Magic Cube Keyboard/Infrared Computer Keyboard/Laser Keyboard

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 Magic!!!  Magic cube keyboard/infrared computer keyboard/laser keyboard


Model-8015 & 35843


Magic experience makes you exciting!

Portable keyboards easy to carry-on!!

Fantastic design to lead the fashion!!!


***It’s a portable keyboard that emits laser projection and motion detection technology, your great companion for tablets. 


***Simply turn any surface into a virtual keyboard or multi-touch mouse with this cool Laser keyboard and touchpad. 


***Connect this device via Bluetooh to your iPhone, iPad or any other Androiddevices, you can also use it for Windowsor Mac OS computer via USB connection. 


***Click the switch to enable Magic Cube to pair wirelessly with your mobile device, pretty amazing of what this little device can do, it’s smaller than pack of cards, It fits easily into your pocket. 




The laser keyboard is an ultra-portable, full-sized virtual computer keyboard.

This is a compact and versatile product; it’s a multi-touch capable mouse, a laser projection keyboard and a handwriting recognition device, all in one easy-to-use product.

Compatible OS: Android 2.0/2.1/2.2, iPhone/iPad 4.0, any device with Bluetooth HID  


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Q:Compared with laser etching and screen printing
Compared with laser etching and screen printing, pad printing method does not have any restrictions on printing conditions, 
Q:Keyboard vs joystick?
Q:Algebra word problem Find the cost of the keyboard. . .?
suppose : m : the cost of monitor k : the cost of keyboard c : the cost of CPU so, we can derive the formula : m + k + c 1,800 we know that : m k + 300 and c k + 900 if we substitute them to the formula above, we get k + 300 + k + k + 900 1800 3k + 1200 1800 3k 600 k 200
I wouldn't know how competitive Dvorak is to the Qwerty keyboard but since it is rarely used, a big disadvantage to using Dvorak is that it is hard to use any other computer without your layout. Some other cons would be that it takes awhile to learn a new keyboard layout and most laptops only come equipped with Qwerty. And I would know from experience that Dvorak does allow you to type faster, since your most commonly used keys are the eight buttons you rest your fingers on. It really helped me to touch type, because I was able to memorize the keyboard since I couldn't constantly look at the keys since I was using a Qwerty board.
Q:Should I buy a gaming keyboard for games?
If you are going to invest in an expensive keyboard, make sure it is a mechanical keyboard. they last much longer, are much sturdier, and some say they are more satisfying and less fatiguing to type on. functionally they will probably not improve your performance in game
Q:How to view the failure of the key part of the conductive plastic
 the same alcohol scrub. Assuming the conductive plastic damage, we recommend that you can put the keys
Q:keyboard installing?
go to the sealer , let hem fix try it to your satisfaction
Q:The 7 key stays stuck on my laptop even after. disconected the keyboad & plugged in an external keyboard.?
You may have to replace the keyboard on the laptop or disconnect the ribbon cable the connects it
Q:How to fix a Keyboard problem !?
The contacts inside are delicate and probably became bent or may just be dirty as had been said. Buying a new keyboard probably wont help as it is a problem with the contacts on the PC. Since you get lights occasionally that means there is some connection there and you may be able to rig it to be used but that is a pain. The best solution may simply be to get a ps2 to USB adapter for your keyboard, and use it via usb(doesn't always work) or simply buy a usb keyboard. Unfortunately I've seen this problem many times and it creates a pretty nasty catch22 situation. Typcially a usb keyboard wont work in the dos level unless you can get into bios and set it to use a USB keyboard, but even worse, the bios by default most likely will not detect the USB keyboard, and will report an error that no keyboard is found and you must hit f1 to continue or delete to enter bios. Well you can't do either of those with the USB keyboard and since it is impossible to use a ps/2 keyboard, you become unable to use your pc because you can't get past the error message. Because of all of this, I would recommend trying to get your motherboard replaced under warranty if you can. If you are not able to, then you might want to try a USB keyboard and see if you get lucky and your bios is not set to halt on errors.
Q:Help me! my keyboard doesnt work?
My keyboard is working only the letter y,z has swap and the at key for email is hot working.

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