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Product Description:

With F-220 series , you can band  any work piece of straight or curve all by yourself with perfect final product. Edge banding on furniture manufacturing and house fitment .

After heating the hot melt glue to a setting temperature , and the glue melt completely, the engine drive the gluing axe gelatinizes glue on the edge banding tape. Thus make the edge banding tape can stick on the wooden board firmly .

Temperature : 5°-40°

Power supply:220V/50-60HZ

Hot melt glue:120-180°C

General requirement:the edge of the workpiece going to be banded should be even, and the banding tape should be limp and bendable

Technical Data :

Model No  : F-220A

Mini Radius of banding : 20mm

Heating power  : 1.8KW

Speed adjustment:simens tranducer

Feeding speed   : 1-18m/min

Net weight      :290KG

Gross weight    :350KG

Machine size    : 1180 x 830 x 1150mm

Measurement     :1480 x 950 x 1220mm

Material of tape : PVC ,melamine , veneer

Thickness of tape : 0.3-3.0mm

Width of tape     :10-50mm

Stape of workpiece: straight , irregular, bevel

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Q:What is the PVC banding strip for?
The utility model is mainly used for sealing edges of furniture, and can play the role of beauty and protection
Q:Melamine panels can be hand sealing it? No machine edge... Is it OK?
At present, there is no substitute for PVC edge banding products.
Q:What kind of material is good for plate type furniture edge banding?
The edge is PVC, a special edge, you can see the picture in the online search, a reel of what colors are what color are mostly imitation wood, stainless steel and Aluminum Alloy there, but the metal edge is not high.
Q:When the carpet is cut, what edge can be used? The needle and thread can not be used and can not be worn.
Go to the garage. Where is the sewing machine. Usually 10 yuan per meter.
Q:How do you fix the side of the shaving board sealed by hand edge sealing machine?
Edge trimming method for sealed shaving board by hand edge sealing machine:1, with the art knife, the excess edge banding neatly cut off.2. Use a professional trimming machine to trim and polish both sides. If there is no professional trimming machine, you can also use the art knife along the edge of the plate down 15 degrees, the sides of the width of the edge of the plate cut off.3, the use of cloth or sandpaper to wipe the edges, smooth surface, be careful not to scratch the surface.
Q:What is wood edging paint?
It's a kind of wood paint
Q:The best window tile the edge? Answer urgently. Thank you
I looked at the front of the reply, feeling is the choice of marble is better, you can choose black Jinsha, white jazz, beige marble series, although it is said that the marble radiation, why grade decoration will choose it, but not the wall ground in large area this does not matter, the threshold sill board is best choice of natural stone stone, artificial stone appearance was flattered, no more than the hardness of artificial stone, natural stone, with long scratches easily into the dust, not for a long time to, if it is because of the natural stone is not long enough for two pieces of good, on the not so obvious, the two pieces or three pieces can be, the most important the future is on the table cloth mat can be customized, the seam is even less to
Q:What kind of glue should be used for sealing edges of furniture?
The furniture edge banding adhesive is a kind of adhesive specially used for sealing edges of artificial board. It is a solvent-free thermoplastic adhesive.Types of furniture edge banding adhesiveEVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer resin) base hot melt adhesive, this hot melt adhesive can be divided into two types of filler and no filler. EVA as the base material is the most common furniture edge banding adhesive production technology, its main limitation is the poor heat resistance. With EVA hot melt adhesive edge of the use of plate furniture, ambient temperature can not be higher than 120 degrees C;POL YAMIDE (polyamide) based hot melt adhesive, which has excellent heat resistance and fast curing characteristics, the main drawback is expensive.HMPU (polyurethane) base hot melt adhesive, it is the best type of hot melt adhesive, high quality plate edge guarantee. It is expensive and requires a special method of use.
Q:Can the automatic linear edge banding machine only seal the straight line? How about sealing the curve?
A curve edge sealing machine is a semi-automatic edge sealing machine. When the belt comes out from the gluing shaft, the belt is pressed on the board by hand. There are also automatic, but the automatic is too slow?
Q:How to seal the edge of panel furniture?
Edge banding machine is not a curve and straight line, well, if not, then hand stick

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