machinery hydraulic ram for heavy duty machinery

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2.Seal:Merkel or Parker
3.Working pressure:16-25Mpa.
4.10 years of experienc

CMAX series engineering hydraulic Cylinder

(1)working pressure:16MPa

(2)Piston diameter: 40-250mm

(3)Seals:Merkel or Parker

(4)Sensor: MTS or Balluff

cylinder diamete r      (mm)
piston rod diameter (mm)max stroke (mm)

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Q:Kobelco 330 6e excavator hydraulic pump overhaul after the car is going to hold
5. low torque: the maximum torque of the engine shall not be less than 90% of the original design calibration value. The dynamometer shall be checked in accordance with the relevant provisions, and the work capacity shall be seriously damaged.
Q:How do I calculate the flow rate of the hydraulic cylinder?
Flow rate Q= speed V * hydraulic cylinder cross sectional area AWhen calculating, pay attention to the transformation of units
Q:What's the difference between an electric hydraulic and a pneumatic jack?
I mean, the final pneumatic or hydraulic still need electricity, please tell me the gas is supplied by the air compressor, the air compressor still needs electricity finallyChasing the answerHa ha, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric all need electricity.
Q:What is the cold drawn cylinder of a hydraulic cylinder? How about his quality? Master, help! Thank you
Is the map in 4, the main advantages of the cold drawn pipe is the inner and outer dimension precision (tolerance) strictly, and surface roughness, roundness, straightness, uniform wall thickness, our company specializing in the production of hydraulic cylinder, the cylinder and the cylinder, the piston rod and its accessories, high quality and low price, welcome to buy
Q:What are the differences and characteristics between punching machine and hydraulic press?
The hydraulic press is that the oil pump transfers the hydraulic oil to the integrated cartridge block, and the hydraulic oil is distributed to the upper cavity or the lower chamber of the oil cylinder through each one-way valve and an overflow valve, and the oil cylinder is moved under the action of the high pressure oil.Use: the machine is suitable for hydraulic load center parts forming, bending, flanging and other processes, with a blanking buffer device, can also be used for punching, blanking and processing, is the product of choice for the shipbuilding industry, pressure vessel industry and chemical industry. Stamping machine is mainly used for sheet metal parts processing.classification
Q:What is the four link mechanism of hydraulic support?
Four link mechanism is an important part of hydraulic support, including: connecting rod, rear connecting rod, shield beam and base.1. The connecting rod group consists of the connecting rod body, the connecting rod big head cover, the connecting rod small head bushing, the connecting rod big head bearing bush and the connecting rod bolt (or screw). The connecting rod group bears the force acting on the piston pin and its swing and the reciprocating inertia force of the piston group, and the magnitude and direction of these forces are periodically changed. Therefore, the connecting rod is subjected to alternating load such as compression and tension.
Q:What are the characteristics of a piston hydraulic cylinder? How many kinds are there? What are they used for?If anyone knows, just say something
The power of dynamic components of hydraulic cylinder can be relatively large power components, the use of hydraulic system, the 2-- from the medium air is inexhaustible, no cost and supply difficulties, the gas used directly into the atmosphere, convenient. The hydraulic oil in the air, 3-- small viscosity, resistance is less than 4-- but the compression rate of air hydraulic oil is far greater than the hydraulic oil so it work smoothly and in order to better response sent greater output Torque, it is necessary to use the volume. Compared to swing vane motor. Many gear rack swing hydraulic cylinder. The torque is generated and transmitted by a driving gear is provided with a rack piston shaft lateral position achieved. According to the design, roller bearings, hydraulic balance or prop up the shear counterproductive gear tooth and the piston. The principle of swinging cylinder reciprocating movement of the hydraulic cylinder is driven by gear rack, the gear shaft is converted into reverse swing rotation, while the reciprocating cylinder thrust into the output torque of the gear shaft. The gear shaft is proportional to the swing angle and the length of the rack, so the gear shaft swing the angle can be arbitrarily selected, and greater than 360 degrees.
Q:What is the pivot shaft in the cylinder?
1. Welding with high strength WE600 welding rod.2, WE600 is a low heat output, suitable for special nickel chromium alloy steel electrode welded all-round, universal design is extremely wide, the general strength of parent materials with high strength, excellent welding performance, stable arc, beautiful shape of seam, in oil, water and rust conditions can welding effect is excellent, can the welding of different steel.
Q:What is the working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder with a diameter of 80?
See how you use it.. Let's do this
Q:What is the difference between the cylinder seal and the cylinder seal?
The medium of bees is different. One is gas sealed, and the other is liquid sealed.

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