Magnesium manganese roof

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Colorful stone coated steel roof tile( colorful tile), is a kind of international fashion,fill the domestic blank new high-tech roofing construction materials,It is made of metal and polymer and nonmetallic material compound,with new structure. From top to bottom section for acrylic paint, color TaoHua natural stone, acrylic resin coating, Al - Zn aluminium zinc coating, the steel basic, Al - Zn aluminium zinc coating, resin coating.

Due to the above materials and structure characteristics, it has high strength, high corrosion resistance, high elastic modulus, light weight, energy-saving, environmental protection, etc. Both have the clay, cement traditional roofing tiles and caigang tiles, fiberglass asphalt roofing tile all the advantages, beautiful appearance,massiness, texture,frivolous, can rise already building roof adornment quality,and can reduce the engineering material consumption and load.This is euramerican developed countries in the early 1990s until the invention and began to use, because of its beautiful, light, durable, environmental protection, has become the mainstream products and the first using roofing material, many domestic real estate project also begin to using  it in recent years.

3000 series Al-Mn-Mg aluminum alloy on the basis of the metal with the composition of the Mn-Mg alloy plate of this elongation, hardness, tensile strength, yield strength is more suitable for roofing and other indicators curling, rolling pressure processing equipment, It is widely used in roofing, wall systems and other building exterior maintenance projects, and with the various paint systems and coating process to make more colorful appearance, but also increased the corrosion resistance of aluminum itself.

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Q:What are the protective coatings for steel structures? Do they need to be tested and sampled?
Only fire-resistant coating on the steel structure needs to be inspected, inspected by the supervision site and inspected by the construction unit!
Q:What does a product frame refer to in a steel structure workshop?
The steel structure is mainly made of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components, and each component or component is usually welded, bolted or riveted. Because of its light weight and simple construction, it is widely used in large factories, stadiums, super high-rise and other fields.
Q:What are the budgets for fire-resistant coatings for steel structures?
According to the steel structure expansion area calculation, according to time brushing number, apply the corresponding quota, modify the main material prices and labor costs, take management fees, profits, fees, taxes, summary.
Q:Steel structure brush fire retardant coating per square meter kg?
1., thin steel structure fire retardant coating 1.2kg/mm, and then multiplied by the construction of fire retardant coating thickness can be.2. ultra thin steel structure fire retardant coating 1.6kg/mm, then multiplied by the construction thickness of fire retardant coating can be.3. thick steel structure fire retardant coating 1.0kg/mm, then multiplied by the construction thickness of fire retardant coating can be.In the same project, the coating thickness of different refractory grades is different, and the thickness is determined according to the inspection report of fireproof coating factory.When you choose to buy, it is necessary to determine the fire limit of your construction, attention to choose fire-resistant steel structure fire-resistant coating.
Q:How long is the expected corrosion resistance of the general steel structure paint? Is there a relevant specification?
As ordinary steel structure anticorrosion coating, the composite coating iron red epoxy primer / epoxy micaceous iron oxide intermediate paint / chlorinated rubber finish form, life expectancy is 10 years.
Q:The steel structure and the concrete building which cost is high
A one-time base investment, steel structure slightly higher. But in the long run, steel is cheap
Q:What is a light portal steel frame?
Plasticity and toughness are good. Steel has good plasticity. The steel structure will not happen sudden damage in general, but it will be marked by a larger deformation in advance. In addition, the steel has good toughness and can withstand the dynamic load well. All these provide a reliable guarantee for the safety of the application of steel structure.High degree of industrialization - steel structure is made of various kinds of materials (I-beam, channel steel, angle steel) and steel plate. Through the cutting, welding and other processes, the steel component is manufactured, and then the site is installed. The general steel structure can be used in the metal structure factory with a high degree of mechanization and specialized production. Therefore, it has high precision and short manufacturing cycle. Due to the assembly operation, the installation efficiency is high and the construction period is short.Demolition convenience - steel structure due to high strength, it is suitable for the construction of light weight, easy to connect structures can be removed.
Q:What CL6-3a stands for the steel structure of the roof purlin
The inner support component of the steel structure is made of high strength galvanized steel sheet, which is rolled into C and Z steel by precision machining.
Q:What is the difference between steel structure, light steel workshop, color steel room and movable room?
The main difference between the company's light steel structure and the color steel plate movable room is that the materials used by the two are different, and the prices are different. Choi steel movable room is relatively simple, safe and practical. Light steel structure seismic, light weight, environmental protection, construction cycle fast.
Q:Can the steel structure workshop be welded?
Construction: should be subject to the design of light steel structure of industrial buildings, the design is friction type high-strength bolt connection;Use period: prohibit welding on the structure.

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