Magnesite-chrome Bricks

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Magnesite chrome bricks in magnesium oxide (MgO style) and chromium trioxide (Cr2O3) as main component, and periclase spinel as main mineral components of refractory products.This kind of bricks of high refractoriness, high temperature strength, strong alkaline slag erosion resistance, good thermal stability, also has certain adaptability for acid slag.The main raw material of manufacturing magnesite-chrome brick is sintered magnesite and chromite.Magnesia raw material purity as high as possible, chromite chemical composition requirement is: the Cr2O3:30 ~ 45%, CaO: 1.0 ~ 1.5% or less.

Production technology of calcined magnesite chrome bricks in line with magnesia brick.In order to eliminate the bricks in burning process because of MgO style and Cr2O3, Al2O3, or
Directly combined magnesite chrome brick
Directly combined magnesite chrome brick
Iron oxide reaction caused by the expansion of the spinel as of loose effect, also can use common sintering synthetic materials made from magnesite chrome brick.In addition, there is not burned magnesite chrome brick, for example, combined with inorganic magnesium salt solution is not burned

magnesite chrome brick.Don't burned magnesite chrome brick production technology is simple, low cost, heat stability, but the high temperature strength far less burnt brick.The late '50 s, develop a socalled "direct combination" magnesite chrome brick.The characteristics of this kind of brick is

pure raw materials, sintering temperature is high, the periclase, spinel, such as direct combination between high temperature phase, such as low silicate phase for the island shape distribution, therefore, significantly improve the high temperature strength and slag resistance of the brick.
With chrome ore - magnesia compact grinding calcined after fine powder, and magnesia bricks made of coarse particle with method, is an

effective measure to eliminate the effect of loose.Magnesite chrome brick made of using this method, compared with common magnesia chrome brick, brick of low porosity, compressive strength, high refractoriness under load and the bending strength.With chrome ore - magnesite powder compact, high-temperature synthesis of calcined magnesite chrome magnesia-chrome brick made of sand, slag resistance and high temperature strength are better than other magnesite chrome brick.
In addition, there is electricity solitary furnace molten magnesite chrome material directly casting and fused magnesite chrome brick

(see figure of microstructure, see image), electricity melt magnesium chrome material according to the production of brick melt granule recombination magnesite chrome brick, etc.

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Q:How many kinds of refractory bricks are there?
Dolomite brick: coating performance, good erosion resistance, but how many bricks f-CaO, yasumizu, it is difficult to transport and storage, production with less.
Q:With different capacitance magnesia brick brick?
Hello, the magnesium chromium brick into common magnesia chrome brick, magnesia chrome bricks, half magnesia chrome brick, magnesia chrome brick, semi fused magnesia chrome brick, unburned magnesia chrome brick, magnesia chrome brick and magnesia chrome brick and directly combined with the distinction lies in 1: containing magnesia (raw material) the purity of 2: the sintering temperature of common magnesia chrome brick sintering temperature at 1550 DEG ~1600 DEG, direct the magnesium chromium brick sintering temperature is over 1700 DEG C, because of its more than 1700 DEG C, magnesia chrome brick, microstructure change and periclase chromium ore directly combined, so called direct bonded magnesia chrome brick. The performance of direct bonding magnesia chrome brick is better than that of common magnesia chrome brick
Q:What is the difference between magnesia chrome brick and direct bonded magnesia chrome brick?
The performance of direct bonding magnesia chrome brick is better than that of common magnesia chrome brick.
Q:What are the differences between magnesium chrome bricks, such as direct bonding, re bonding, semi bonding, CO sintering and chemical bonding? Hope expert advice..
Direct bonded magnesia chrome brickThe loose effect caused by the expansion of spinel when the oxide of magnesia brick is directly reacted with the oxide of iron can also be used to make magnesia chromite brick with synthetic common sintered material. In addition, there are non burned magnesia chrome bricks, for example, non burned magnesia chrome bricks combined with inorganic magnesium salt solutions. The unfired magnesia chrome brick has the advantages of simple production process, low cost and good thermal stability, but the strength of the high temperature is far less than that of the burnt brick. In the late 50s, a so-called "direct bonding" magnesia chrome brick was developed. The characteristics of this brick raw material is pure, high firing temperature, periclase and spinel phase with high temperature directly, silicate and other low melting point phase for island distribution, therefore, significantly improve the high temperature strength and slag resistance of brick.
Q:Magnesium chrome brick price?
In the brick factory products are now sold throughout the country and exported to the United States, South Africa, India, Germany, Canada, Ukraine, Japan and other countries, has been recognized and highly refractory materials in the world market.
Q:How much is magnesium chrome brick a ton?
Magnesium chrome bricks according to physical and chemical indicators in order to know the specific price, the production of magnesia chrome brick place a lot
Q:Magnesia chrome brick
The fine powder compacts after calcination produced by magnesia - chrome ore grinding method, brick with magnesia coarse particles, are effective measures to eliminate the effect of loose. Compared with the common magnesia chrome brick, the magnesia chrome brick made by this method has lower porosity, higher compressive strength, higher softening temperature and higher flexural strength. Compacts with chrome magnesite powder, magnesia chrome brick by synthetic magnesia chrome sand made of high-temperature calcination, slag resistance and high temperature strength are better than other magnesite chrome brick.
Q:What is a half combination of magnesia chrome bricks?
Opacifying particles as periclase spinel crystal structure, fully developed, as part of account of solution structure and matrix.
Q:What are the types of magnesia chrome bricks for industrial use?
It is possible to judge by the concrete kiln. The magnesium chrome bricks produced by real gold company are very good. Our factory purchased them the year before last, and their technicians were very professional, and gave us very good suggestions.
Q:What are the main raw materials of magnesia chrome bricks?
Magnesium alloys are alloys based on magnesium and other elements. Its characteristics are: small density (1.8g/cm3 magnesium alloy or so), high specific strength, high modulus of elasticity, good heat dissipation, good shock resistance, greater impact load capacity than aluminum alloy, good resistance to organic and alkaline corrosion. The main alloying elements are aluminum, zinc, manganese, cerium, thorium, and a small amount of zirconium or cadmium.

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