Magnesium alloy plate AZ31B High Qquality in China

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Product Description:

 1.Application of Magnesium alloy plate AZ31B High Qquality in China :

 - Aerospace, defense and satellite applications where weight reduction is critical

 - Electronic components where shock absorbing qualities are crucial

 - Automotive/Motor sports applications where weight reduction and strength are required

 - Mechanical vibration shakers for test fixtures


2.Advantage of Magnesium alloy plate AZ31B High Qquality in China :

1).Light specific gravity,two-third of Aluminum,one-fourth of Steel,is the lightest metal structure 

   material in the practical application.

2).High intensity,it was significantly higher than Aluminum alloy and steel and 10 times of general plastic.

3).It has small elastic modulus,good rigidity,strong anti-vibration,and non-deformation with long-term use.

4).It has good anti-electromagnetic interference and shielding function.

5).Good corrostion resistance with bright color and long-term maintenance as good as new.

6).No pollution to environment.

3.Mechanical Property of Magnesium alloy plate AZ31B High Qquality in China :

Alloy MarkChemical element %
New MarkOld MarkMgAlZnMnSiFeCuCe


Alloy Mark
Strength Properties
New MarkOld MarkThickness(mm)Tensile StrengthYield StrengthElongation

4.Picture of Magnesium alloy plate AZ31B High Qquality in China : 

Magnesium alloy plate AZ31B High Qquality in China


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 Warranty: 1-Year for the whole light. Warranty is based on correct storage, installation, using and maintenanc

②How to guarantee the quality of the products?

We have established the international advanced quality management system,every link from raw material to final product we have strict quality test;We resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At   the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.

③How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of product within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The pecific time of receiving is related to the state and position of customers.Commonly 7 to 10 working days can be served.

