is distance between the valve stem and the valve stem guide. It is critical for proper engine operation.
Q:headers bad for EGR valves?
It depends on the headers. Some headers are setup with EGR hookups and others do away with them. So you need to check to see if the ones you are looking at retain the EGR and if they do you should have no problems. Also you might have to check the bolts weekly, some headers will get lose over time while others don't.
Q:What are valves in a car?
Valves are in the Cylinder Head, They let Air and Fuel into the combustion chamber. 4 vavles let more air and fuel in than 2 vavles, Which makes more power.
Q:Why does My Check Engine light keep coming on? EGR Valve?
The EGR= exhaust gas recirculation valve is a controlling device to allow inert gas into the engine at cruise. The tube below it supplies the gases and the valve directs it into the engine. Any where within this assembly carbon can build up and get lodged in the pintle of the EGR valve. Some times it is the valve and a vacuum test of the diaphragm will detect failure. Keep in mind that there are two versions of the EGR valve Positive and negative pack pressure and the test is different for a positive back pressure style valve. A flexible spring rod with a scraping device at the end wil really help in the cleaning of the tube and passages. Don't give up , your on the right road.
Q:Does anyone know where the erg valve on a 2001 isuzu rodeo is located?
Q:Will a valve adjustment fix the leak of a bad valve stem seals?
I agree with MC. If you have a leaking valve seal, it'll just be a matter of time before the other ones start leaking, if it's a high mileage engine. You might as well pull the head(s) and have all seals replaced. The kit you but has all the seals in it, not just one. You can check the valves also while the heads are off.
Q:valves adjustment in 6 cylinder in line mercury marine?
From 0 lash turn the rocker arm nut 3/4 turn. Before you start, lay some rags under the engine to ketch the oil. The engine needs to be running. Loosen each nut until you hear the rocker arm stat to click, then tighten it slowly until the clicking stops, your now at 0 lash, now tighten the nut down 3/4 turn or 270 degrees, don't do this to fast the lifter needs to adjust. After adjusting, take a center punch held at 45 degree angle and punch the stud and top of the nut, this will assure the nut stays adjusted and wont back off. Put the valve cover on and wash the oil off, a spray can of brake cleaner works great. Remove the rags and your done. Happy boating. .
Q:P0401 EGR VALVE Problem?
I've never seen an EGR valve failure on these engines. It's almost always the vacuum solenoid for the valve that has failed. I've also seen issues with vacuum lines breaking or becoming plugged but that's pretty rare. It's just a shame that so many shops have parts throwers nowadays, get a code for the EGR valve and instead of taking 2 minutes to use a vacuum pump to test the valve, they just replace it, and then not even bother to drive the vehicle before giving it back to confirm their repair... terrible! They are giving the people who try a bad name.

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