Magnetic controlled automatic tracking tuning arc-suppression coil

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Magnetic controlled automatic tracking tuning arc-suppression coil

The first 66kV magnetic controlled automatic tracking tuning arc-suppression coil (1900kVar/66kV) in China had been put into operation in the Taipingshao 66kV substation of Dandong Power Supply Branch of Liaoning Province Power Supply Company in Jan 29, 2008.

The 66kV magnetic controlled automatic tracking tuning arc-suppression coil thatwas put into use is firstly witnessed at home and was jointly developed andmanufactured by Dandong Power Supply Company, Dandong Xintai Electric StockCo., Ltd. and Wuhan University.

Asreported, the adjustable arc suppression coil commonly used for the mediumvoltage distribution network in our country mainly adopts adjusting gapped-core type and multi-tap type. The adjustinggapped-core type arc-suppression coil changes magneticresistance through the movement of iron core toreach the purpose of inductance continuous adjustable, arc suppression coil istransferred to full compensation under normal condition, and the loop seriesconnection of arc-suppression coil resonance of anti-resonance. Thedisadvantages of the product are loud noisepoorreliability, virtual earthing and so on. The only difference between multi-taparc-suppression coil and adjusting gapped-core type arc-suppression coil is tocontrol winding turns by using load voltage regulating switch to adjust inductance.The working method of it is as same as the adjusting gapped-core type, alsousing series resistance to restrict the resonance overvoltage. Although, theproduct solves the problem of noise, but still has the disadvantages ofinductance continuously adjustable, comp, virtual earthing, etc.

The new magneticcontrolled fast auto-tacking tuning arc-suppression coil is the combination ofmodern electric controlled technology and double grade magnetic saturation technology, using self coupling type DC excitation control mode to realizefast response and continuous adjustment of arc-suppression coil inductance. The product is using a dynamic full compensation mode, which solves inherent contradictions fundamentally between the ideal goal of full compensation and the systemvirtual earthing caused by series resonance. The impedance of the magneticcontrolled arc-suppression coil is very large during normal operation of the network, which completely eliminates the hidden trouble of series resonance without series resistance.  The system ofmeasurement and control measures the capacitance current of power network withhigh precision. When the single phase grounding occurs in electric powernetwork at the instant, the arc suppression coil is adjusted to fullcompensation from high impedance condition in half power frequency period, evenif the output current of the arc suppression coil is equal to the groundingcurrent of it, the residual current is smallest.

The product has the features of large range of capacity control,small humorous≤2 %, fast response≤0.01sec.,high precision of compensation, no series resonance, high reliability and freemaintenance. It is a kind of ideal equipment to ensure electric power networksafety operation as the upgraded product of existing arc suppression coil, the technical performances reaches the international advanced level.

Otherwise, thecompany has already developed and produced successfully MCR of 7500kVar/6kV, 12000kVar/10kVand 20000kVar/66kV, among them, 20000kVar/66kV MCR will be put into operationin the National Key Project. The MCR technology of the company has reached theinternational advanced level on the aspects of performance index, voltagegrade, capacity, and realized function. It provides effective measures and guaranteeto realize energy saving and consumption reduction in power system, and safeand reliable operation.

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