Manual Operated Lug Butterfly Valve

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Quick Details

  • Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

  • Structure: Butterfly

  • Pressure: Low Pressure

  • Power: Manual

  • Material: Casting

  • Temperature of Media: Medium Temperature

  • Media: Water

  • Port Size: DN50-1200mm

  • Place of Origin: Tianjin, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number: D7A1X

  • Brand Name: TVT

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Standard export packaging(plywooden case) or as per clients' requirements.
Delivery Detail:within10-30 days after receipt of L/C or 30% deposit


Cast Iron Handle Lever Lug Type Butterfly Valve

Handle lever wafer type butterfly valve



CI, DI, Stainless Steel material

Actuator (power): handle, wormgear pneumatic, electric etc.


1) Working temperature: -15~150°C

2) Applicable medium: fresh water, sea water, sewage, sir, vapor, food, medicine, acids, salt, alkalis, etc.

3) Materials:



Stem: SS/CS

Seat: EPDM, PTFE, NBR, Viton, Hypalon, Neoprene.


Design Standard: MSS SP-67, API609, EN593

End Flange: DIN, BS, JIS, ISO, ANSI.

Top Flange: ISO5211

Face To Face: API609, ISO5752 series 20, BS5155

Test&Check: API598

Small in size, lighe in weight, easy installation and maintenance.

Simple and compact construction, quick 90 degree on-off operation.

Minimized operating torque, energy saving.

Flow curve tending to straight line, excellent regulation performance.

Long service life, standing the test of tens thousands opening/closing operations.

Bubbles-tight sealing with no leakage under the pressure test.

Wide selection of materials, applicable to various medium.

We are a professional valve manufacturer in Tianjin, the 2nd largest port in China, and only 1 hour to Beijing by train.

Our product is at low price and high quality , also stable supply.

If interested in our valves, feel free to contact us at once.

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Q:Is there a leak around my home's outside shutoff valve?
Most homes have a main shutoff valve that goes from the street to the lowest part of the house. usually, they may also have another valve from lowest part of the house to the water fixtures. Ur main drain line is usually 4 feet or more away from the supply incoming line. Your home's outside shutoff valve is called a valve for the supply from your city water. It has nothing to do with your drain system. If you see water coming up from that outside shutoff valve, then a professional plumber needs to dig up the dirt around the valve and replace it. Usually there are no fixtures at this main shutoff valve, unless you are talking about an outside valve for a garden hose? So can u pls rephrase your question?
Q:Is it possible to re-port a globe valve?
Q:Installing new kitchen faucet/shut off valves?
it looks like a 1/2 inch galvanized pipe out of the wall, and the valve is screwed on to it. kinda hard to see the back side of the valve and pipe. it could be a 1/2 inch copper pipe and the valve could be a compression type. anyway, you will have to cut the water off unless this is the hot line in and if so you can cut the water off at the water heater. its probably a cold line in and obviously you cant take the valve off without cutting off the main supply line some where. take off the two small lines and don't move them around to much, they are compression fittings so just reattach them to the new valve. then unscrew the valve, you may have to hold the incoming pipe but just try the valve first. take the valve to a plumbing supply, Lowe's, or home depot and get one just like it. if one place doesn't have it go to another and find the same valve. if it screws on get a small tube of pipe dope to coat the threads. if you anticipate problems get a 1/2 inch galvanized cap [if that is the pipe you have coming out of the wall] so you can plug the pipe and cut the water back on temporally. this is general info so you will have to deal with your special situation. good luck.
Q:valve job on a dirt bike?
i'm 18 and race a crf40r i admire the motorbike. in case you desire to flow extra decrease priced i might decide for 2 stroke. have faith it or not 2 stroke is extra maintence even though it is lots extra decrease priced to rebuild. A 2 stroke on long tracks with enormous sweapers is purely as speedy as a 450 if not speedier. I enjoyed my 250 haha. 450's are somewhat a combat on the song they supply a real undesirable arm pump by using engine breaking. and 250 4 strokes are like driving the previous one hundred twenty five's all you do is shift. in case you may desire to get an rm 250 2 stroke they have the extra appropriate potential bands and have very solid bottomw end.
Q:What is valve tipping?
valve tapping what is valve tipping search yahoo answers for valve tapping i saw a resolved question about how to fix this problem
Q:Someone help, I have Valve problems!?
It is not the type of valve that is your problem unless you are making a very small one to shoot frozen blueberries it is the small size of the 1/4 valve and its piping. Various Spud Gun plans show 3/4-1 1/2 piping with ball valves as well as with RainBird Solenoid (quick-opening globe ?) valves. These typically have 1 1/2 -2 barrels.
Q:what is the difference between 3 and 5 angle valve jobs?
3 Angle Valve Job
Q:Cold Air intake + Bypass Valve. ?
Get a straw and put it in a glass of water. Suck the water up the straw and what happens? Get that same straw and punch 6 holes in the center around the straw. Suck on the straw and what happens? That is the purpose of the bypass. Now the speculation behind the bypass is the intake system has to be fully submerged for it to work efficiently. Get your aftermarket straw and hold it sideways nearly touching the top of the water and suck real hard. You will notice water gets to your mouth, and so your engine. Nothing more than a pressure differential. Bypass valves are very expensive parts for people that don't understand principles of pressure and vacuum. Don't waste your money on it, but stay out of deep puddles.
Q:95 cougar xr7 EGR valve?
How do you know that you have a bad valve? Are you just going by the code,or did you have it checked by a tech.? I have replaced very few valves.If you have a v vacuum pump you can check your egr valve. Apply vacuum an it should hold. Now with engine running apply vacuum does the engine stubble or stall? If the valve holds vacuum its good, an if engine stubble's the ports are not plugged. If all that checks out good the problem is most likely the DPFE sensor. If i were there with a scanner i could tell you exactly what wrong.Its not impossible to change the valve take your time an be patient.
Q:how i fix my trumpet's third valve?
That sounds like a ping in the valve casing which, if let go , can ruin the valve. It's a repairshop item maybe $100

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