machinery hydraulic ram for excavator, truck, tractor, loader, heavy duty machinery

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2.Seal:Merkel or Parker
3.Working pressure:16-25Mpa.
4.10 years of experienc

CMAX series engineering hydraulic Cylinder

(1)working pressure:16MPa

(2)Piston diameter: 40-250mm

(3)Seals:Merkel or Parker

(4)Sensor: MTS or Balluff

cylinder diamete r      (mm)
piston rod diameter (mm)max stroke (mm)

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Q:Application of hydraulic and pneumatic in industry
This in the "SMC pneumatic service network" - technical article, there is an article devoted to pneumatic applications, you can look under,
Q:Pneumatic cylinder stem can replace pneumatic hydraulic jacking rod. Who is big?
As a result, the thrust of the hydraulic rod is about 10 times greater than the thrust of the pneumatic rod. The difference between the two is too large, so they are on the use of strength, pressure performance, manufacturing materials, especially thrust, are very different. Therefore, the top rod of the pneumatic cylinder piston rod can not replace the top rod of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder.
Q:Can cylinder be used as cylinder, cylinder and hydraulic cylinder, Yantai hydraulic cylinder?
Cylinder instead of hydraulic cylinder, because the cylinder and hydraulic cylinder applicable to different systems, the form of seal, structure and so on are different.
Q:Can the hydraulic jack be changed?
No, high pressure gas is dangerous, and the output speed and thrust are not stable.
Q:What are the characteristics of a piston hydraulic cylinder? How many kinds are there? What are they used for?If anyone knows, just say something
The hydraulic cylinder from the structure can be divided into the piston cylinder, piston cylinder and oscillating cylinder. The cylinder from the structure can be divided into the piston cylinder, pneumatic cylinder, telescopic cylinder hydraulic cylinder. The working principle is: as its principle I must first say 5 basic components, 1- and cylinder 2- cylinder piston and piston rod sealing device of 3- 4- buffer 5- exhaust device to work each cylinder is almost similar to the original, I took a manual jack is its original work, Jack is a simple cylinder. By manually pressurized straw (hydraulic manual pump) of the hydraulic the oil through a single valve into the cylinder, the hydraulic oil into the cylinder because the reasons for individual valve can not be returned back, forcing the cylinder rod upward, then work to continue to keep the hydraulic oil into the hydraulic cylinder continuously, thus increasing, hit when to drop Hydraulic valve, hydraulic oil back to tank. This is the most simple of the original work, others have improved on this basis, because of the time I would say the most simple principle. The advantages and disadvantages of the cylinder cylinder cylinder and the cylinder with almost I said the following 3 bit 1-- as the pneumatic system pressure is generally in the range of 0.2-1.0Mpa, so the cylinder is not bigger.
Q:In hydraulic knowledge, the working principle of pneumatic triple parts
1, the power output part: it is one of the main components of pneumatic tools, the main pneumatic motor and power output gear, the compressed air blowing vane motor relying on high pressure and the motor rotor output rotation, driven by gear and the whole operation form part of a movement. According to whether the stator and rotor are concentric, pneumatic horse motor can be divided into concentric motor and eccentric motor. According to the number of air inlet, it can be divided into single inlet air hole motor, double inlet air motor and multi inlet air motor, etc.. No matter what kind of pneumatic motor, are relying on the compressed air blowing vane motor drives the rotor, vane motor with high rotation speed, friction moment and the inner wall of the stator, it is common for the most vulnerable parts of Madane, so the quality of compressed air and compressed air or containing lubricating oil molecular requirements high; 2, operation transformation part: it is mainly a rotary motion of the motor output of the corresponding transformation. In the automotive industry, because of the large number of threaded connections, most of them are rotational motion and, of course, linear reciprocating motion. For different types of pneumatic tools, operation form conversion part is mainly divided into mechanical clutch and planetary gear sets, friction type clutch and planetary gear set, hydraulic cylinder, torsion bar and hammering block etc.. The above parts are important components to rotary motion based, it determines the important parameters of the pneumatic torque tightening tool size, rotation speed, tighten the precision, because it kept the shift clutch, compression or torque components, so it is susceptible to damage;
Q:What can be used in hydraulic equipment factory
Hydraulic press application:Sheet metal stretching, blanking, bending, flanging, cold extrusion, metal forming, and transverse pressing, bending, turning, correcting and other stamping processesThe utility model is also suitable for pressing, molding, pressing and molding of powder products and abrasive articles, as well as pressing and forming of plastic products and insulating products.Pressing process of plastic material. Such as powder molding, plastic molding.Hydraulic machinery is the mechanical transmission of pressure through hydraulic oil. (understood) (I am a mechanical student)Providing stable heavy load force. Used in cranes, cranes, machine tools, and many other aspects.
Q:What is the bad effect of the engine oil pressure on the engine when the oil pressure is too high or too low?
The engine is suitable for both the power generating device and the whole machine including the power unit (such as a gasoline engine, an aircraft engine). 2, the engine displacement is the sum of the engine cylinder volume, generally expressed as L. While the cylinder working volume refers to the volume of gas piston from TDC to BDC swept, also known as single cylinder displacement, it depends on the bore and piston stroke. Engine displacement engine is a very important parameter, it can represent more than the number of engine and the cylinder bore size, the engine of many of the indicators are closely related with the displacement. Generally speaking, the larger the displacement, the greater the output power of the engine.
Q:Hydraulic and pneumatic transmission,
Also belong to pressure container, cylinder pressure is bigger, cylinder cylinder pressure is smaller. Need qualification.
Q:The effective working area of the hydraulic cylinder is 50cm
What's the program for a cylinder? It won't be 5MQ=AV/SQ flow, A area, V speed, S travel timeSet the time to 1 minutesO=1962.5*10^-6 (M^2) * 5 (m/min) *I=9812.5*10^-6 (m^3/min) =9.825*L/min

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