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Product Description:

With F-220 series , you can band  any work piece of straight or curve all by yourself with perfect final product. Edge banding on furniture manufacturing and house fitment .

After heating the hot melt glue to a setting temperature , and the glue melt completely, the engine drive the gluing axe gelatinizes glue on the edge banding tape. Thus make the edge banding tape can stick on the wooden board firmly .

Temperature : 5°-40°

Power supply:220V/50-60HZ

Hot melt glue:120-180°C

General requirement:the edge of the workpiece going to be banded should be even, and the banding tape should be limp and bendable

Technical Data :

Model No  : F-220A

Mini Radius of banding : 20mm

Heating power  : 1.8KW

Speed adjustment:simens tranducer

Feeding speed   : 1-18m/min

Net weight      :290KG

Gross weight    :350KG

Machine size    : 1180 x 830 x 1150mm

Measurement     :1480 x 950 x 1220mm

Material of tape : PVC ,melamine , veneer

Thickness of tape : 0.3-3.0mm

Width of tape     :10-50mm

Stape of workpiece: straight , irregular, bevel

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Q:How to solve the panel furniture open non explosive edge ```PVC edge, how can I do not see the combination?
First of all, what kind of material do you use? What's on the board? If the hollow plate is recommended for automatic cutting saw, sawing straight, not easy to break down. Personally feel that the paste with melamine impregnated paper is most likely to collapse side, in case the particleboard material is not good, a little, simply do the dead! According to the sheet material you saw, choose the appropriate number of teeth, usually between peers is easily learned, again adjust the slot saw and main saw the same line, saw sawing width groove about 0.1MM than the main, if you saw the groove is a monolithic trapezoidal saw, up and down to adjust again, if is the double collocation combination of sawing, gasket placement must be reasonable. Insufficient pressure beam pressure automatic cutting saw plate, slightly run can also cause the edge collapse, the table on the right table saw by the ruler and the main blade must be in parallel over the outlet than the inlet slightly greater 0.2-0.3MM, this material will not be scratched at the end of the main saw to make adult edge collapse as the slide table saw is also less powerful, not straight plate processing, edge collapse also can hardly be avoided.
Q:How much is the banding strip one meter?
Cabinets used on the edge banding, the price of a few cents a meter, there are also a few dollars a meter. The price is different from its thickness, width, and manufacturer's.. Therefore, suggest that you go directly to the store, or find business advice better.
Q:Panel type furniture automatic edge sealing machine. How many grams of hot melt adhesive does it need per meter?
The amount of gum used depends on:Mainly: adhesive, adhesion and quality requirements of products.
Q:How to solve the problem of sealing the package door?
The door has been sealed, and it can not be processed when loading the door
Q:Is there an environmentally friendly adhesive tape?
Good water sealing rubber Kang is beautiful this year's first environmentally friendly products and culture. Beauty Jia Kang edge glue non-toxic, tasteless, pure green products.
Q:What is the difference between cutting edge plate and its own processing?
Want to know what, in detail?
Q:How to install stainless steel edge banding?
With a bender processing, and then put on glass glue button on it
Q:Do furniture edge banding, have environmental protection glue?
You like to go to the store to see next buy better, now most of the glue are said to be no environmental formaldehyde, actually which has special environmental protection, are all gimmicks (PS because I often listen to the mixed adhesive network of excellence forum in rubber industry technical personnel tells) so buy gum best buy big brand quality good, well after the first ventilation to use on the line.
Q:Paint free plate can be without sealing edge banding?
Edge banding and solid wood lines can be solved, but solid wood lines are longer
Q:The acquisition of a large number of furniture factory waste edge quality requirements Gaobutaiduomu ash can be who?
Do you want to play wood ash? How much is it per ton? What about the contact details?

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