Mamirobot Vacuum Cleaner Robot

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Product Description:

Easy cleaning with fiber damp cloth

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Clean hard floor such as Tile, hardwood, mable, tatami

  • Corner cleaning

  • cleaning narrow area




Mamirobot Handy Cleaner Zaalo

cleans neatly to the smallest detail(furniture,computer, frames,etc..) Easy and convenient zaaloo Sliding intake Simple operation to change intake location. Wide intake and brush can sweep all kind of dust at once!

Adjustable intake slide

Cleaning narrow area(window frames, corners). Handy cleaner Zaaloo cleans neatly to the smallest detail.(furniture, computer, framers, etc..)

Hygienic double filter

Double hygienic disposable dust filters are able to sweep all kinds of dust including micro-dust.

Easy to adjust the suction power

Easy to operate button for two-stage suction power.

Easy cleaning with microfiber damp cloth


Air Reinforce Guard

PORRO's vacuum suction suction inlet method in close contact to floor to maximize suction power. Guidance rubber Surrounding the inlet suction portion is 1~1.5mm and close to ground at regular intervals to vacuum is always maintain. The inlet guide always in close contact with the bottom floor and inhale as you move the small gap between the air floe guide

Easy Scheduled-cleaning function

Efficient time management by convenient scheduled-cleaning function, with shortest charging time with longest time

Convenient Automatic charging system

Similar to aircraft landing guidance, PPROR can be guided quickly and accurately to the charging station

Status display and voice guidance

indicate all of status including Scheduling and error messages.

Sanitized Disposable dust filter

Antibacterial, storable, searable and washable dust bin and sanitary disposable dust filter, always makes you to manage neat and clean robot cleaner.

Mamirobot PPORO cleaning mode

PPORO repeat the six steps cleaning mode. Not the monotonous straight cleaning mode but various 6 steps cleaning mode for perfect cleaning Center, Free, Corner, Cross, Lattice.

MamiRobot PPORO SSW mode

With SSW(Spider Spinning web, derived from the idea of spider's ecology who starts building its house after it survryss the dimension of space and surrondings)system cleaning mode, 'Mamirobot PPORO' is an innovative robot cleaner as it measures the dimension of space that needs to be cleaned at first and then cleans up compactly and neatly.



Color available:Wine, Orange, Lime, Silver, Titanium, White
Size:350mm(diameter) 90mm
Weight:2.8kg(including battery)
Control:button on body, remote controller
Cleaning Method:Cyclone vacuum Inlet, Brush
Cleaning Mode:Sprial, Free, Corner, Lattice
Dust bin volume:550ml
Charging Voltage:24V
Charging Method:Auto/Manual Charging
Charging time:120 min
Cleaning time:120 min
Brush:Main Brush, Side Brush(2pcs)
Voice function:Voice guidance
Senor:Fall prevent, Recharge Inducing, Wall, Front
Accesories:User manual
Automatic Recharge Sensor:IRIR
Damp cloth:Micro fiber damp cloth
Reservation Function:2hr~12hr


Package Includes

  1. Mamirobot cleaner x1

  2. Remote Controller x1

  3. Hand Vaccum (for K7) x1

  4. Battery Charge Station (for K5, K7) x1

  5. Main Brush x1

  6. Main Brush Cover x1

  7. Hair Mode Cover (One of these covers in installed in the main body.) x1

  8. 100~240v (50/60Hz) Adapter (220v plug need to be changed to 110v plug) x1

  9. AAA Remote Controller Battery x2

  10. Rechargeable Battery (Ni-MH) x1

  11. Dust Filter for Main Unit (30 pieces/pack) x2

  12. Large Size Dust Filter for Hand Held Cleaner (50 pieces/pack) x1

  13. Small Size Dust Filter for Hand Held Cleaner (50 pieces/pack) x2

  14. Superfine Fibers Mop (5 pieces/bag) x1

  15. User Manual x1


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Q:What is the mean of Vacuum cleaner?
Electric vacuum cleaners have been 100 years old, and for many people, it has become an indispensable household device, for obvious reasons
Q:How do I repair the belt of the vacuum cleaner?
Release the belt from the pulley of the motor and remove it from the vibration lever
Q:What's the difference between vacuum dust collector and ordinary vacuum cleaner?
Vacuum cleaners have suction motors with fixed suction for cleaning dust by suction. No sweeper suction motor, only the head of the brush motor, cleaning brush clamp mainly by large dust particles and then thrown into the bucket
Q:What is the development status of vacuum cleaners?
In 2007, China's total output of vacuum cleaner was 43632664 units, an increase of 21.63% compared with the same period of 2006
Q:What are the important parameters of the vacuum cleaner?
Vacuum: an important indicator of suction size. The index is also related to power. The greater the general power, the higher the index should be
Q:How to repair the starting switch of vacuum cleaner?
With a break through detector or a multimeter, make sure that the switch is switched off when the switch is switched off and that the switch is closed
Q:What is the working principle of a vacuum cleaner?
The internal pressure is much lower than the external pressure, the pressure difference effect, dust and dirt with air into the vacuum cleaner barrel, and then after the dust bag filter, dust in the dust bag, purifying the air can pass through the motor to escape into the room again, the cooling of the motor and the air purifying function
Q:How to clean a portable vacuum cleaner?
Use the vacuum cleaner, the most hate is smell hot air outlet. Before using a vacuum cleaner, use cotton dipped in lemon juice on the dirt tube cleaner, so when you go to use the vacuum cleaner to "feed" the vacuum room, not only no peculiar smell, faint fragrance will float lemon
Q:How can a vacuum cleaner take out the dust?
This pressure difference is that the vacuum cleaner uses the high speed rotation of the motor to drive the fan blades to rotate so that a partial vacuum is generated inside the vacuum cleaner.
Q:What are the filtration methods for vacuum cleaners?
Water filtration using water as filter medium makes the dust and microorganisms in the most of them will be dissolved in water and the rest of the lock, through the filter after further filtering, the exhaust cleaner may breathe cleaner air than. The utility model has the advantages of dry and wet use, and the disadvantage is that the dust is cleaned after being finished.

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