Magnetic Drill Professional Quality 28mm Drill Capacity

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Item specifice:

Model Number: PMD-28 Rated Input Power: 1250W Max Drill Capacity: 28mm
Warranty: 12 Months Max Stroke: 180mm Max Suction: 12500N
No-load Speed: 250RPM

Product Description:

28MM 1250W Heavy-duty Magnetic Drill

Magnetic Drill Professional Quality 28mm Drill Capacity

Magnetic Drill Professional Quality 28mm Drill Capacity

Magnetic Drill Professional Quality 28mm Drill Capacity

Magnetic Drill Professional Quality 28mm Drill Capacity

Magnetic drill is a kind of electric tool for adhering and drilling on the horizontal level,side face and top face,and widely used in the building,bridge building,and ship building industries and so on.
You can use the magnetic drill when you can not use drill press and electric hand drill to drill huge steel workpieces or in field operation.
They are convenient and small,and can reducing work force and improve the machining accuracy and effiency.

1. Product Characteristics of Magnetic Drill:

With these presses you can efficiently drill large numbers of holes in plates, girders, and other steel fabrication applications. Compact, lightweight machines help you cover a wide range of drilling needs.

2. Technical Specifications of Magnetic Drill:

Product NameProfessional Magnetic Drill
Model No.PMD-28
Rated Input Power1250W
No-load Speed250rpm
Max Cutting Capacity28mm
Max Stroke180mm
Max Suction12500N
Net Weight
Packing WithBee Hive Master Carton
Warranty12 Months

3. Our Factory View:

Magnetic Drill Professional Quality 28mm Drill Capacity

28MM 1250W Heavy-duty Magnetic Drill

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Q:What size is the drill bit used to install the ceiling drill
The basic requirement of lamp installation is that it must be firm. Installation of various types of lamps should be installed according to the requirements of lighting installation. If the weight of the lamp is greater than 3kg, the embedded hook shall be used or the hanger shall be fixed directly from the roof with expansion bolts.
Q:An electric drill will be hot for a while
It's normal to have a permIf the gear is hot, check how much grease there is in the gear Is there a fight gear? Replace the grease with higher viscosity and temperature
Q:Use the electric drill on the tile, tile how fragile?
If all are homogeneous tiles on the use electric drill with glass hole drilling, must not use hammer.Such as ordinary glazed tiles can be used with a special electric hammer drill, hammer a nail in the best before a shallow pit in the position need to be drilled with cement, in order to facilitate the positioning, the best use of low-grade hammer.
Q:Toilet ceramic tile metope how to punch, ceramic tile not broken?
Hand knock tile sound can determine whether the tile hollowing, if you can not determine whether the hollowing or hollowing tiles must use special drill drilling.
Q:The problem of replacing carbon brush in electric drill
I understand this is your two (/ hammer drill). It should have a top plate, the top plate top switch and the top two will appear different work (hammer / drill), your problem is to find out where the top sheet. Without it, it can only be used in one state of work.
Q:Drill the expansion screw with an electric drill. The diameter of the expansion screw is 10mm. How many millimeters does the drill bit of the electric drill need?
According to the regulations: expansion bolts have internal and external expansion of the points, the normal use of external expansion (drill bit larger than expansion bolts 2 mm); the expansion of the (drill bit and expansion bolts as large)
Q:What is the principle of protecting the switch with a small capacitor?
The small capacitor on the torch protects the switch
Q:Electric drill for ceramic tile punching or percussion drill?
The impact of drilling hammer on the line, more efficient.But tiles, it is best to drill the surface first to drill through the surface
Q:What is the principle of the electric drill?
Electric drill is the electric tool industry's biggest selling products, widely used in construction, decoration, furniture and so on Pan industry, opening for the object or objects in the past, also known as hammer in some industries.
Q:545 motors or 555 motors for small drills?
The proposed use of 555, the same configuration, 555 motor power than 545 motor large, but low speed, and low speed, does not affect power. 545 is worse than 555

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