Magnesium Alloy Welding Wire AZ91 AZ31 in China

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Product Description:

1.Application of Magnesium Alloy Welding Wire AZ91 AZ31 in China: 

1).Welding of carbon steel, low alloy steel&500Mpa grade low alloy high intensity steel structures etc. Such as vehicle, building, bridge, ship building, pressure vessel industry and pipeline etc.

2).It is suitable for all position welding of steel sheets and irregular joints even under unfavorable conditions.

3).High-speed welding of light gauge plate and pipe line steel.

2.Features of Magnesium Alloy Welding Wire AZ91 AZ31 in China: 

1). Low welding costs. 

2). High productivity and low electricity consumption. 

3). Easy to operate. All-position welding. 

4). Very low hydrogen content in the weld and lower nitrogen content. Excellent crack-resistance. 

5). Little deformation after welding. 

6). Wide applicability. Suitable for welding thin, medium and thick plates.

3.Image of Magnesium Alloy Welding Wire AZ91 AZ31 in China: 

Magnesium Alloy Welding Wire AZ91 AZ31 in China

4.Data of Magnesium Alloy Welding Wire AZ91 AZ31 in China

Max Chemical composition(%):

CMnSiSPCuMax Other








Physical Characteristics:

WASMin Tensile strengthMin Yield srengrhMin ElongtionAkv (J)Room temperature







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Q:What are the types, codes, and range of application of cemented carbides?
Many domestic brands, mainly diamond brand based, and now there are many new brands, YS/YL/YW/YG10X/YG6X/ many, if you need, I send a detailed table to you!
Q:Method for assembling hard alloy cold heading die
Are you the assembly of mould and punch, or the setting of hard alloy die core and steel sleeve when making cold heading die?If the mold and punch assembly, the use of gap assembly, the accuracy depends on the accuracy of your equipment,
Q:What are the advantages of carbide V-CUT knives and diamond V-CUT knives?
Hard alloy cutter V-CUT V-CUT also known as tungsten steel knife, V-CUT knife is a highly cost-effective high quality, the overall use of hard alloy is refined, the hard alloy is a kind of tungsten cobalt powder by formula + mixture by pressing sintering of cemented carbide wafer using high quality carbide hard alloy, and then by the advanced precision grinding machining the tool made.Diamond cutting tools are relatively hard and have a hardness of 8000HV.
Q:What kinds of carbides are there? How should we choose in production?
Tungsten cobalt carbide (YG): suitable for brittle materials such as cast iron;Tungsten cobalt titanium carbide (YT): it is suitable for processing plastic materials, such as steel;General purpose cemented carbide (YW): commonly used for processing stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, high manganese steel and other difficult to process materials.
Q:What materials are ZK20 cemented carbides processed?
ZK20 belongs to the K hard alloy blades can car many materials, such as: wrought iron steel low alloy cast iron high alloy cast iron ductile cast iron Aluminum Alloy hard plastic
Q:What is the consciousness of YG in YG cemented carbide?
The metal material in machining, hard alloy tool material are the two common categories. Mainly tungsten cobalt tungsten cobalt (YG) and titanium (YT). There are other brands in recent.
Q:Carbide grades, properties and applicable ranges
(4) tungsten titanium tantalum cobalt (WC+TiC+TaC+Co) cemented carbide (YW);In addition to TaC YT hard alloy on (NbC), improve the bending strength, impact toughness, high hardness, anti oxygen ability and wear resistance. Both can be processed and can be made of steel, cast iron and nonferrous metals. It is often called the universal hard alloy (also known as the universal hard alloy) mainly. For the processing of heat resistant steel, high manganese steel, stainless steel and other hard materials processing.
Q:YC45 carbide cutting tools 10
YC45 hard alloy cutter is made of tungsten alloy tool. The main alloy components are tungsten and cobalt, which have better wear resistance, good weldability, and good effect in processing solid wood, redwood and so on. Is a widely used, stable quality alloy, can also be used for cutting tools of various metals. Tungsten alloy containing tungsten 18%, hardness of Vivtorinox 10K, second only to diamond. The product has the characteristics of tungsten steel is not easy to wear. Commonly used in lathe tool, drill bit, glass knife head, tile cutter, hard but brittle annealing.Cemented carbide is a kind of alloy material made by powder metallurgy process of hard metal and bonding metal of refractory metal. Hard alloy with high hardness, strength and toughness, good wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent performance, especially high hardness and wear resistance of it, even at a temperature of 500 DEG C also remained unchanged, at 1000 degrees C still have high hardness. Hard alloy is widely used as a tool material, such as turning, milling, planing, drilling, boring, used for cutting cast iron, non-ferrous metals, plastics, chemical fiber, graphite, glass, stone and steel, can also be used for cutting steel, stainless steel, high manganese steel, tool steel and other hard processing materials. High hardness (86-93HRA, equivalent to 69-81HRC); good thermal hardness (up to 900-1000 DEG C, 60HRC); good wear resistance.Carbide cutting tools than high speed steel cutting speed 4-7 times, 5-80 times higher tool life. Manufacturing dies and measuring tools, life expectancy is 20-150 times higher than alloy tool steel. Hard material that can be cut around 50HRC. But the hard alloy brittleness, cutting can not difficult to make the whole cutter with complicated shape, usually made of different shapes of blade, mounted on the body or use a knife die body by welding, bonding and mechanical clamping method.
Q:Where does Tianjin sell yt30 carbide tool?
Now there are the same, express, everything is not afraid. I am the agent of Zigong the Great Wall brand cemented carbide, quality assurance, definitely authentic.
Q:Carbide blade domestic that tricky point?
Too much, there are at least dozens of domestic do this.

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