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Q:What are the types of cemented carbides?
Hello, the carbide tools are divided into the following categories:1, the whole hard alloy tools, including drill, milling cutter, reamer, boring, milling, ball milling, milling cutter, taper cutter, plug gauge, round bar and step drill.2 、 insert alloy cutting tools, including reamer, spiral end milling cutter, drill expanding cutter, automobile hub knife, three face edge, T type milling cutter and various forming knives.
Q:What brand of carbide is used in woodworking tools?
Carbide YS2T: is used for low speed roughing and milling of heat resistant alloys and semi finishing of titanium alloys, stainless steels, and low alloy steels. Carbide YL10.2: has high flexural strength and good wear resistance, used in low speed rough car and milling heat-resistant alloy, titanium alloy, also can be processed glass fiber reinforced plastic, making PCB micro drilling and so on. YG3/YG6: is suitable for hard alloy cast iron, nonferrous metals and their alloys and non metallic materials during continuous cutting fine cars, semi refined car, suitable for small section iron fine car, and can be used for the coarse thread, steel, nonferrous metals, wet lubrication tensile alloy wire and non metal wire drilling etc..
Q:Is there any pollution in the production of cemented carbide?
The main pollutants in the production of cemented carbide are dust, waste residue and waste water, and the biggest influence on the environment is soot. According to regulations, waste gas can be divided into two categories: particulate matter, exhaust gas and gaseous pollutants. The exhaust gas of ferroalloy plant comes from ore smelting furnace, refining electric furnace, roasting rotary kiln, multi layer mechanical baking furnace and aluminum metal smelting furnace. Ferroalloy plant exhaust emissions, dust concentration is high, 90% of exhaust gas is silicon dioxide, but also contains chlorine, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and so on. Waste residue and waste water are the most serious pollution of chromium compounds, and there are also pollution of nickel compounds.The State Economic and Trade Commission, the State Environmental Protection Administration and other departments also jointly issued "on accelerating the restructuring of China's ferroalloy industry views" (in the economic and trade industry [1999]633), from 1999 to 2005, to stop the new types of ferroalloy electric furnace (kiln) and blast furnace.
Q:Is hard alloy magnetic?
Iron, cobalt, nickel, or iron, cobalt, and nickel are mixed together..
Q:Carbide coated drill bit will reduce the service life after grinding, how to avoid?
1. carbide drills are generally worn in the back. Then it has little influence on service life.2., the high strength of the workpiece material, easy to cause the front of the drill (spiral groove) wear, bit life impact.3. the wear of drill bit belt has the most serious influence on drill bit life.4. so, when using the drill, pay attention to it:(1) the drill should be kept as small as possible at the top of the drill bit.(2) the spindle of machine tool has enough rigidity and precision.(3) the drill shall be replaced and sharpened when used.5., the drill can be re coated after grinding, pre treatment should be done before coating. To increase the coating effect.
Q:Is there a material that is more wear-resistant than cemented carbide and has a relatively low cost?
If it is numerical control tool, it is more wearable than cemented carbide: ceramic, CBN, diamondAmong them, the lowest price of ceramics, diamond prices are highest
Q:What does American standard cemented carbide grain size C mean?
Then, when the mixture is granulated and pressed and heated to a point near the bonding metal (1300~1500 DEG C), the eutectic alloy is formed by the hardening and bonding of the metal. After cooling, the hardened phases are distributed in a grid of bonded metals that are closely related to each other and form a solid whole. The hardness of cemented carbide depends on the content of the hardened phase and grain size. The higher the content of the hardened phase and the finer the grain, the greater the hardness. The toughness of cemented carbide is determined by bonding metal. The higher the bonding metal content is, the greater the bending strength is. The effect of grain size on the mechanical properties of metals has a curve diagram: the strength of both ends is large and the middle is low. Explain: the mechanical properties of single crystals are very good. The finer the grain, the better the mechanical properties, but the mechanical properties of the single crystal with infinite size are much better than the grain's infinitesimal! A lot of grain size control method, the main principle of two: 1, increase the metal crystallization undercooling of 2, increase the crystal nucleus specific methods: electromagnetic stirring, adding grain refiner (such as Aluminum Alloy plus Al-Ti-C master alloy as grain refiner), lower solidification temperature, and fine grain of alloy elements and so on many.
Q:The difference between carbide knife and white steel knife
5, the scope of application is not the same: the general tool materials used carbide, complex difficult to shape, or require very sharp, high toughness and other field applicable high-speed steel
Q:The difference between cemented carbide YG 15 and yg12
K30 YG8N YG8 14.5-14.9 160089.5 is suitable for cast iron, nonferrous metals and their alloys and non-metallic materials processing, not smooth, rough and discontinuous cutting section of rough planing, rough milling, drilling, reaming hole and deep hole. K30 YG8 YG10X 14.3-14.7 220089.5 is suitable for the production of small diameter micro drill, milling cutter, rotary file etc.. K35 YG10X YS2T 14.4-14.6 220091.5 is an ultrafine particle alloy, suitable for low speed rough turning, milling of heat-resistant alloy and titanium alloy, as cutting knives and taps, saw blades, milling cutters are preferred. K30 YS2T YL10.1 14.91900 91.5 has better wear resistance and bending strength, mainly used for the production of extruded bars, suitable for general drills, cutting tools and other wear-resistant parts. K15-K25 YL10.1 14.52200 YL10.2 91.5 has good abrasion resistance and bending strength, mainly used in the production of extruded rods, made of small diameter micro drill tool, watch the whole processing, and other cutting tools and wear parts reamer. K25-K35, YL10.2, YG15, 13.9-14.2 210087 are suitable for high tensile steel bars and steel tubes under high compression, for upsetting, piercing and stamping tools under larger stresses. YG15 YG20 13.4-13.7 250085 is suitable for production of stamping die, stamping parts, such as watch spring plates of musical instruments; die punching battery shell, toothpaste tubes; stamping die small size steel balls, screws, nuts etc; twist drill bits.
Q:Is the hard alloy the same as the cemented carbide?
The CBN price is a little high. If you can't accept it, you can consider using the ceramic cutter to test the PCBN (CBN) blade. Ceramic blades can not work (he is brittle, easy to crack), super hard tool sales

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